The True Meaning of Hacking

Mon, Oct 15, 2007, by Electron


People seriously need to know what hacking really means.

People think that hacking is guessing someone’s password for an account or using cheat codes for a game. Hacking is when cracking into an account or cheating in a game without using cheat codes. Hacking passwords requires a program or requires finding glitches from the website. A glitch is like a tweak or passage way that wasn’t fixed. Hacking Games requires editing of the files of the game or using a program to cheat for you.

Hacking games is also not using tips or tricks to win a game. The simplest way to describe hacking a game is that when some one is playing unfairly and not obeying the rules for fair play. Game Administrators use anti game hacking systems that protects the game, players and the staff members of the game from any hacking attempts. Yet there is no system that blocks people from hacking accounts except for firewalls. The best way to not get hacked is to use a strong password or use symbols in your password such as these ^&#@.

Hacking is illegal and tracker a hacker on a computer is much harder than finding a hacker in a game.

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  1. Nagaraj Mulgund Says:

    Dear Sir i can’t clear that diffrence betweet hacker & cracker…. Please i neet information about it…..

  2. bob Says:

    dear sir i dnt know about hacking and codes can we have more information

  3. john winget Says:

    dear sir i want 2 k/w that what is the best way of hacking ? and how we are protect us?

  4. JD Says:

    I disagree with your article; you are confusing the words ‘hacking’ and ‘cracking’ with cheating; there is a clear distinction between the three and, unfortunatley, you and many others merge there meanings into one.

    The words ‘Hacking’ and ‘Hackers’ are seriously misused, misunderstood and are thrown about all too much, especially by the media, labeling hackers as bad.

    The true definition of the word is taking a piece of work (mainly technological i.e. hardware or software) further and enabling it to do more than it was originally designed to.
    Most hackers do this for reasons of good not bad.

    Now cracking on the other hand can be seen as the opposite, some times for macilious use, though not always.
    It is the process of bypassing security measures (encryptions keys, passwords, serial numbers etc) by guessing, bruteforcing and/or reverse engeneering.

    An example, just off the top of my head, is that off the game consoles and homebrew software:
    Now somebody, a ‘Hacker’, creates or modifies the software and enables it to perform more than originally intended; e.g. XBMC. (Not illegal)

    The ‘cracker’ would have figured out the ways to bypass the restrictions in place by Sony to prevent anyone from doing such things. (Illegal yes, but moraly no)

    Today there is a news article on Sky News about journalists who have *guessed* the pin numbers of voicemail boxes on mobile phones.
    Now already they have thrown about the word ‘phone hacking’ and ‘tapping’ which it is clearly not.

  5. sandeep Says:

    how can one hack
    hiw does hacking takes place……it is difficult to find a hacker………….another thing whi is a cracker

  6. sandeep Says:

    with our technology devepment in past few years cant we find a hacker on spot………4m wre he is hacking?

  7. dipa Says:

    I can\’t understand !!!!!!!

  8. dinesh varmai Says:

    dear sir i want more information of hacing and i want learn heacking plase tell me how did i learn hacking

  9. guga Says:

    I got a very beautiful, explanation for the word hacking. from web upon website. I think we need your awesome work forever..

  10. raj Says:

    hacking is a game and is a taste of computer and but a hacker is cracked a system

  11. sameer Says:

    can a hacking be possible by an electronic & commnication engineering students, or i mean to say that can we find less difficult in this level of education. f possible, i need some more imformation about it. thankyou.

  12. bryeunade Says:

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