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Sat, Feb 26, 2011, by Rhodora Bande

Social Networks is a website that allows its users to build their own sites and create their own networks. It is user-friendly and has features similar to that of Facebook and Triond.


In the last two years, I built two social networking websites at SocialGo. They are exclusively for my students’ use.  We had writing activities and I let them submit their outputs to the site I built for each class.  The students had to sign up before they could post their outputs to the site.  They became members of the site as soon as they created their accounts.

What are the main features of SocialGo? Each member of your social network has a profile page where he/she can post pictures, videos, and blogs. Like Facebook, the member can have status and activity updates. Instead of poking (a Facebook user can poke a Facebook friend), you “wave” at your friends in SocialGo.  These pieces of information are likewise available at every SocialGo profile: age, gender, and location.

Privacy may be controlled by the member of each network. For example, a blog may be posted at the magazine which means it can be read by everyone or it may be hidden from the other members or from the public.  Other information on the profile may also be controlled by the profile owner. A member may add another member of the network as his/her friend.

Members of the network, can comment on other blogs.  Like Triond, SocialGo has a forum where members can interact on certain topicsIt also has messaging and chat features. Groups may be created by the members of the network.

As the network administrator, you can delete posts as well as members of your network.  By the way, SocialGo is a free website.

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  1. nz2rdfox Says:

    Nice madaam: you’ve been venturing into t he world of website creating as well :)

    Nice one Madaam :)

  2. lapasan Says:

    It’s interesting to note that you created two social networks for your students. It’s also nice for me to know that you are a teacher. Thanks for the information.

  3. lemuelwantstowrite Says:

    nice information ms bande…..


  4. Dee Gold Says:

    wonderful site,I’ll check it.

  5. mtrguanlao Says:

    I thought it’s another earning site RB,lol! It’s my first time to hear about this,thanks sis! Sounds like a great site!

  6. pguims Says:

    this is wonderful! i did not know about this site and other sites that do the same things.. really new to me.. good job!

  7. Sourav Says:

    Very good information.

  8. Sharif Ishnin Says:

    It would be useful students and those trying out making websites. Great features and info.

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    Sounds interesting. I will check it out. Thanks!

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    nicely done, i’ll check it out! :)

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    Something to check out! Thanks for sharing!

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    I have checked the site. Looks good! I might give it a try. Exploring it a bit just now. :-)

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    Good site RB, student-friendly nga.

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    Oh so this is the website you were talking about in the other article. I’ll try to check it out. Nice feature of, RB.

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    Good info and the site. Thanks

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    I have never heard of prior to your post and I certainly think it is worth exploring further. Of course, anything that will expose our articles to more viewers, in my mind, is a good thing.

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    This seems to be a very good site like facebook. I shall checkup the site. Thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks for giving me an idea about my new project. Hope you will give us more tips and sites that is useful to us as a student ;)

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