Sony Releases Free Sports Champions Avatars

Mon, Oct 25, 2010, by Ace of Spades

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If you look to change your avatar. You might be in for a nice surprise…

Earlier today I went to go change my “15 Year Anniversary” PS3 avatar back to my original Jak which I’ve kept for quite some time and noticed a slew of new Avatars. It seems like Sony has decided to share the love early this holiday season and have released 6 Sports Champions Avatars. The avatars are fairly basic, a throwing disc, a volleyball, sword and shield, bow and arrow, but still, it’s nice of them to update with free ones even though the PS Store has been flooded with a healthy dose of new avatars for some time.

It’s not certain if these are tied to people who own Sports Champions or are available to everyone but I have them unlocked and I do own Sports Champions.

If you want to access the new avatars or don’t know how to change your current avatar, simply go to account settings under Network and go to the Avatar option. From there you can choose the avatar you want.

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  1. ajjj Says:

    for the love of god, why don’t they have character creation. everyone knows character creation makes for double plus fun, I don’t spend less than twenty minutes on my avatars in games that give me the option.

    get. with. the. program.

    no character creation was so last gen.

  2. ajjj Says:

    oh nevermind, THOSE avatars. I should start reading before I reply. My point still stands, but it’s one hell of a non sequitur.

  3. sandeep202 Says:

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