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Sat, Sep 27, 2008, by Graeme S Houston

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There are websites out there for everything, but would you necessarily think to go out looking for some of them? Here are 30 random websites, all interesting in their own ways. Since they were randomly selected and presented in no particular order, you can follow the links at random to complete the experience.

Industrious Clock

An industrious clock… This clock looks busy, so busy it makes you feel tired just watching it! In fact it makes you feel exhausted looking at it. But it’s worth seeing nevertheless.

Dante Worlds

Dante’s world: everything you might possibly want to know about the three realms of the afterlife (Inferno, Purgatory, Paradise) presented in Dante’s Divine Comedy. Excellent Multimedia.

Photoshop Contest

Great range of photoshop tutorials ranging from use of shadows to make an object look more 3D to texturing and from layer blending to use of brushes. More or less everything seems to be covered from one angle or another.


A fascinating look at the size of earth in comparison to the other bodies in the solar system. The gas giants truly dwarf the earth, and they in turn are dwarfed by the sun. And it seems that even our star is small in the grand scheme of things.

Zone Zero

Fascinating website in which a family photograph themselves every year on the 17th of June, thus freezing time’s arrow for that moment. The photos are like a virtual time machine, showing how the family has evolved over the years.

Bath and Body Recipes

Bath and body recipes. Why let the big corporations be the only ones to mix up soaps and bath products? Time to jump in and get a piece of the fun.

Fresh Logic

How about an atlas so that you can find your way about? Used to be atlases were big heavy unwieldy books. Not so anymore. Now they are dynamic websites, ideal for plotting your next trip from a little cafe somewhere.

Eco Friend

Eco Friend contains a variety of excellent articles about ecological development and environmentally friendly projects, such as green energy and hybrid cars.

Bath Sheba Sculpture

What could be better than sculptures of M.C. Escher style objects. The site has mobius strip like metal work and a broad range of other science and mathematical sculptures.

The Oil Drum

Since we all depend so heavily on oil for fuel (regardless of whether or not we actually drive) we would do well to pay attention to when specialists believe oil production will peak. Most estimates fall between now and 2011.

It’s a Wonderful Internet

Interesting little flash based distraction.


Home of the free and open source audio recorder and mixer Audacity. It is one of the best pieces of software out there, and not only does the job but goes above and beyond. Word on the street is it’s better than many commercial sound manipulation programs.


Tons of talks from the greatest minds in the world. From fractals in African villages to the biased coverage in North American news networks, TED talks offers something for everyone no matter what their interest. It brings us information on topics as diverse as; science, technology, inspiration, future, design, and creativity.

Art of Travel

See the world on $25 a day or less (or so it says) if gives online information and tips about how to see more of the world on a tight budget. It was written by an independent traveler who has visited around thirty five countries in his time. Not bad going.

Travelling Cheap

While on the subject of travel here is a blog guide to traveling cheap. Seems it’s all the rage these days!

Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci

Perhaps the greatest genius of the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci had a talent for designing. His sketches of everything from helicopters to the human anatomy are inspiring to look at. Perhaps da Vinci’s greatest invention is the one that most people are unaware of; he invented modern architectural drawing without which, none of our modern technology would be possible.

Build Your Own Star

Build your own star. A fascinating little diversion in which you get to play about with the constants that make up the star such as mass and the amount of metal, then discover what happens to the star as its life proceeds.


Learn a language. Live Mocha introduces the concept of social learning, and makes learning languages a similar experience to socializing on my space, where you can complete the excercises and help each other online.


Free fiction available to read for free from the bibliomania website, mainly the classics such as Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland, Black Beauty, Gulliver’s Travels, Huckleberry Finn, etc.

Guitar Lesson World

Ever wanted to take up guitar lessons but never had enough money to take on the expense of a music instructor. Well now’s your chance to teach yourself with these awesome guitar lessons online for free.


We’re not done with the photoshop tutorials yet. Photoshop is an immense piece of software and whole books are dedicated to it, it’s only natural that there are a lot of good photoshop tutorials out there on the Internet. This is one of them.

Free CSS Templates

If you’re a web designer or at all interested in designing web pages then these CSS templates will come in exceptionally useful. One can never have enough templates to hand.

Digital Photography Tutorials

A digital photography tutorial, this covers everything from understanding digital camera sensors through to understanding depth of field. It moves though a variety of topics including cameras, imaging, tips and techniques, color management and a variety of tips.

Iraq War Coalition Fatalities

A map of Iraq merged with data on casualties which are then displayed on the map as red circles as time progresses, giving a very clear visual image of the violence that has been occurring in Iraq since 2003.

Perpetual Futility

Fascinating look at perpetual motion machines through the ages and their (crazy?) creators. Includes a lot of history and detail regarding why each one fails to work. Excellent website.

Southeast Asia Photography

Beautiful Southeast Asia photography from Scott Stulberg. Set to music, it is a truly stunning collection well worth watching!


Sick of spam? Guerrilla Mail gives you a disposable temporary email address that expires after 15 minutes allowing you long enough to sign up for a website, and get in to see the content you want but without the problems of spam (since that email address expires). Inspired.

Dont Click It

Tired of clicking? Be a guinea pig for the center for interactive research, and try out their unique interface that remarkably doesn’t include much clicking. Let’s see how long you can refrain from clicking…

Cut Out and Keep

Cut Out and Keep is a step by step craft community with over 2000 craft ideas across various categories such as accessories, arts and crafts, bath and beauty, food and drink, homeware, jewelry, techniques, toys and wearables.

Write in My Journal

‘Write in my journal’ is a fascinating blog written by people the blog owner bumps into. They write a blog entry in his book, which he later posts on the blog. Wonderful stuff.

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  1. Alexis Says:

    Fascinating post!!! Thanks for putting this list of sites together. in addition to these sites I wanted to add a couple more to this list; babbel and edufire. I’m a student on both these sites and really enjoy what they have to offer. Just wanted to add these so that others can enjoy them as I do.

  2. Hein Marais Says:

    Wow. There are some great websites here that I never knew existed.

  3. munim Says:

    about the 15 min email… isnt that good for spammers? cause they can send spam without getting caught, since the email expires…

  4. Graeme S. Houston Says:

    Thanks for the posts. Great sites; Babbel and Edufire, thanks for mentioning them Alexis. Regards the 15 minute email, you can receive emails but there is no facility to send emails from the account. Only once you actually receive an email, can you then reply to that particular address (as far as I can tell). This makes it impossible to spam with the 15 minute email address.

  5. C. Jordan Says:

    Thanks Graeme. That was interesting. I’ve just used your article to add a few to ‘Add Favorites’

  6. Bozsi Rose Says:

    Awesome article!

  7. Melody Arcamo Lagrimas Says:

    Amazing! Almost all of these sites are new to me.thanks.

  8. Chris Hey Says:

    Great list of sites you have there! For your followup, I suggest you add this one: StoryMash.com

    StoryMash is a collaborative storytelling site. Anyone can read, rate, discuss, or publish a chapter to continue a story written by anyone else! It’s simple and amazing fun for readers and writers, especially if you like imaginative stories… and they pay too, over 50% of revenue.

    Anyway, I enjoyed your list, most of these are new to me.. I especially LOVE ted.com!

  9. RJ Chamberlain Says:

    Excellent list of ‘random’ websites. I have heard of none of these. Well done.

  10. Lindalulu Says:

    I love checking out new sites.

  11. christine Says:

    Thanks for these fascinating websites….I

  12. Write In My Journal Says:

    Thanks so much for mentioning Write In My Journal! I appreciate it and am very happy to hear you enjoy it.

    P.S. Everyone should check out TED (#13 from the top). Amazingly inspiring stuff.

  13. Simone Says:

    Do you want to find a lot of new “random websites”? Visit http://www.randominio.com and add your own website too!

  14. Raghu Sharma Says:

    Nice info and good collection.

  15. Alvi Anan Meem Says:

    AWESOME WAY TO WASTE MY TIME!!!!! ThanksSSs! :) :)

  16. Austin Says:

    congrats! you have officially wasted 4.5 hours of time i should have been working. :-)

  17. miek Says:

    hello my friend is too tall and is called george

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