10 Completely Useless Websites for the Hopelessly Stupid

Sun, Nov 4, 2007, by KG

Web Talk

If you’ve been online recently, you’ve seen “lists” of websites with catchy titles popping up. They annoy me. This is my revenge.

  1. One Line Stories

    Users posting “stories” using only a single sentence, the end.

  2. Art of “Folding Money”

    People folding their hard earned bucks into ducks.

  3. 20 Weird English Words

    Floccinaucinihilipilification at it’s finest.

  4. Morph-Faces

    Online “face” generator. How celebrities shop these days.

  5. SPARTAAA(ad infinitum)

    I can’t think of NADAAAAAAAAA!

  6. Shave Your Yeti

    No, really. You know you want to.

  7. Worst Album Covers

    No, they don’t mean a sucky band covering a good band. Literally album covers.

  8. Programmer or Killer?

    I wanted to check “both” for all. Anyone who spends that much time typing on a computer is a sick pupp… wait…

  9. Calvin’s Real Snowmen

    Finally, someone who makes me feel better. They build snowmen based on a comic strip.

  10. 27 Funny Signs

    I almost ignored this non-conformist prick of a site for not having a nice round “25″ or “10″, but it’s funny and a good way to end a list.

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  1. Obvious Says:

    11. Top 10 Lists

  2. Wydok Says:

    12. This page

  3. wtf Says:

    this is stupid and an utter waste of time

  4. omfg Says:

    This ‘article’ = pot calling kettle black

  5. J Says:

    Let’s all start picking random, harmless websites and get our panties in a bunch about them for stupid reasons!

  6. Wow Says:

    You’re a bit of a tool, aren’t you?

  7. M Says:

    Alright, that’s amazing! If you love to waste your time

  8. Valarius Says:

    You’ve just been Farked. Drew will buy you a beer afterward.

  9. AaaPha Says:

    Er, yeah. Not really.

  10. KG Says:

    Thanks for the Fark, Valaruis.

    As for the others- I guess the internet is serious business. lol.

    I think I’ll make another list.

  11. CraigRat Says:


  12. FPM Says:

    I used to be a homeless rodeo clown but now I am a world class magician !

  13. memyselfandi Says:

    im still a homeless rodeo clown so there :}~~~~

  14. jagilki Says:

    How does one limit crappy internet sites down to 10? You can do this over and over and over. Maybe a weekly series?

  15. Big Johnson Says:

    yeah…why isn’t this site on the list?

  16. Sir Ian St. John of Cornwall Says:

    I have found this an extremely informative article. It has perplexed me for sometime why the state of affairs on the internet is not serialised into more of what the kids call today a “catchy number”. Well done KG, you have been added to the St. John Christmas card list for this year. Your an inspiration to us all.

  17. Xeres Says:


  18. CRUNKY Says:

    There’s still nothing quite as stupid as this

  19. im b**** your barbie Says:

    well i liked the 27 funny signs that was funny oh and the shave my yetti thing was funn too!!! (:

  20. tree hugger Says:

    well i dont any of this shiznit and im bizich your barbie yeah your crazy and have a mean name!!!

  21. Martini Says:

    What?! Useless Advice From Useless Men didn’t make the cut? Embarrassing.

  22. Darren Says:

    I would include http://blog.basetoad.com/
    – unless you are into imaginary beverages made from urine and a fictional industry that produces and markets them, which these odd folks seem to think is something to rant on about endlessly.

  23. Sam Says:

    What about averaffles.com??

  24. Joe Says:

    I think site is pretty stupid, but funny


  25. Chris Says:

    The most stupid website on the net is: http://www.colinsleftfootisabasketball.info

  26. mixednuts Says:

    Palin is Bush lite!

  27. Editor WebcComp Says:

    there is also http://click-the-dot.blogspot.com
    that can be considered in this category

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