How to Ban or Block Facebook at Work

Sat, May 29, 2010, by webseowriters

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Are you surprised that how someone ban or block Facebook?

Facebook is the world biggest social website which also claims to get the top companies ads and the most visited website in teenager group. Facebook not stop on this with popularity but it also gives some disadvantages as a feedback. Many companies including small business companies and International companies’ don’t allow using social websites like Facebook at work. Similarly all schools and colleges also don’t allow Orkut, Myspace and face book to use in computer labs. Some people also don’t allow their kids to use such a websites at home because these websites waste their study time as well as restrict their out door games and other social activities.

Let me describe you few ways that how can you easily block or ban Facebook like websites on your home or office computers.

1)      Go to your browser like Firefox or Google Chrome if you do not have Internet explorer.

2)      Now go to security tab of your browser.

3)      Now move to restricted sites.

4)      Now enter web addresses of your target social websites like

5)      Now save your setting and your computer is ready to block or Facebook.

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  1. FaceOff Says:

    interesting pos

  2. freeurmind Says:

    If our browser will ban facebook, I can’t imagine our daily routine, it will be boring. But anyhow companies will benefit from this, more hours of work means more profit. Good post.

  3. VTech Says:

    good post.

  4. Snappyurls Says:

    I wrote a script here that will allow you to block on a pc

    copy to notepad and save as a .vbs and it will work out really well

  5. Kiril Says:

    You can block facebook at work with facebook limiter software.

  6. Felicia Nielson Says:

    if you want to block facebook, maybe you can use this facebook blocker called FB blocker. I use this too. check out the website

  7. Laura Says:

    It is possible with this app.

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