Portland SEO eCommerce Consultant

Originally posted on February 20, 2017 @ 3:23 pm

Tweaking online shops so they’re buddies with search engines tops my list of fun work stuff. It’s awesome to see those sales numbers jump up every month and watch our words take up more room on the internet. Pushing past the other guys feels like winning a game. Get me on your team, and you’ve got a buddy who’s all in on making your shop shine.

Why Pursue Search Engine Optimization for an eCommerce site?

While there are hundreds of digital marketing channels to choose from, the fact is that the end of the day most consumers are using search engines to either locate or find the perfect item. While Amazon has swallowed up a ton of this search traffic there are still billions of searches on Google every month, and with the right SEO we can dominate how consumers spend in your market. Make sure competitors are learning and finding you, before they find the competition.


  • Initial Assessment: Right out of the gate I work with you to assess your needs and give you a snapshot of where your site is currently performing. I’ll be able to provide a clear picture of total market value for the terms within your industry. After my initial audit I’ll give you my estimate of how long we’ll need to work on the site for different performance thresholds. You’ll have a clear picture of what needs to be done and what I can do.
  • Competitor Analysis: No business exists in a vacuum. Always wondered why pesky competitors outrank your and are stealing your customers? I’ll dissect that for you so you better understand your position within the industry and what we need to do in order to succeed.
  • High Priority Work: My goal is to be ROI positive within two months. Ideally we can locate a set of fixes for your site that will make sure my services are quickly paying for themselves and then keep building your revenue from there.
  • Sustained Improvements: We’ll attempt to knock out 80% of the total value I can provide you in the first 20% of our time there. From there


  • I can integrate directly with your internal team or work alone to ensure that your site has the best possible SEO foundation to work off of. I have no problem training internal teams or working with developers to ensure best practices moving forward.
  • I offer transparent contracts with clear timelines for success from the start. Looking for a specific fix or KPI, we can roll that into our contract.
  • I seek transparency and consistent results with everything I do. If I feel as though you no longer need my services or another marketing route would better serve your needs I’ll let you know. At the end of the day I do this for the challenge, I have a great position at an excellent marketing company right here in town. My word and reputation as a businessman matters more to me than a couple extra grand a month. I can honestly tell you I’ve fired clients before who I felt would be better helped elsewhere.
My overall goal is to form a long term relationship with your business. Becoming an expert in your industry helps em ensure you become the dominant player in your industry.  I usually aim for consistent YoY growth  >40%, but won’t take a contract unless I strongly feel we can be ROI positive within two months.