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Sun, Oct 5, 2008, by randomkiddudeyeah

Money Making

Five websites I have personally tested out and have successfully received either a cash payment, or other prize from.


An online site that allows you to earn money from content you submit. You can choose to be paid via PayPal, to receive a check by mail, or to receive a Western Union money transfer. This site is great, especially if you are one who finds themselves with a flurry of information you wish you could share with your online community.


This site in particular might be better suited for all you gamers out there. If you play an online game and find yourself wanting to enroll in a membership, but don’t want to risk putting your personal information (such as credit card info.) on the web, this site will help. fill out simple surveys and receive credit points. once you earn a certain amount of those points you will be able to claim your prize, wether it be a game card which you could use to gain membership to a number of online games, or (if you earn enough points) larger prizes such as mp3 players and game systems. check this site out.


Cash Lagoon

This site, is in many ways similar to that of price rebel in terms of what is needed in order to claim prizes; however this site offers direct payment to your paypal account if that is the payment option you chose.


A site that allows you to earn money based on how many sites you review. Although the amount of sites they post for review are minimal, you can still gain money by referring friends to this site while you wait for their database to find you more sites to review.


uLinkx distinctively helps you Earn Money by sharing your playlist and videos. The more you share your collected videos and playlist, the more you Earn Money. It goes on the simple rule of you share your playlist/videos with your friends and we will share the revenue with you. In essence, you provide your google adsense client id and we will start displaying google ads using your information.

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  1. C. Jordan Says:

    Thanks for that info

  2. N. Nickerson Says:

    also is a good site, you play a variety of different games and based upon how well u do u will get coins. Once you have enough coins you can enter them in for a jackpot spin for somewhere around 50k, the more coins you have the better your chances.

  3. rao888 Says:

    Hi all,
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  4. Jonathan Hightower Says:

    this is probably the best site for PayPal money:

    There is much better support, and prize requests are instant

  5. baren Says:

    This is the one of my best site.I think this is the site which pays quickly.I have not seen such a good earning site before.

  6. uma Says:

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  7. jagadeesh Says:

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  8. bikash Says:

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  10. Raj Says:

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  11. Josh Says:

    try this site, its seems to be very good and paying

  12. Jim Says:

    Hi everyone check out this site. It lists the best paying survey sites. Check it out.

  13. mikafata Says:

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  14. khalid Says:

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  15. mbps100 Says:

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  16. soumya Says:

    AW Surveys is a scam. They dont give any money to there customers.

  17. Raees Says:

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  18. yreadthis Says:

    Nice to earn with the internet i too found one over here which makes us to fill out the pocket by just reading on the e-mails that we get to our inbox….

  19. Smartmansour Says:

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  20. neeraj Says:

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  21. arathe1 Says:

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  22. nitin ralia Says:

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  23. PINKIE Says:


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  24. randomkiddudeyeah Says:

    I also get free game cards for games like runescape and WOW from its pretty good stuff :]

  25. shariful Says:
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  26. michal Says:
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