This Is Not Right: The 10 Most Eccentric Items Ever Auctioned Online

Thu, Mar 13, 2008, by Kenny Stenzerfield

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You’ve heard the stories of weird and wacky things sold on the internet, everyone has. Here are the top 10 weirdest things sold on the internet ever.

These crazy ten things that were either put up for sale or sold will blow you away and will leave you wide eyed and astonished. The following ten objects are in no specific order and are all considered to be pretty weird.

  1. A Serial Killer’s Fingernails

    One of the weirdest things ever sold was a serial killer’s cut fingernails. In 1979, two men named Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris rode through southern California on a killing spree that resulted in at least five victims.

    Years later Roy Norris, the man in the mug shot above had his fingernail shavings that had been taped to the back of a Christmas card sold on the net. His fingernails only sold for $9.99 but still stand as one of the scariest and weirdest things ever sold on the internet.

  2. A Person’s Soul

    In late 2007, an American man tried to sell his soul for $1 million dollars on the net. He said that the reason for selling his soul was to raise money for the Christmas season. He also said that the proud owner would be allowed to take the soul home in a glass jar along with a contract relinquishing ownership. The image above is a picture of the man who actually looks a little bit scary.

    The following is a quote that the man had said about his soul,” I’m not really using it lately – and selling it on the internet is better than letting the Devil have it.” The soul never sold although it doesn’t appear to be still up for grabs. FYI: In the past somebody’s soul was successfully sold for $400.

  3. A Liver

    Another crazy item that was put up for sale on the net was someone’s liver, which is the body part in the picture above. A guy from Florida tried to sell part of his liver for a possible organ transplant. The price for his liver reached $5.7 million dollars before being eventually pulled from the website it was being sold on. It was removed because it is illegal to sell body parts over the internet.

  4. Haunted Rubber Ducky

    Another very odd item sold on the internet was a haunted rubber ducky. In 2004, a man sold a so-called haunted rubber ducky, resembling the one above. He said his one and a half year old son had been telling weird and scary stories about fights that he and the duck had had. Also he said that his child had been bitten by the duck, making the child mean and vicious, and causing him to throw the duck across the room. After only 7 days on the site the rubber duck sold for the price of $107.50.

  5. Jesus Toast

    The seller of the product in the picture above had accidentally burnt his toast in a toaster. Before throwing the piece of toast away, he suddenly noticed the face of Jesus on his toast as if by some type of miracle. He put the odd piece of toast up for auction with the starting bid of $.99, although this piece of toast never ended up selling.

  6. Justin Timberlake’s French Toast

    In March 2000, a leftover piece of French toast, half-eaten Justin Timberlake of N*SYNC was sold on a website. The entire group of N*SYNC was on the Z-Morning Zoo, some sort of TV show, on March 9th. On the show, Justin only ate one bite of his French toast! The seller said that the buyer would get Justin’s half-eaten French toast, the fork he used, and the plate…complete with extra syrup! After a total of 40 bids and not even two days on the internet, the French toast was sold for a total of $3,154 dollars.

  7. Rights to Name a Woman’s Baby

    In April 2005, a 33 year old woman named Melissa Heuschkel auctioned the rights to name her baby on the internet. After not being able to decide what to name her fourth child, Melissa decided to turn to an online bidding site. The rights for naming her child sold for a whopping $15,100 dollars. The online casino site named bought the right of naming her baby. The casino website decided to name the child The image above is a picture of newly born Melissa said that the money received would go towards caring needs and toys for the new born baby.

  8. Imaginary Friend

    Another odd thing sold on the net was a guy’s imaginary friend named Jon Malipieman. The image above is a picture of this imaginary friend Jon Malipieman, and as you can see he is imaginary. The man that sold Jon lived in the UK and said that he was selling Jon because he felt like he had grown out of him.

    In the listings for the product the seller stated the following: “My imaginary friend Jon Malipieman is getting too old for me now. I am now 27 and I feel I am growing out of him. He is very friendly. Along with him, I will send you what he likes and dislikes along with his favorite things to do and his personal self portrait.” His self portrait is the picture you see above. Amazingly Jon Malipieman got 31 bids and ended up selling for over $3,000 dollars. Now that is Wacky.

  9. Ghost Cane

    In 2004 a so called Ghost Cane was sold on a bidding site. A woman in Indiana her dead husband’s metal walking cane up for sale in hopes that her scared grandson would think that his grandfather’s spirit would leave their house when the cane was sold.

    The image seen above is actually a picture of the dead grandfather who is to the left, along with the scared grandson who is in the ladies arms. Her six year old grandson son thought that the grandfathers’ spirit was haunting their home, causing him to be scared of everything. The cane received over 132 bids and sold for the price of $65,000 dollars. The buyers of the cane actually ended up being

  10. Giant Cheetoh

    In 2003 the worlds largest Cheetoh was put up for sale. The Cheetoh weighed more then a half an ounce and was as big as a kiwi. The image above is a picture of the giant Cheetoh and as you can see it is huge. The man who discovered the Cheetoh was Mike Evans. Before the Cheetoh could be sold it was taken off line and donated to a small town as a tourist attraction. Before being taken offline, the Cheetoh had received bids of up to $180 dollars and still had days left in the auction.

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  1. Jake marcob Says:

    Wow! where did you get all of this information from?
    Very good article and I hope there is more like this coming!
    I am definitely going to send this to my friends!
    Great Job!

  2. Josh Says:

    Learn grammar, please!

  3. Huh? Says:

    What the hell is wrong with that baby?

  4. bela Says:

    lol at the cheetoh…so random

  5. Jon Says:

    The Z-Morning Zoo is actually a radio show, in the New York area its 100.3

  6. lala Says:

    what the hay is a cheetoh?

  7. Melissa Says:

    My friend once had a cheetoh that big! We could have sold it!
    And I feel really bad for that baby. I don’t think it had a very good mother if she’ll agree to the name ‘’

  8. bobo Says:

    this is a a awesome

  9. cutie Says:

    lol now im gonna sell my imagineary friend online.

  10. citychik Says:

    Woah I totally remember when z100 sold JT’s french toast. It was really a big deal and I was listening the morning it sold. That is so weird.

  11. smsrockstar Says:

    i think it would b so cool to have a name worth 15,500 bucks!!! even if it was a sucky name like id still have a better name than everyone else w/ their stupid unoriginal names. They do need to learn some grammar though. this was really sloppy.

  12. Taco Says:

    The baby will probably be referred to as “golden” sounds like a dogs name though, oh and anyone want to buy my imaginary friend Charlie? i got pictures of him

  13. Odi Says:

    GoldenPalace are Evil Bastards!

  14. to Huh? Says:

    Huh? Ummm.. okay, you have obviously never seen a newborn baby. All newborn babies are splotchy and smooshed looking. So were you when you were born :)

  15. Nutty Says:

    Just like Tony Snethen that works at VML in Kanas City. THAT IS JUST PLAIN stupid.

  16. Alicia Says:

    Anyone else notice that it says Angelina Jolie on the ultrasound of the baby?

  17. Lord_Jereth Says:

    What? No one remembers the rash of “Ghost In The jar”, “Ghost In The Bottle”, “Ghost in the Tupperware” and “Ghost In The Box” auctions a few years back? What about the “Jesus Grilled Cheese Sandwich”? What about the “Demon Seed” auction or the various “Advertise On My (name body part)” actions?

    These aren’t the “10 Most Eccentric”, just the most eccentric that the author can remember. How about a little research?


  18. nn Says:

    lol at lala who doesn’t know what a cheetoh is.

    the baby will probably either go by Ace or change it’s name when it gets older.

  19. Xbox 360 gamertag: slayer50513 Says:


  20. innocent bystander #3 Says:

    you so should have included when that girl tried to sell her viginity for college (I think)

    that was definitely bizarre/eccentric

    I’m pretty sure it did not go through.

  21. ae Says:

    lol, every one seems to be selling their virginity. nyways, i want that ducky! LOL!

  22. Gerlaine Says:

    Wow! Great article. Now I have to go to

  23. Dani Says:

    I’m actually surprised no one bought the Jesus toast

  24. J&J"s Grandma Says:

    I think its time for spring to arrive so they can all get a life. As for the Jesus toast….I have a closet door that has a far better likeness of Jesus and Mary, our priest says he can even see the secrate heart. Father O’leary even refered to the closet door as being priceless. I agree.

  25. Intruder Says:

    Wow… (7) is merely a newborn and she spent $65,000 on the ghost cane (9) ? That is even more remarkable. ;)

  26. ragingheaven Says:

    who would buy an imaginary friend????

  27. some1 who hates that casino Says:

    That guy’s right now that baby will be miserable at school.
    Hell be bullied etc. about his name.
    I hate that casino and the baby’s mother for letting them name the baby with that HORRIBLE name!!!

  28. destiny Says:

    Wow! I thought I had made some bad online purchases until I read these! These people are crazy! Did you notice that the ultrasound said Angelina Jolie?! Thanks for the laugh!

  29. gordon dickinson Says:

    i bought, and still own, over 50 human souls off ebay.
    i am going to create an exhibition with them.

  30. dak Says:

    Crazy, crazy stuff.
    Very intersting to read, lol

  31. Hasy Says:

    Just imagine it… “the name in Com, Goldenpalace. Com!”

  32. Ellen Ruppart Says:

    Wow, thanks for that interesting article. I wonder what my soul could be worth… I always look forward to your articles, keep it up!

    ~Ellen Ruppart

  33. Kylie Says:

    Why did you use Angelina Jolie’s Ultrasound?

  34. Annabelle Says:

    Fun article Kenny,I thoroughly enjoyed it this April Fool’s Day.
    Maybe I should put my items from Etsy up for auction, I might just make a sale..ha!
    And the comments are just priceless! I’ll need to check some of those links.
    Also good for noticing Angelina Jolie’s Ultrasound…very observant Alice!

  35. posham Says:

    haha.. i can’t stop laughing about the imaginary friend.. that’s crazy.. i won’t ever sell my imaginary friend.. that’s not right.. lol..

  36. BuckleBelt Says:

    im like ocd Z morning zoo is a radio show in new york city. all of that other stuff is really funny too but its crazy what some people will do

  37. louie jerome Says:

    Funny! Ebay don’t allow the sellling of souls, or intangible items anymore. It is written into their rules. I wonder if this spate of selling souls is what prompted it.

  38. deepbluesea Says:

    Great article. Very interesting.

  39. zimmy Says:

    i wanna eat that cheeto.

  40. Jack Says:

    I’ve got some stuff to get rid of and going to call GoldenPalace ASAP to sell it!

  41. jibbajabba Says:

    i would have eaten the cheetoh!

  42. Mary Says:

    Hey, if you’re going to post something about the “Ghost Cane” why don’t you at least get the story right?
    It was the boys mother who sold the cane, not his grandmother!

  43. Hana Says:

    i would have sold just the picture of the cheeto and then eaten the actualy cheeto then sold my soul stating that it contained the remains of the biggest cheeto ever. lol! (kidding!)
    and ppl have sold the weirdest things on ebay: air guitar, vampire killing kit, britney spires’s gum, a pretend monster, a doritos sheese pope hat, and even USED breast implants (EWWWW!)and even invisability…..

  44. cexe Says:

    my god,the liver !!!

    i vomit on my keys!


  45. Nick Howes Says:

    Unusual stuff sells on eBay. You are only limited by your imagination. And the stuff sells…the better your story, the greatetr your chances for success. It also draws attention to your other eBay auctions. Some people specialize in this sort of entertaining auction. I only object to those who create obviously phony “haunted” items because I take that stuff kind of seriously.

  46. kiki Says:

    lol these are weird

  47. efleaa Says:

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    We challenge you to come up with some crazy items to sell on our site.
    We will have the right to remove any auctions that are illegal or in really bad taste.
    So, go ahead and help us promote our site
    We will handle any press releases for the very craziest items you list on
    Thank you.

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