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Wed, Jul 6, 2011, by jackpot23

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A simple method to buy unlimited tapfish bucks without spending a single dime! In just three easy steps!

If you’re a gamer (like many of us) you’re always looking for the best way to up the competition! This method followed in only 3 easy steps could result in you buying Tapfish Bucks to unlock and buy all kinds of items and different fish :)

Step 1:

In order to buy/earn Tapfish Bucks you will need one of the four listed options below

1. Google Checkout

2. Paypal

3. Google In-app

4. Earn free fish Bucks * By completing offers or downloading different apps.

The best way to buy Tapfish Bucks without using your own money is using *Because of the method I will show later in the article.

* To sign up for a free account click

*Simply sign up for a free account and that completes Step1

Step 2:

Listed above in one of the four methods to buy/earn Tapfish Bucks you can complete offers or download apps to earn Tapfish Bucks.

This is a nice way but who would want to spend their own money when you can receive the funds for free to spend on Tapfish Bucks.

In order to receive “FREE” Tapbucks without using your funds click HERE

* Simply sign up and confirm your email* that will ensure you’re a valid member and able to withdraw your funds via

By signing up NOW! you will receive $.50 put toward your Tapfish Bucks!

* When you have complete that process, find the “Earn Cash“~Free Offers section. Complete any of their offers (which takes about 1-2 minutes at best) and once it approves, you will receive the funds in your members account which you will be able to withdraw to your paypal account within 24 hours.

Once you have reached $1 which is the cashout point you will be able to buy:

  • 20 Fish Bucks~$1.99 USD Via Paypal
  • 55 Fish Bucks~$4.99 USD Via Paypal
  • 115 Fish Bucks~$9.99 USD Via Paypal
  • 240 Fish Bucks~$19.99 USD Via Paypal

The more easy offers you complete HERE the more you’re able to buy (At no cost to you) Tapfish Bucks!

* As you can see from my personal screen shot I currently have 4355 Tapfish Bucks using this method!

Step 3:

Repeat Step2 over and over to buy Tapfish Bucks or anything else you like.

Free Tapfish Bucks

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