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10 Legit Ways to Make Money Online

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Money. We always want it, but we never quite seem to have enough of it. Everyone wants to say that there’s 10 million ways to make money online, but a lot of them, unfortunately, are scams. But, that being said, making money doesn’t always have to be difficult, especially when you have a positive attitude. We’re always trying to cut through the jargon and nonsense, and we’re not going to quit that with this post.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 different ways you can start making money online. Some of them won’t make you money out of the gate, but they’re legitimate, and will help you build the foundations of you own business or even better, help you transition into a more competitive job candidate down the road.

1) Flip Goods on eBay & Craigslist

Buying a product at a low price and selling it at a higher price has always been the foundation of money making 101. With the ease of online marketplaces and most people having cell phones flipping has become a huge avenue for people to make money online. That said While it has become a legit way to make money be aware that “retail arbitrage” from big-box retailers and dollar stores. If you’re trying to find a great way to make money r/Flipping has an excellent guide on getting started. Money Crashers and GaryVee have great guides.

2) Surveys

While it’s nearly impossible to make taking surveys into a full time career that’s going to help you pay the rent every month, it can be a way to get a little cash in your pocket on an off day, or if you’re just bored with surfing around online. These surveys take between 10-15 minutes to complete, and they’ll probably net you around 5-8 dollars an hour. Our current favorites are Swagbucks (you get gift cards with this one), Toluna, and MySurvey.

If you’d like to see a whole bunch of different online survey websites, or get a better idea of what’s out there, this blog is super helpful.

3) Ads

Do you have a website or a blog that sees any volume of traffic? Incorporating some advertisements might seem like a bit of a shill, but it can go a long way to padding out that bank account. There’s plenty of affiliate programs that can get you money when people shop from your website, and there’s Google AdSense as well. Both are good ways to start. Make sure to spiff up your website while you’re at it.

4) Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a great way to make some legitimate cash online. A good place to start is a website like Upwork. You’re not going to have immediate success, but you’ll get the opportunity to cut your teeth on some beginner projects before taking on something larger.

An easy way to drum up freelance work is to look to local businesses. Is there a business you know of or have a relationship with that needs a language facelift on their website? What about developing a better social media presence? Write up a pitch, charge a modest sum, and work on getting that first client so you can start building your portfolio.

5) Webinars

Creating a webinar and charging a modest sum for people to take it can be an excellent way to make a little extra cash, as well as generating leads for your business. However, you have to make sure that your webinar will be useful and engaging for your audience, not something that is clearly designed to separate them from their money. But, taking note of a skill or ability that you have, and crafting a webinar around it can be an excellent way to supplement your income.

And, for the digital marketers out there, webinars can be a powerful tool in your kit.

6) Sell Your Old Stuff

Got a bunch of old crap laying around that you don’t use? Why not sell it?

There’s the traditional digital routes, craigslist and eBay, which are great ways to sell things to a large audience or people locally. But, there’s plenty of new, easy ways to make extra income selling, including Mercari and Poshmark. Give them a try, and maybe even start buying things on sale and flipping them!

7) Become a YouTuber

YouTube can be a great source of additional revenue, if you can develop a following. It’s easier said than done, because you have to find something that you’re passionate about and find a way to make that thing accessible and applicable to an audience. As with most creative projects, start with trying to win over an audience of 1, and you’ll be able to build from there.

If you’re looking to get started with video production, here are some great resources to start with.

8) The Gig Economy

Finally, there’s the good ol’ gig economy. If you’ve got a car, why not explore driving Uber or Lyft? Technically it’s not all online, but all you need is a smartphone and a car. Or, if you’re handy, look into becoming a TaskRabbit. And, if all you’ve got is a trusty bicycle, Postmates can be a great way to make a little extra cash.

9) Consulting

Do you have special skills or experience that you could sell? Start consulting through your website or over Skype. It can be a lot of work to find clients, but start with a craigslist ad, and focus on making your first sale to your first customer. The world of consulting is wide open, and many consultants work entirely from home.

10) Online Trading

Messing around with the stock market and day trading can be very risky, but many people do it and see returns from their investments. Regardless of whether or not you’re interested in high-risk day trading or not, there are plenty of long term options that can help you prepare for the future. NerdWallet has a great piece on this.

If you’re interested in diving into day trading (which is buying and selling stock on the same day for small profit), this is an excellent article to start with. There’s also a whole suite of apps and websites that can help you get started, including Robinhood and Stash.

Up Your Cashflow

Remember, the key to financial success is increasing cash flow, and one of the best ways to do that is by finding work that nets you a little bit of extra money. If you’d like to learn more about content strategy, content marketing, SEO, and more, browse our other blog posts, and if you’re interesting in working with us, get in touch!

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