Using Facebook to Promote Your Triond Articles

Mon, Feb 7, 2011, by Dark Fairy

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Here’s a short on articles about promoting on Facebook.

Facebook has been growing in popularity, especially over the last year. It’s a great way to promote yourself and others as well. Do you have a facebook account? Great. Posting your Triond articles can really help in getting views for your articles you post on Triond. Just integrate your Triond account to your facebook account and your articles will automatically post to your facebook page.

Another way to promote is to start and Triond group. If many of your Triond friends are also your facebbok friends invite them to join your group. Many views will come in on the articles you toiled so hard on. Plus, it will also help other members of the group.

If you do not wish to start your own group, you can join an already existing group. Just send a request asking to join and wait to be accepted. The key for facebook groups to work is for members to actually click onto the links posted. So click onto and read others who post on the group as well. More than likely the favor will be returned, and everyone wins.

I have two facebook groups just for Triond users. The first is for Fiction and Poetry. Click here to join. And the other is for Non-fiction and Recipes. Click here to join. Anyone can join. Just send a request. I hope to see you there.

Other Facebook Triond Groups

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  1. corecz Says:

    thanks for tips

  2. chaits Says:

    that is nice, having a group on fb just for triond users, will join asap.

  3. Larry Fish Says:

    Good article, thanks.

  4. Mr Ghaz Says:

    good ideas..will join you soon.. cheers :)

  5. DaYong Says:

    i will definitely join, thanks!

  6. tiffi Says:

    Great idea! Thanks for the share!

  7. Jose Iglesias Says:

    Useful information, but I personally don’t want people I know in real life to be bombarded with my Triond articles. I like to keep my 3 lives totally seperate.

  8. rubielee Says:

    nice tips but not all facebook users are brave to click the article u posted

  9. Edsss Says:

    :) I been posting my articles into my facebook account! nice share!

  10. nimbleful Says:

    an interesting idea – I’m always weary about spamming with facebook but a group bypasses that problem : )

  11. Erin Miller Says:

    I think maybe I should start posting in your groups on facebook.

  12. Ranjan Mathews Says:

    I do, on my page. But no idea if it brings responses.

  13. Will Dee Says:

    I use my fb account to share my writing. Thanks for your post.

  14. Frederick Zammit Says:

    I do use Facebook as well :) thanks

  15. CHIPMUNK Says:

    I am on Facebook thanks

  16. JonnyJames Says:

    Nice article,great post.

  17. prospectboy Says:

    Great article. I am on facebook. I am interested in joining the group.

  18. Swish3 Says:

    thanks for sharing

  19. perezz Says:

    tks for advice

  20. Linvio Says:

    Great. I have been Facebook for traffic too…

  21. Patrick Regoniel Says:

    Facebook is a great way to get more traffic but I am a little apprehensive about being a member. Maybe I will try it.

  22. Stephen Cardiff Says:

    Send me an invite to “Billy No Mates” I didnt know about this

  23. Stephen Cardiff Says:

    P.S it has an image of a load of red pandas….

  24. Dark Fairy Says:

    Sorry, but I’m have a hard time finding you. Here’s my Facebook link.!/profile.php?id=1316174544&sk=wall

  25. ayeshar Says:

    nice article, thx!

  26. Jesse Knopp Says:

    Great article! I will look into that fiction & poetry group in just a moment, ;) .

  27. Flozzabelle10 Says:

    Thanks for the tips!

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