Is Dropbox Secure? Is Dropbox Safe? Yes and Yes

Fri, Apr 30, 2010, by Jaison

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Is dropbox secure? Dropbox has revolutionized the way people share and store files in the internet. In this age when people have multiple devices to access the internet, dropbox plays an integral role in syncing the files and data. But Is dropbox secure? Is Dropbox safe? Here is the answer to these questions.

What is Dropbox?

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Dropbox is a wonderful online tool which every internet user should be having. It is a way of securely making all your documents and files available anywhere you go without the need of carrying it with you. Suppose you are using an office computer and a laptop at home and an iphone. By installing the free Dropbox software you will be able to access it from all three of your devices without physically sending it across. You just need to drag and drop the files you need to be available to a Dropbox folder. It is as simple as that.

Here is a video which explains how Dropbox works.

Dropbox is more than file sharing. Dropbox is secure file sharing.

If you thought that Dropbox is just another way of sharing your files, then you are wrong. Till date none of the file sharing software gives the flexibility and features that Dropbox provides. The best thing for me is that if I copy something to a Dropbox folder, it will not only be synced with all my computers and mobile devices, it will also be backed up in an online location from which I can access it from literally any computer which is connected to the internet.

Is Dropbox Secure?

Dropbox is 100% secure. First of all you need a user id and password to login to Dropbox. A person from outside your network will not be able to see what is in your private folder. You also have the option to put the files which you want to openly share to a public folder. In fact Dropbox uses the same secure methods as banks and other military organizations to secure your data. So, yes Dropbox is secure. The transmission of data occurs over encrypted channel (SSL) and the storage of data is also encrypted (AES-256).

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Is Dropbox Safe?

Yes. Dropbox is safe. No malware activities of safety issues were reported about Dropbox till now. The files and documents are backed up online for extra safety.  Nobody will be able to see your private files without your consent. But if you want to share your private files to select friends and family, then you can invite them to view your files or put it in the public folder.  Public folders are cannot be browsed or searched by anyone, but can be viewed by people who have a link to the files.

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If you are a dropbox user, how do you do a dropbox review? Is dropbox secure according to you? Is it safe to use dropbox? Do you reccomend dropbox to your friends?

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  1. Gary Says:

    Thanks for the article. I was always under the impression that dropbox had some malware. but after reading this article i headed straight to the dropbox website and downloaded the software and i am installing it as we speak. Cant wait to try out the funcitons.

  2. Sumy Says:

    Thanks for the video and the reassuarance. I will give it a try.

  3. Samy Says:

    Well constructed article. Enjoyed reading it. Just enough information to get what i was looking for. Thanks Samy

  4. Smartypants Says:

    Google might buy dropbox as it is giving a serious run for gdrives money. Gdrive was good but not as innovative as dropbox. I love the fact that i can use it in my new Iphone.

  5. Drobox is secure Says:

    At last the wait is over. Dropbox was the tool which i was looking for all this time. I have seen a lifehacker article on the many creative things you can use dropbox for. Quick question, are you aware of any tool which allows me to send a mail to dropbox account with attachment to store the attachment? Similar to evernote??

  6. No thanks Says:

    I still think dropbox is not secure. for example, does it have a feature to lock the folder itself? so, thanks but no thanks.

  7. Raja Says:

    I haven’t used dropbox. Whatever documents i need to save, i send it to my gmail id. I can access it from anywere internet is available. What is the benefit of using dropbox? Is it free?

  8. Zombieking Says:

    Dropbox has been around from quite a long time now. Why is this being published now? Are there any new features added?

  9. Reeja Says:

    Great article.Thanks for your article.

  10. Reema Says:

    Dropbox can be a life saver at times. I use it all the time to store all my important documents. And i agree with you, Dropbox is secure and safe.

  11. Robot man Says:

    I really love these new ideas. As you mentioned in your article, these are truely life changing internet tools. I agree that dropbox is secure and safe but it is as safe as the guy who uses it.

  12. Jaison Says:

    Thanks for the comments

  13. Anuradha Ramkumar Says:

    When I read the title, I thought you were talking about the dropbox facilities available in the ATM centers. I haven’t heard of such an online tool. Thnx for the wonderful share.

  14. baljinder Says:

    Great article…very informative….Thanks for sharing

  15. John Says:

    This is written like an advert. I actually use dropbox and have for a while, I think it\’s excellent but this article is rubbish. It\’s almost like you emailed them your questions and they replied with an overdone PR release, which you in turn posted.

  16. Chip Says:

    i use some more solutions in order to keep my files safe. You may never be to sure about anything, even tho on the website they say that only i have the password… it’s still their software and server…
    i use private disk, and sometiems keeper from dekart. both work great

  17. Stan Winstone Says:

    Sure your data is as safe as can be expected from a hacker. But Drop Box can and will turn over your data to anyone who asks them with even a remotely threatening sounding legal letter. Of course you have nothing to worry about if you’re playing by the rules. Still who wants their secure personal stuff stored in someone else’s house?

  18. Stan Winstone Says:

    Sure your data is as safe as can be expected from a hacker. But Drop Box can and will turn over your data to anyone who asks them with even a remotely threatening sounding legal letter. Of course you have nothing to worry about if you’re playing by the rules. Still who wants their secure personal stuff stored in someone else’s house?

  19. Silent Says:

    “Dropbox is 100% secure.!”

    Yeah and pigs can fly.

  20. Bob Says:

    John is right, this does sound like an ad. I’ve been using Dropbox for almost a year now with no problems at all. It’s been a godsend. No malware or security issues so far.

    It’s true they would turn your stuff over to the government if they had a warrant, but 1- every American company would do that, including your cellphone company, Google, Facebook, your bank, etc. Your right to privacy end when you commit a crime. Living in constant paranoia and fear isn’t going to make your life any safer or easier.
    2- what are you doing that you need to hide from the government anyway?

  21. PC Medic Says:

    Is it convenient? Absolutely,
    Is it secure? NO!
    and is it safe? MAYBE!

    You should never assume your data is “secure” or “safe” when stored on someone else’s computer(s) unless you’ve encrypted the data before it gets there using the strongest encryption scheme you can reasonably use.

    Some statistics:
    Currently 25 million people use Dropbox.
    Dropbox members are spread over 175 countries.
    On any given day, over 200 million files are saved in Dropbox.

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