Trolls for Dummies: Defeating Trolls

Fri, Nov 6, 2009, by Mamaluigi

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In this article, we talk about some ways to defeat trolls.

If you are here, you might have a troll problem. There might be a bunch of trolls you know, but one really stands out- either he’s doing a really good job, or the others are not.


Either way, you’re going to need to stop him, or ignore him.


Stopping trolls from trolling is sometimes easy, sometimes impossible. It depends on where they are, and what kind of troll you are dealing with.


If you are sure you want to vanquish the troll from wherever you are, try one of the following steps:


  1. Report Them. If you are in forum, there should be a report button. Press it, and you’ll fill out a form as to why you are doing this. Don’t just fill it out with “reed the p0st kthnx”, list reasons why he should be banned, what he’s done, and what you think they should do. Be polite, they will listen.



  1. PM/Email them. If you can get a hold of their email, or PM them, do it. Be polite. Ask why they are doing this, and why they picked you. Make sure they know how sad you are- do not make it look like you are angry. They might respond. If they do, it’s up to you to decide what to do next- there are many things they could say.



  1. Instigate Them. This one is dangerous. In order to do this, you must become a troll yourself for a short time. Try to instigate them into doing something to get them banned. Do not do anything ban-worthy yourself. Do not be angry. Figure out a way to tick them off, while looking innocent yourself.


These are a couple of ways I have dealt with the trolls in my years. If you want a troll to be vanquished or stop trolling, try one of those steps.


Now, if none of them work at all ( note: if you are going to do them all, do not do them in order. First, PM/Email them. Then, Instigate them. Then report them. This is the most efficient way of killing a troll, because he will think he broke you. ), then you may have an invincible troll.


These trolls will not stop trolling, so it’s time to think of a new tactic.


Once again, if these don’t work, the best thing to do is to IGNORE THEM. Seriously, if they do not think they are getting/hurting you, they’ll stop eventually. Although they will probably move on to someone else, at least you are safe.


Next article, we will be talking about how to determine what type of troll you are dealing with, and possibly the best way to defeat/deal with each one.


The list above is pretty global for all trolls, but some trolls will fall easier than others if you do a “class specific” break tactic on them. This will be covered next article.

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