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Wed, Aug 31, 2011, by ladym33

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Yes, it is as simple as spinning a wheel and viewing videos, you can earn cash and it is totally legit.

If you are like me you are always searching for more ways to make cash on line.  Someone introduced me to a site about a month ago that has turned out to be pretty profitable to me and it could not be easier.  The site is called Superpoints.

Earning points on Superpoints is very easy, and once you accumulate enough points you can cash out and get cash or a gift card. There are a variety of gift cards to choose from you can get a $5 Jamba Juice coupon for just 500 points, or cash out for $10.00 pay pal cash for $1000 points.  If you want to save up your points you can even get an Ipod Nano.

You can earn points on Superpoints by doing a few different things.  One is viewing a daily video.  After you join just go on the site and click on where it says, “Earn points.”  Click on View Videos and a video will come up.  Somedays there is no video and some days there are more than one.

After you view the video then you can click on the “Earn Points” button again and click on Superluck button, a big circle will show up.  Just click on that circle.  It will spin around and you can win points when you spin.  I have had days where I have only gotten one point, and other days where I have gotten lots of points.  The nice thing is you don’t have to sit there while it spins.  You can push it and then go on another site for a moment or two and then come back and see if you won points with your spin.  When you first join you get 25 spins, but once you fill out your profile completely you will get more, and if you get a couple referrals you can earn even more spins. 

You also get points everytime one of your referral wins points. 

In addition to viewing videos and spinning the wheel they usually send you an email everyday.  When you open that email there will be points inside of it for you.  Just click on it and those points will be added to your total. 

You can also do offers like on most paying sites, yiou can join things and get points that way too if you want to.  Sometimes if you go in the offers area and click on free there will be videos in there that you can view to make some extra points, so it is always worth checking. 

I made cash out in exactly one month.  I know one lady though who cashes out once a week because she has a few referrals and like I said everytime one of your referrals wins so do you, and you also get more spins on the wheel if you have referrals. 

So why not join?  There is not an easier way you can earn cash or gift cards than Superpoints.

To check out it out just click here:  Superpoints

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  1. Sunjhini Says:

    that sounds interesting. thats for sharing

  2. holdkunal Says:

    does it works in India..Please inbox me..

  3. simplyoj Says:

    Thanks for sharing this website.

  4. byrdmoto Says:

    thanks for the link- going over to check it out

  5. ladym33 Says:

    Holdkunat, I sent them an email asking them if they are available in India. I will contact you as soon as I get an answer.

  6. vijayanths Says:

    Sounds good. Not available for Indians.

  7. beingwell Says:

    They don’t accept all international member though.. Oh well!

  8. strovek Says:

    Sounds interesting.

  9. DAN MCHARDY Says:

    Looks good I’ll check it out now!

  10. DAN MCHARDY Says:

    Oh please inbox me a different invite the one you posted doesn’t work… thanks!

  11. Wherner5 Says:

    Seems like a addicting and interesting site! Usually when you can spin for points, it gets addicting and thrilling once you earn them. I could really use some money to save up for later so I’ll join under your link if it works, as someone mentioned that it’s broken.

  12. catur sugiarto Says:

    good review,,please back in my blog ^_^

  13. Holly K. Says:

    Great site!

  14. tenraj Says:

    Nice information

  15. Darin Waugh Says:

    Good info, thanks!

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