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Mon, Nov 19, 2007, by Garrett Santos

Web Talk

Websites that are useful and/or entertaining. 4th in a series.

The purpose of this article is not to list the 12 best websites on the net. My intention is to tell you about 12 very interesting websites that you may find useful and/or entertaining:

  1. Pandora

    A free Internet radio site that uses your inputs and what it calls the, “Music Genome Project,” to decide what to play next. It is a great way to discover new music based on the music you already know.

  2. Deezer

    An awesome music site where you can search for and actually listen to any song you want. You cannot download the songs but you can create an account and your own play lists.

  3. Riffeo

    The theory behind this site is that musicians can teach each other via video lessons posted here. It’s free for now. You can either upload your own videos or watch videos submitted by others in order to learn Guitar.

  4. VideoHybrid

    Watch movies, TV shows, Anime and Cartoons for free… if they have it. If they don’t have something you want you can request it and they will notify you when they do.

  5. TubeGuitar

    Tube Guitar provides video guitar lessons. You can post videos or just use them to learn.

  6. Epinions

    A very good user-based product review website.

  7. Futuresheet

    A pretty good tech-related news site.

  8. Woot

    Woot.com sells one item per day. The products are usually electronics-related, but not always.

  9. Myus

    If you live outside the United States and need to have things shipped to you this website can help. They provide you with a USA address to have things sent to. When they receive your items, they enter them into their database so that you can monitor their progress, repackage them, and send them to you. Their services are not free but they’re not too expensive either.

  10. Hitflip

    List DVD’s, Games, Books, CD’s and Audiobooks that you no longer want, search for items you do want. People request the items you list; you send the item to them. You request an item; it is sent to you. Each “Flip,” as they’re called costs a small amount. Some items are a little more expensive. This is the UK site. They also have sites for Germany and Austria. Switzerland, the USA and Netherlands sites are coming soon.

  11. Meethalfway

    For UK residents only…Input your location and that of a friend/colleague choose the venue you would like to meet at; meethalfway.com tells you where that is (Half Way).

  12. Newspoo

    A Social news site that is fed and updated by users. The articles are submitted by users and only stay as long as they are voted for.

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  1. Nelson Doyle Says:

    Hi Garrett Santos,

    Another interesting article with some useful websites that might come into use at some point. Good job.

  2. Enama¥ Says:

    Wow, I thought no one heard of Pandora except me =D I’M NOT ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. eggnog Says:

    Yes i love Pandora too! It has every song that i can think of so far.

  4. quiet voice Says:

    Hi, again, you do amazing research. Thanks, going to the music list now.:o)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Good Job Garrett!

  6. JENNY Says:


  7. love lee me Says:

    whoa these sites kinda seem boring! Ive heard the-n.com is awesome too! And clubpenguin.com! But the last one kinda seems like a kitty site! OOPS! But I checked out the-n and its pretty coolio; you make your own avatar and buy him or her clothes, hair, accessories, basically anything a real person could have! You can customize them any way you want! its pretty cool! check it out!

  8. meg Says:

    Gotta love the internet.
    I got a kick out of Woot.com

  9. elle Says:

    these websites r so stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  11. abcdefg Says:

    you stink!

  12. Sandra Tapia Says:

    This is really resourceful. Thanks for taking the time to research.

  13. Tim Says:

    booksxyz.com is cool

  14. Ganny21 Says:

    Your articles are nice.Please see my article on how to make youtube interface look neater and post in your comments.

  15. C LEBLANC Says:

    this article rocks! i found it interesting and very helpful. thanks for writing it.

  16. San Says:

    Guyz try this website http://www.gmsoftwares.tk

  17. Lolly Says:

    try this its gonna be the next ebay http://www.myspree.com.au

  18. AeDechavez Says:

    yes, i like Epinions too
    thanks for sharing!

  19. miranda Says:

    omgsh i love pandora its my very own radio that will play only the songs that i love!!!!! <3 :)

  20. max Says:

    this is dumb

  21. Jake Says:

    Download Deftones new song, “Rocket Skates,” by following this link —-http://bit.ly/930dGt—- or by clicking the image below!

  22. GSS America Jobs Says:

    Good Job Garrett!………………..

  23. TheaverageWizard Says:

    That was sso stupid MLIA(my life is average for all you non-believer) isnt even on there or I Am awesome. com
    re think the list Please!

  24. jenna Says:

    another awesome site to check out is http://callofsanity.com

  25. Gary D Says:

    FunATM is pretty awesome

  26. Tara Says:

    thanx a bunch!!! Gonna check ‘em all out now!!

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