What are Your Swagbucks Worth?

Fri, Feb 5, 2010, by janet Trieschman

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Have you heard of Swagbucks? Then you might wonder what they are worth. If you don’t know what a Swagbuck is, you need to know that they are exchangeable for gifts and prizes and you earn them for searching the internet. Here is an overview of how to compare their value.

Do you use Swagbucks for your browser? If not, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to earn for something you already do. You can do a search online at their site or you can download a search bar for your browser, which is a lot easier to utilize, and you don’t have to remember to use it. Swagbucks randomly awards “bucks” or “swag” for your searches, but not every search, it’s random. The amount of swag earned varies.

Shopping online through their site, can earn additional swag. Random codes can be found online or on the Swagbucks site from time to time. And on Thursdays, there is a fun Twitter Trivia game that earns swag points.

Once you belong, you can invite your friends to join and earn referral points from their activity as well.

If you blog, there is a really cool Swag Bucks Widget you can put on your site that lets you know when there are swag codes available to be found.

So, once you belong, what do you do with your swagbucks? There is a swag store that converts your points to prizes. I prefer the gift cards that are available. Currently there are 45 different kinds of gift cards to earn. Each varies in value as well as points needed to purchase them.

How do you compare the value of each card? I have entered a few below so that I can compare the percentage of bang per swag buck used.

  • $5.00 Amazon gift card – 45 swagbucks  – 11.11% bang per swag
  • $5.00 Paypal cash – 70 swagbucks – 7.14% bang per swag
  • $10.00 Starbucks gift card – 130 swagbucks – 7.69% bang per swag
  • $50.00 Amazon gift card – 590 swagbucks – 8.47% bang per swag
  • $25.00 Amazon gift card – 315 swagbucks – 7.94% bang per swag
  • $25.00 Disney.com gift card – 295 swagbucks – 8.47% bang per swag
  • $20.00 Target e-card – 235 swagbucks – 8.51% bang per swag

Given this comparison, I can see that the $5.00 Amazon gift card is the best deal per swag earned followed by the $20.00 Target e-card. From those e-cards I am interested in, the Paypal cash option is the worst bargain for my swags.

Does it really work? I can atest to the fact that it does. I have earned $10.00 in a Mastercard, I have used 5 $5.00 Amazon.com e-gift cards and have another 4 to spend. The nice thing about the Amazon.com cards is that Amazon allows you to stack them on any given purchase. And currently, I have another 198 swag bucks to spend.

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