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Mon, Oct 3, 2011, by lornashala

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Is being a Sugar baby innocent or naughty? Accepting money for sex and time doesn’t sound so innocent to me. These women don’t see anything wrong with what they are doing.

I was viewing the Dr. Phil show and it had a pretty good topic that caught my attention. He invited women on his show who called their selves sugar babies. I’ve never heard of it before, I’ve heard of sugar mommas and sugar daddies, but sugar babies.

A sugar baby is a woman who dates rich men for money. They go out on dates, chat and sometimes engage in sexual intercourse for exchange of monthly allowances and gifts.

These women hook up with men on a controversial dating website called The owner of this dating site is Brandon Wade. He makes about 30 million a year providing men with special relationship services. The women that are interested in seeking a male associate gets to sign up for free.

Dr. Phil confronts these women about their arrangements that they have with these men. One lady name Tracy 31 years of age, who is unemployed and uses the money these men give her for her income. She searches for a compatible male then meets up, go out on a date and in return they pay her for her company. She was asked “Do you think you are a prostitute?” Of course she says “no.” Tracy seems to think that there’s nothing wrong with dating men for money, it doesn’t make you a hooker.

The oldest method to make money on the streets is selling your body. Of course these days women are more classy with it, they just create a new style with it to make it look a little less sleazy. Most think that the owner is providing illegal services to these men. All of the male members are very wealthy and yes, they do have to pay for a membership. They all get certified voluntarily to verify their income. Federal prosecutor Sunny Hostin was a guest on the show and she thinks that the owner of this service is running a prostitution ring.

Sunny Hostin is disgusted by it and wants to shut it down because of what the service represents.

The females that sign up are not charged for using the sight. 35% of the women are students which are using these men to pay for their college expenses. There are 900,000 subscribers right now and that number is climbing. There are at least 10 sugar babies for every one sugar daddy.  People get together any and every where for attention, love, sex or conversation. A creator of the website or the website itself should never be the blame for anyone actions, in this case. I guess the purpose of this website is immoral in some people’s eyes.

A 21 year old paralegal student which was also a guess on the show, dropped out of school to become a sugar baby. It’s crazy, but I guess the money is not!. According to her she earns 80,000 a year from these men. Wow! That’s a lot of money. The paralegal students admits that she has had over 100 sugar daddies, she admits that she has only had sex with about five of them. In her eyes beauty doesn’t last and so she is going to uses her looks to get what she wants.

“I’m not a prostitute,” she says. “Flaunt it while you got.” She is in complete denial, if you take money for sex, or for conversation, you are selling yourself and you are known as a hooker no matter how classy you make it out to be. When being confront by the audience, she totally blew up on them and said they are just mad, jealous, fat and ugly. They are supposedly mad because they don’t like her or have the money she has.

Hello, I’m so upset I want to be a whore like you too! Yea right, I can make my money in a more decent and respectable way, thank you.

Dr. Phil asked:

Would you be a sugar baby if you knew no one would find out? 

40% yes

60% no

Definition of Arrangement from the website

An Arrangement is short for “Mutually Beneficial Relationship” between two people. At Seeking Arrangement, we believe that successful relationships are all “Mutually Beneficial Relationships” in that they are two way street, i.e., two people giving as much as they take from each other.

Unfortunately, most regular relationships aren’t mutually beneficial in nature. If you are in a relationship where you feel used, or taken advantage of, you are most likely in a one-sided relationship where you are giving more than you are receiving.

Brandon Wade, our Founder and a leading dating expert, believes that successful relationships are formed out of two people being brutally honest with each other – about who they are, what they want and what they can offer. No matter what your reasons are for using Seeking Arrangement, know that out of brutal honesty comes a deep and genuine level of understanding, and sometimes true love.

So no matter what you are seeking whether it is love, companionship, friendship or some financial help, and whether it will be for a short-term, long-term or life-long arrangement, we hope you will find the perfect match here. Remember, it takes time to find your perfect soul-mate, but because you only live once, you out to have fun while looking for that special someone.

OK, how can you find true love if you are accepting money for your time and pleasure. Being close doors these men are not thinking good things about you. Most think that it’s just like being in a relationship, you spend money on each other by going out and purchasing gifts. Not really, there is only one purpose these women are looking for and that’s to get paid. It is totally different than a regular and loving relationship.

In the end, they are grown and they can do whatever they want. It’s their life no matter how many disagree with what they do.

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  1. Christine Ramsay Says:

    You put your points over very well and I agree with you. This is not the way to find a lasting and loving relationship.

  2. lornashala Says:

    Thanks so much for commenting.

  3. dubbytyler Says:

    when is the irs going fater these women

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