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Tue, Aug 31, 2010, by Victor C

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The more you give, the more you get. These apps will put Karma back on your side. The best apps for charities.

There are iPhone apps that will catalog all your movies, find the closest Starbucks, give you a fake lighter, and that will make farting sounds. All that is great fun, but what if I told you that there were apps that could just might be able to make you a better person.

So when you’re out having fun with your friends and walk into that shady bar, you could also make a donation that will help stop child abuse. All from your handy dandy iPhone.

So I have decided to create a small list of apps that will help you do just that. Make a difference in the world by doing the things you are already doing on your iPhone. How easy is that?

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1. Causeworld- The Causeworld app makes donating to causes or charities as easy as walking into a store. The way it works is this, you walk into a store, open the app, and check-in to that store and get “Karmas”. You can then donate these Karma’s to the charity of your choice. Some of you choices are Prevent Child Abuse America, National Breast Cancer Foundation, DonorsChoose, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and Room to Read to name a few.

2. Give Work – Have a few minutes of time on your hand? Then you can help support refugees by completing short, on-screen tasks. You not only help to pay these refugee workers you also help to provide training to these same refugees.

3. Touch to Give- This might just be the easiest way to help. All you have to do is touch a button on your iPhone or iPod Touch and you’ll be helping the charity. How easy is that?

4. Sproutster – Like to play games? Then download Sproutster and start spelling some words . Its fun, challenging and addictive. Not only that but all proceeds will be donated to the United Nations Food Program, so play away! The more you play, the more you give!

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