We enhance law firms' market presence with ROI-focused strategies across the digital landscape.

We leverage data to decode successful strategies, amplify growth, and innovate new pathways for law firms.

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Case Studies

12.7x ROI

Year over year ROI with marketing spend included.

+220% Sessions

In year over year organic revenue.

+18.2% New Users

In year over year rankings.

Highly competitive and niche markets are always susceptible to serious disruption. Learn how we leveraged our size and complexity to outmanuever entrenched rivals and create new revenue streams that rivaled competitors.

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+117.19% Pageviews

In month after launch.

+52.76% Users

In month after launch.

+136.89% Entrances

In month after launch.

Web Upon quickly went to work creating a cogent launch strategy and highlighting all critical path issues, as well as creating a project timeline for execution. Clarity in this respect allowed executive leadership ample time to work on content while we executed on their site and created a completely new SEO strategy.

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9.68x ROI 

Year over year ROI with marketing spend included

+26% Revenue Share

In year over year organic revenue.

3.4x Top 3 KWs

In year over year rankings.

Learn how we leveraged customer data and industry know-how to improve total revenue share and give our client a durable position in the market.

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+62.92% Demo Requests

Organic improvement after launch.

+62.08% Sessions

In quarter after launch.

+22.62% New Users

In month after launch.

Site launches gone wrong can tank progress, learn how we leveraged this opportunity to eliminate years of technical waste and build significant new lead generation with our existing market position.

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+23.3x ROI

Organic revenue improvement after launch.

+54.31% Conversion Rate

Immediately in month after launch.

+12.81% Sessions

In organic traffic after launch.

Being successful doesn't mean things can't be better. Learn how we guided SEO and analysis efforts to successfully update customer positioning and exponentially increase revenue per visitor.

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Transform Your Law Firm's Client Acquisition Strategy

We leverage data to decode successful strategies, amplify growth, and innovate new pathways for law firms.

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Areas of Expertise

Revolutionizing Law Firms into Powerhouses of profitable growth.

SEO for Law Firms & Attorneys

In the competitive legal sector, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial for law firms and attorneys aiming to stand out. Tailoring your website to perform optimally in organic search results is not just about attracting traffic; it's about connecting with potential clients actively seeking legal advice. Let us help you enhance your online presence, ensuring those in need of legal services find you first.

Web Design that Converts for Law Firms & Attorneys

Your law firm's website is often the first point of contact with potential clients. We specialize in creating websites that are not only visually appealing but also strategically designed to convert visitors into clients. By focusing on your firm's unique brand voice and services, we ensure your site stands as a cornerstone of your marketing efforts, attracting and engaging potential clients from the outset.

Content Marketing for Law Firms & Attorneys

Effective content marketing for law firms and attorneys involves more than just showcasing your expertise; it's about connecting with your audience by addressing their concerns and providing valuable insights. Our approach helps you build trust and authority in your practice area, making your firm the go-to source for legal advice and representation.

Hubspot CRM Integration for Law Firms & Attorneys

For law firms and attorneys, managing inbound leads efficiently can make all the difference in converting prospects into clients. Whether you're looking to streamline your existing marketing efforts or enhance your sales team's performance, our expertise in Hubspot CRM integration can help you organize and optimize your client acquisition process.

PPC Ads Management for Law Firms & Attorneys

Leverage the power of Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram Ads to reach potential clients precisely when they're searching for legal services. Our PPC management services are tailored to law firms and attorneys, focusing on maximizing your visibility and attracting high-quality leads ready to engage with your firm.

Site Speed Optimization for Law Firms & Attorneys

In today's fast-paced digital world, a slow-loading website can significantly hinder your ability to connect with potential clients. Our team specializes in optimizing law firms' and attorneys' websites, ensuring swift loading times that enhance user experience and facilitate higher conversion rates.

Analytics Setup for Law Firms & Attorneys

Accurate data analysis is key to understanding and improving your law firm's online marketing strategy. From GA4 setup to CRM integrations, we provide the support your team needs to track performance effectively, enabling informed decisions that drive growth and efficiency.

CRO for Law Firms & Attorneys

Maximizing your website's conversion rate is essential for turning visitors into clients. Our user experience (UX) focused auditing process identifies and addresses engagement issues, ensuring that your law firm's site is optimized to convert interest into action swiftly.

Domain Migrations & Recovery for Law Firms & Attorneys

Migrating your law firm's website or recovering from a poorly executed rebuild requires specialized SEO knowledge to avoid losing search rankings and performance. Our expertise in domain migrations and recovery ensures your site maintains its integrity and visibility, safeguarding your online presence.

Testimonials from our customers

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Tyler Blackwell


“Shaheen & Web Upon team have worked hard to increase our CPG ecommerce sales, diving deep into the data to unlock opportunities at great ROI.”

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Lori Ann Kruse


“I've worked with SEO consultants in the past and WebUpon is the first agency that I'd recommend in a heartbeat…they don't leave you with a strategy and a long to-do list. Web Upon rolls up their sleeves and worked with me as a partner to set our marketing efforts up for success.”

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Macy McGinness

Kate Farms

“His deep knowledge of SEO, content marketing, and analytics helped us create an actionable plan that we could execute against. WebUpon is focused on customers, driving long term growth, and optimizing performance.”

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Kevin Tran

Source Scrub

“Web Upon Digital Marketing team is very helpful in our SEO Marketing by understanding our company's needs, providing great insight during weekly updates, and sharing actions to help us get to where we want to be.”

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Matthew Horisk

Blue Ocean Technologies

“Our business has some of the most demanding requirements you can think of. Web Upon has come to the table and created new pathways for us that we never came close to internally.”

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Kelly Meredith


“I had the pleasure of working with the Web Upon team on SEO, lead generation, and web development. This team truly knows how to deliver value to their clients. “

Venezia FC logo
Silvia Davi

Venezia FC

Web Upon was a terrific digital partner for our website redesign, SEO and social media strategy work. Shaheen is a diligent expert; highly informative, accessible and wonderful to work with.

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Julia Rovea

Ball Janik

“Shaheen and the Web Upon team are integral to my firm's marketing! Shaheen's expertise has guided us through the website optimization exercise and helped expand our online presence.”

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Taylor Thomas


“Since partnering with Web Upon several years ago for SEO and website services, we've seen monumental organic search volume growth, as well as website traffic growth overall.”

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Leni Chen

Chigbu Law

“Web Upon has helped us to manage websites for our business for more than 3 years. They always respond fast to emergency and keep the cost as low as possible.”

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Danika Trice

Turf Factory Direct

“This team does a spectacular job. They are proactive in keeping up with maintenance of our website and quick to respond when we need to pivot fast. Would highly recommend them.”

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James Adair

PDX Homeloan

“No-nonsense, clear partners in the online marketing game. I recommend the team at Web Upon without any reservation! There are a lot of jokers in this space, but these guys get it.”

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Trash Cans Unlimited

“Super easy to work with, proven results. Excellent at getting it right and keeping it right. An invaluable part of my business. Very satisfied.”

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Camron Hamilton

VF Law

“Absolutely the best in town!”

Who We Serve

Chief Marketing Officers

We understand our job is to make you and the rest of the team look great. Work with an agency that understands how to be a team player and excellent partners.


No one cares about your business as much as you do, but we’re at a close second. Our reputation is everything, work with a company that is willing to put it on the line with you.

Private Equity Firms

High growth is always our claim to fame. We support portfolio companies across some of the largest VC firms in the US and understand what you need.

Chief Technical Officers

Do you really want to throw on another hat? Work with an agency that speaks your language and save time diagnosing and debugging technical issues.


Every dollar counts, and we make sure to squeeze every drop of performance out of your marketing budget.

Venture Capital Firms

Going form 0 to 1 isn’t for the faint of heart. Work with a team that can help you position and scale a company even when there isn’t any market recognition.

Holding Companies

Looking to generate sustainable cash flows or a successful exit? Our flexible ROI driven style is ideal for investment growth.

Small and Midsize Businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of the US economy and we help them outperform large corporate competitors in style.


Need reliability and not another thing to manage? Work with us and benefit from a team that executes every time.

Chief Financial Officers

Quantifiable results are easy when you’re proud of your numbers. Our focus on results makes us an ideal partner for companies that need to control costs while growing.

Hedge Funds

Leverage our marketing and analytical abilities to assess risk, perform DD, or create TAM projections for any online acquisition.