Reddit Link Karma and Comment Karma. How to Increase Reddit Link Karma and Comment Karma?

Tue, Oct 5, 2010, by Jaison

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Are you seeking ways to increase your Reddit link karma and comment karma. Here are some tips to help you increase.

Introduction to Reddit and Karma concept

If you are in the online publishing business, then Reddit needs no introduction. It is one of the top 3 social bookmarking sites along with Digg and Stumble upon. I was a big fan of Digg but more recently I am starting to incline towards Reddit. Reddit has this Karma concept which is a way of evaluating a member. It basically tells how much the user has contributed to the Reddit community “constructively”. Depending on the karma and the badges displayed in the profile, we can find out whether the Reddit user is a spammer or a good user. So, If you want to make it big in Reddit, you should also start thinking about increasing your Link Karma and Comment Karma.

How to increase Reddit Link Karma

Firs of all, what is Reddit Link Karma? It is an indicator of how many links which were submitted by you was received well by the Reddit community. If you are promoting your own articles excessively, Reddit decreases your link Karma. But if you article is popular in Reddit and ends up getting lots of comments and Likes and Up clicks then that is considered as a good thing obviously as that is an indication of people receiving your article well.

The key is to do make it look like you are part of the Reddit community and not for promoting your articles only. There is a very good rating system in Reddit and a great community which will instantly report any sign of spamming and the subsequent articles which you post will not even reach the main page. Read and rate other articles which might interest you. Rate good articles and share articles which you find interesting and useful or funny and amusing or thought provoking to the Reddit community. If you follow this for sometime you will see your karma going up.

How to increase Reddit Comment Karma?

You might have guessed by now, but we will still answer the question What is Reddit comment Karma? Similar to Reddit Link Karma, the Reddit comment karma is a way to evaluate how socially you are mingling with the Reddit community. By sharing your views by posting comments you are sending the signal to the Reddit that you are non biased in your rating and care about other posts also. You can increase your comment karma by simply commenting on other articles. Sometimes, if another user finds your comment useful or amusing they can UP the comment which in turn leads to more Comment karma.

Side note:  The key to gaining more views is to follow the famous Google motto. Don’t be evil. Please share your views and tips on your personal experience with Reddit and your take on the Karma concept.

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