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Thu, Feb 2, 2012, by mavil85

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A review on the quality of service and one product of Sun Cellular, one of the three biggest telecommunications companies in the Philippines.

After my Nursing Licensure Examinations last July 2011, I moved to Manila and immediately looked for a product that could give me a stable internet service. As I was strolling in the mall I was lured into checking the Sun Cellular Shop. The shop had many attractive posters about how stable and high sun’s internet broadband speed is. When I entered the shop a man came to me and asked what I like, he began talking about their products and unfortunately for me he was very convincing. The sales man said they had a promo for students and they will give me a discount. Prior to this event I used to research in the internet about products that I am about to buy, I am a very thrift person but at that time I guess I was too implusive and desperate for I needed internet connection immediately for my job.

The salesman recommended Sun Pocket Wifi, It was too good to be true. He promised a high speed in my area which is literally just beside UST. I asked him about the stability of the connection several times, I even ask if he can guarantee the stable connection and If I could cancel the service if the speed is slow and unstable, he answered all of my questions with full conviction with regard to the high speed, stability and he also guaranteed that I can cancel it if the service was poor. I don’t remember how much I paid for the device but I am sure that it costed me two to three thousand pesos and I paid for the first month. It was a six month contract.

Here is what the product offers:

Unlimited wireless broadband service.

799 a month.

Stable Internet connection.

I used to think that I was a clever person until I bought Sun Cellular Pocket Wifi which I call the Worst decision I have ever made my entire “purchasing” life. It caused me so much stress, money, time and effort for nothing.

When I came home I Immediately set-up the device and to my dismay our building’s internet wifi speed is faster than the speed of the Sun Pocket WiFi. My brothers were blaming me for buying such product since we have never bought any Sun Cellular product. Honestly, we didn’t trust the company before and we will never trust the company in the future.

Less than one week I came to the Sun Cellular Shop again with the Pocket WiFi, I told them that the speed is too slow and unstable. They tried the product and said that there was nothing wrong with it. So it means the problem is with the base station where the Pocket WiFi was getting it’s speed from. I asked for a site check since they promised and guaranteed me a high and stable speed in my area, I told them that the product is useless for me if the signals there were weak. (We live on the sixth floor, so I know that if the signals were good enough it could pass through the Pocket WiFi)

On the day of the scheduled visit, no one came. I was furious since I stayed home all day just to wait for the service man. I went back to the Sun Cellular Shop, they said some reasons and rescheduled me again.

On the day of the rescheduled visit, no one came. Strike two! I went to the same Sun Cellular Shop said some reasons on how they will prioritize me and the service man was sick. They rescheduled me again.

On the day of the re-rescheduled visit, guess what? No one came again.. This happened four times. This company really made me look stupid.

On my fifth visit to their shop, I was furious and asked for the supervisor, the supervisor sent one of her employees with me to check my site. I even paid for the fare of the employee back and forth. When the employee came to our place, he made some checks and told me that the speed was ok but was unstable (it was really intermittent). He actually said there was nothing wrong with the speed, which surprised me. He was only concerned about the Intermittent connection, he said very clearly that he would escalate it since there were really problems. 

After that, no one came again, no one called about the internet connection, no one asked if the service was ok. All those time, the service was really crappy, we were not able to use what we paid for. 

The next month, someone called from Sun Cellular. I was really surprised, Finally there were concerned about my connection I thought, but to my dismay, the company was just asking for the payment for the second month of the useless Pocket WiFi which we were never able to use comfortably. I was appalled by the company’s customer service, I told the caller “I hope before your company starts asking for payments, ask if the service is working or not because clearly my service is useless and I have wasted a lot of money and time for it”.

Until now, the company is still plaguing me with their calls about payments, I once told an agent about the service, she told me to just go to where I bought it (which I did five times) and that her concern for calling me was to only collect payments.

I vowed that since this is how the Sun Cellular Company treats their customers, I would rather have another company who values their customers.

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  1. Jemmie Ann Andrada Says:

    I have the same problem and same situation when it comes to edcalatin pur problems to their cust service rep and to the business center! So frustrating.. :( ( paying for the service na supeeeeeerr kakairita!!!

  2. Egace Says:

    Hay nku,wla tlgang kwenta ang sun pocket wifi kht anu wlang kwenta,yn dn ang problema nmin ngaun.nun unang isang buwan mjo ok p ang speed nya tpos ngaun hlos ayw ng mkpgbukas ng browser.sayang ang bnbayad nmin 899 per month.

  3. marvin glen Says:

    Same here. I think the are putting a bandwidth cap pagmedyo matagal na ang subscription mo to pave the way para bumilis yung mga kakabili lang. I used to get a result of 0.44Mbps on my first 2 months and now 0.20Mbps nalang. I always put my pocketwifi on the same location since I bought this one so I was able to monitor the significant change in bandwidth.

  4. bugel Says:

    ganyan dn ang nararanasan namin ngaun,sobrang dis appointment ako s sun company n yn,nung 1st month ng subscription namin ok nmn sn ang service nila..pero ngaun mg 6 months n halos 0.2 mbps n lng ang internet speed nkk stress talaga.i try to contact their tech support wl ring ngyari minsan binabaan p ako ng telepono,nkaka asar talaga!sayang lng ang perang binabayad s kanila.halos 400 meters lng ang lau nmin s cell site nila pero wala ring silbi dahil s npka poor connection ng wifi nila.

  5. Escargo Says:

    You all are so right!!!!! i went 6 times back to Sun Bacolod , had a technician at my place who actually witnessed i couldnt even run a youtube music video smoothly…. i have an excellent signal 5/9 but the speed is just 6% of what i’m supposed to get…i can’t do my work properly! have time outs even on internet banking which caused me major problems!!! There’s no problem with your connection the final answer was and a no refund policy. Their server capacity sucks and they’re only interested in getting customers (read money).. something the technician already told me the 1st time i went back to complain… “there are just too many customers” he told me…That’s nice… They buy server capacity for 5000 customers and contract 250000 users and try to get away with it. I have never had such an appalling service in my life and i hope that all messages on internet regarding ‘SUN ‘will lead to their downfall. Never ever get a product from this company that doesn’t value their customers!!! Even with a superb signal you will reach a 6% speed of what SUN promises you! and this is supposed to be ok for even gaming… if you intend to send emails abroad you might as well take a plane and deliver it yourself….way faster!!!

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