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How could potentially harm your computer!

The question you may want to know before using or clicking on an link is, will this harm my computer? The truth is, the actual site itself does not have any viruses, BUT, the sites it redirects to as the advertised sites may contain malware or viruses!!! is an online site that allows you to shorten your url example: ( without brackets and get paid per click whenever somebody clicks on it. The way this works is; somebody clicks on your link and they get redirected to a sort of ‘advertised’ website temporarily, then a banner at the top should appear saying ‘5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 seconds’ and then ‘continue’ and you click ‘continue’ and you should be redirected to the website of the link you clicked. Sounds great, right? But there are definitely some problems with the service. For example, some links do not give you the option to continue to the actual page you were looking for, they simply redirect you to a whole new website without any chance of getting to the website you actually wanted to go to. Furthermore, does not do a severe check of the websites they use as the ‘advertised website’. This could lead to you going to a website that hosts malware inadvertently and without your consent! simply going to a website can infect your computer with malware, which can cause the host of the malware to take over your computer without you having any control and manipulate your computer accordingly. I have personally experienced both of these. When I tried to test a link to see if it would work, my computer notified me that the link was trying to redirect me to appeared to be a host of malware, and suggested I turn back now or it could cause harm to my computer. For these reasons I don’t recommend using links as they could harm your computers and others. I realize I have used these in other articles and I now wish I hadn’t, for now my links could be infecting others computers thanks to the carelessness of and their staff. 

When is functioning though, it is a pretty simple way to make a small amount of cash and can be a good service to use. The links will not always give you a link to a bugged website, but the odd time it does it can pose a serious threat to your computer. I sincerely hope they fix this issue and get to checking the websites they accept payment from, or they may actually get sued.


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  1. April Smith Says:

    I find this article taken from a single experience with minimal clicks. Thus I consider it rubish. is a great link shortener, I believe you don\’t understand how the process works.

    Advertisers submit a link to use as an ad. That link is to a hosted website, reviews the website. If everything checks out then they will use the ad if not it is rejected. Once the ad is accepted then the advertisers can change the coding of the page and use it for a bad intent. This happens all over the net. It is not fault it is the advertisers for breaking terms of service.

    Actually, you shouldn\’t have the concern for the advertisements at all. is a well moderated link shortener with a highly active admin. Issues that arise are taken care of rather quickly. On the other hand it is just like that you are redirected to another site, and that site could harbor unsafe content. Any site can harbor unsafe content.

  2. dustinober3 Says:

    Good info, however, if you take the proper measures you should be ok.

  3. yakub Says:

    this is very good i am experiencing it for last 3weeks link never go right it always take me to their own site this is rubbish

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