How to Make More Money Using, Triond and Image Twist

Wed, Jan 4, 2012, by vivek singh

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If you are interested in making more money using your shortened links then this article is for you.

First of all i like to give you a short description of these services(, Triond and image twist).

What is is a free url shortener service that pays for sharing links shrinked through their url shortening service. pays more than 4$ for unique 1,000 views. it also pays you 20% of you referrals income for lifetime. you can  have as many referrals as you can get. minimum payout is 5$ and payout is made through paypal or alertpay. “JOIN NOW“.

What is Image twist?

ImageTwist is free image hosting website. You can upload your images and share them with your friends in an easy way. In addition imagetwist will pay you for sharing your images. you are paid for views that you get on your images. It pays upto 2.60$ for 1,000 views. Minimum payout is only 1$ through paypal. It also pays you 20% of your referrals Income for lifetime. click on the image below to enlarge it.

JOIN NOW” or click here no know more.

What is Triond?

Triond is an online publishing service that allows users to publish almost any kind of content, including written articles, pictures, videos, documents etc. it pays you for views that you get on your articles, pictures,documents etc. the amount of earnings is not disclosed by triond but it is something like 0.1$ for 7-10 views to your articles.

Minimum payout is 0.50$ only through paypal. It also pays 10% of  referrals income. “JOIN NOW


Firstly join all these three programs. After joining, write some articles on triond, shrink them using and share your shrinked links as you was doing earlier. but this time you will make extra money from your shrinked links as both and triond are gonna pay you.

Also you can do the same with imagetwist. upload some of your images on imagetwist such as your payment proofs etc. and shrink the image url using and you will get more than 8$ for 1,000 unique views to your images as 4.85$ by and 2.66$ by imagetwist.

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