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Sat, Feb 12, 2011, by pguims

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From simple word processor to plug-ins to drivers, FileHippo almost has them all…

Its name may sound weird but you should never underestimate this site. From simple word processor to plug-ins to drivers, FileHippo almost has them all…

I discovered the site last year when I was browsing for a Winamp and VLC installer. My search led me to and I was blown away with the great selection of downloadable installers that I saw. I was really excited.

Well, FileHippo is an internet download website offering open source, freeware and shareware programs. It covers a variety of options, such as antivirus, anti-malware, photo and video editing, file sharing, firewall, and system tuning programs, among others. Only programs can be downloaded, and nothing of media-type. Programs are also from several developers and companies so users can excellently choose. Many are full edition, but a few are on trial basis only. The site also does not accept user uploaded files. This is a good way to discourage using crack programs, as well as the spread of virus- and malware-infected software programs. Hence, downloaders are assured of good quality installers.

Another great offering from the site is the FileHippo Update Checker. This is a small program which scans your computer drive for installed programs from the FileHippo catalog and recommends available updates for the software. Lastly, FileHippo offers an option to filter programs shown either to not show beta versions, shareware programs or both.

FileHippo has been listed as one of the top 1000 most visited websites as of March 2010. Moreover, it receives more than three million US visitors each month.

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  1. Von Shanks Says:

    Cool…Thanks for site information…Will check it out…..Good article…Well written.

  2. nz2rdfox Says:

    cool a lot of other sites out there also..along with the downloads are the viruses :)

    my computer feel into the latter :)

    thanks for the share prof:)

  3. LCM Linda Says:

    Interesting web site. I love freeware. Thanks for sharing.

  4. anndavey650 Says:

    Sounds like it’s worth checking out!

  5. tonywriter Says:

    Thanks for the info mate, I already knew about the site and I must say very useful article mate. Thanks!

  6. papaleng Says:

    good info. Kabayan kahit yan lang ang comment ko, with feelings naman.

  7. pguims Says:

    lol! thanks paps…

  8. MaxBuceo Says:

    Nice, i like this post

  9. Sheila Barnhill Says:

    FileHippo and I are old friends. I love that site

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