How to Promote Your Blog with Technorati

Thu, Oct 22, 2009, by cutedrishti8


The biggest blog search engine on the Internet now knows you blog.

Blogging, just like a website, gives you a global reach. Besides, creating and maintaining a blog is extreme easier, faster and cheaper compared with running a website.

If you are building a blog, or any online business for that matter, you absolutely and confidently ought to possess your own blog. You must learn how to setup your own blog immediately. You can find a great deal of free websites with information about blogging. It is recommended not to pay for information on how to setup a blog, as that sort of information is freely obtainable on thousands of websites on the Internet.

Your blog is your main hub and all your online marketing ought to direct back to it and once your blog starts receiving traffic, your next assignment is to convert that traffic into whatever action you would like your visitors to take.

The moment your blog is in place, one of the first most important thing you need to do is index it with Technorati. Technorati is an Internet Search Engine for blogs and has millions of blogs indexed in their database. You must index your blog because that will build up your blog’s exposure.

Here are the steps to follow to index your blog on the Technorati site:

Step 1

Open an account with Technorati, if you haven’t registered with them before. The registration with Technorati is totally free.

This step is very easy, just proceed to their site and click the “Join” link at the top right of the page. Fill out the form with your information and click the join button. They will then send you an email containing a link you require to click to validate your account. This completes your registration with Technorati.

Step 2

The next step is to update your account settings, your bio, and uploading your photograph. Don’t skip this step like most people. It is most important that you let the world know who you are.

Step 3

To finish, there’s an option that will let you “claim your blog” to validate that it is actually yours. This step is a bit more involved as you have to get a code from Technorati and then incorporate that code into a post on your blog so they can send their spiders and validate that the code is in fact present somewhere on your blog.

There you have it. The biggest blog search engine on the Internet now knows you blog.

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    Yes I’ve done this, but I find Pingoat easier and quicker. I pingoat all my articles individually.

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    Other than this all you can also submit your blogs to other blog submission directories and add them to various search engine also…

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  24. techno-pulse Says:

    I don’t think these days you require to paste a code in your blog to validate. Please check.

  25. CutestPrincess Says:

    technorati doesn’t work good for me…

  26. Genevieve Says:

    Technorati? It’s a huge mess right now. I’m unhappy with it, and so are many, many other bloggers. Updates to profiles and blog tags never show up after they’re made. One of my blogs that did have a rating has suddenly been downgraded to 1 for no apparent reason, and another blog can’t get a rating at all– it’s been stuck at 1 ever since their remake. I was sick and tired of that place before their remake, and I dislike it even more, now. Read their complaints forum.

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  28. Will Says:

    Inadequate!!!! You say Step 3 “You have to get a code from Technorati”…. what’s that mean? WHERE do you “get” the code? HOW do you incorporate it into a post? ANY post? WHERE in the post? Totally Inadequate instructions!!!

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    Your blog was declined for the following reason:

    * We could not verify ownership of your blog.
    A link back, widget or meta-tag is required to verify site ownership.

    Please help me…thanks…

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    great post. and all the steps quite clear. good technoratting for all :)

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