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Sun, Jul 19, 2009, by Stephen J. Ardent

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A review of a new writing site that just may be what you were looking for.

So you’ve done the Triond thing for a while, maybe started accounts on Bukisa and Helium, perhaps played with Associated Content or AuthorNation, or any of the myriad writer sites that are out there.

Most of them are for poets and article writers.  But what if you want to write something a little more lengthy?  Flesh out an idea, and compile a book of poetry, write a trilogy, write the next Lord of the Rings, you can’t do that on Triond.

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Say hello to SmashWords, started in May of 2008, by Mark Coker.  This up and coming corner of eBook publishing, SmashWords allows authors to publish complete books, set their own prices, pays up to 85% of the books retail price to the author depending on the commission set.  That’s sounds a little better than sharing part of an Adsense payment doesn’t it?

SmashWords offers multiple eBook formats that are DRM free, ready for sale, or sampling.  That’s another feature that is available to authors.  Convince a reader to become a buyer by allowing potential customers to sample up to 50% of a book, and which portions of the book.  They also offer other marketing and sales tools to help authors promote and sell their work.  SmashWords formats will play on just about any eBook reader.

Give your book away for free if you want.

Authors retain all rights, including the right to withdraw their work from the site.  In order for work to be accepted by SmashWords it must be original and legal, not some quick money making scam, and you must be the author or the legal publisher of the work.

Authors will need to look at formatting requirements, only works submitted that comply will be accepted.

Books are available in the SmashWords store, and are also distributed with Stanza, the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch app. for e-reading.

Will you become a success and sell thousands of books?  Probably not.  But who knows?  You certainly don’t if you don’t try.  Are you a good marketer?  Can you learn to be a good marketer? 

SmashWords is placed to be on the cutting edge of the new way people buy and enjoy their books.

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  1. Mark Coker Says:

    Hi Stephen, thanks for the review! One minor correction – we launched May of 2008, not 2009. No biggie.

    I appreciate your review.

  2. oldster Says:

    Thanks Stephen for the advice. Saves cutting the ear off for one’s art.

  3. Stephen J. Ardent Says:

    Sorry about that Mark, I’ve submitted a fix for that date mix-up.

  4. agriculi Says:

    There is one thing I don’t understand with smashwords. When I click to view the HTML file or other formats, they say I have bought the book. If they do that with everyone, they’ll make easy money. I did,’t confirm anything. I think this is very strange.

  5. ken nordine Says:

    Very interested in selling an illustrated ebook of \”little poems\” I put together reciting words with music. Don\’t expect to get rich but it would be fun to see what would come of such a venture.

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