Five Reasons Why Not to Play Facebook Games

Tue, Sep 22, 2009, by BTOdell

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Just Don’t Get Addicted!

I think Facebook Games are boring, have horrible graphics (Its like these games are from the 80s!), and if you get too addicted, you could get caught spending your hard earned cash on games that aren’t going to give you anything in return!  Also most Facebook games have no plot, objective, or even action, such as Mafia Wars, all you do is ‘Click’ “Do Job” and it does it for you.  I thought that in the game you would walk around and attack your enemy or something, even that would be better than what it is now!

  1. The First reason why not to play Facebook games is because, there games are based almost completely on REAL LIFE time.  Some people might consider this better, because it makes the games more realistic, but it also means that you can’t play it for a long period of time, not even for 30 min for some games. If suddenly you have a lot of time on your hands, you won’t be able to play the game for very long, before you don’t have anything to do in the game!
  2. The Second reason why not to play Facebook games is because, the games itself is poorly put together.  In Farmville, the only way to make money is to plant Fruit, Vegetables, Trees, and produce from Cattle.  Farming isn’t just planting and harvesting.  I think that Mills, Sheds, and other upgrades to the farm should increase the selling prices of harvested plants, increase the harvest speed of plants, etc.  Also, it’s very bad when people who are severely addicted start to spend real $$$ to buy game money, weapons, and other things that help you in the game.  If you get addicted enough it can lead to unwanted spending, and can hurt you financially.  Don’t play these games!
  3. The Third reason why not to play Facebook games is because, the games don’t have an objective, Facebook probably didn’t make an objective because once that objective is reached the game is over, and you can’t play it anymore.  But if you do make a game NEVER ending, it also makes the game very pointless.  One way that Facebook could improve this is to add more UPGRADING advantages! (As in level upgrading).  Currently all that leveling up does is allow you to be able to plant different plants that’s IT!!!
  4. The Fourth reason why not to play Facebook games is because, the ones that have moving objects, have extremely bad graphics, Farmville is 2D, and that makes the game even more lame and stupid!  Also there is hardly any interaction between users, the only way to interact is if both people are online at the same time and you visit the other person’s farm.  In other games, there are ABSOLUTELY NO interactions between players, besides chat, which is nothing new, you can chat on the Facebook homepage!  If Facebook made improvements to the Facebook games and added more interactions and better graphics, more people would be playing the games, and more people would LIKE the game.
  5. The Fifth and final reason why not to play Facebook games is because, they are very easy to get ADDICTED to them, and then it becomes a habit to play these games that are pointless and soon, the game will have lost interest and you will still be playing it, looking like a fool.  So I recommend you to stay away from these Games, and just use Facebook for the original way it was intended to be used; to communicate between friends and family.  Facebook was good until this crap showed up, and started waisting peoples life on Cyber farming, and computer Mugging.

To sum it all up, I want to say – I used to play these games and I became addicted to them.  I mention Farmville and Mafia Wars in this article the most because I found these the most boring to me.  From one of the comments below –
“If you are, for example, playing a Facebook game as a way of bonding with your family or friends, then it is not time wasted! Remember, no matter what the above author wants to think (and wants you to think), you get to decide whether your time has been wasted.”
Staring at a screen playing pathetic games is a really good way to bond with family and friends :) .  God, If you want to “bond” with your family or friends more, why don’t you live in the real world and go DO something with them!

So get out there, and make some friends in the real world.

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  1. lillyrose Says:

    you have got a bee in your bonnet haven’t you! but I do agree the games are rubbish and so are the annoying notifications, send a kiss, send a heart…blar blar blar. And you do get addicted. The only game I play is fun friends, which used to be naughty friends but we were all to naughty and it was nearly thrown off facebook. I still pop in there now and then and we do raise money for charity. x

  2. Marie Says:

    Yes, they are very addicting. You forgot one BIG reason not to play them though – some people who get addicted to these games start actually putting their real life money into them to get higher levels and better guns (mafia wars). My mom is going through this right now. Can’t even talk to her on the phone without her getting distracted by that game. She and her husband spend all day on that game. Now they talk like they are some kind of real mafia. She’s always telling me how she capped this person or beat that ones a$$. It’s really annoying.

  3. Lora Jean Says:

    The only reason I can see not to play the games on Facebook is that they try to get you to use real money to buy upgrades. What a waste! If the amount of time you can play is limited, exactly how addictive can they possibly be? You are forced to go do something else after a very short period of time, by your own admission! I’m sure you’ll delete this, since you don’t seem to think anyone should disagree with you, but I think the games are fairly harmless for most people–stupid and boring, but harmless.

  4. Lora Jean Says:

    By the way, have you ever played anything besides Farmville (the stupidest and most boring game of all)? Because you seem to be basing your opinion on extremely limited knowledge…just my opinion (which you did say I’m entitled to, after all!). No offense, just wondering…

  5. alfred Says:

    my wife left the laptop on with it making all these freakin animal noises all morning long…i finally went to c what the sam hill was going on. after several minutes of dicking around and reading up a bit on this farmville, I must concur with the author of this thread, holy horse poop, why would anyone waste time doing this. since my wife has been horsing around with this monster for the last couple of months it now makes sense why nothing else matters, cept planting and harvesting. seems a bit akin to gambling or drugs…addictions. at least it has the same effect…your whole life is geared toward fullfulling your addiction. wonder how the dt\’s are coming down off of farmville? might be tough round here for a while cuz im gunna find out. im gunna edit the hosts file, add as a forbidden site on the router, and or edit the parental priveldges on vista\’s user account. let the sh!t hit the fan…will c what happens.

  6. BTOdell Says:

    hahah, nice comment, I would like to know what happened :)

  7. bob587 Says:

    i can agree and disagree with all your statements because as a teenage kid i have plaenty of time to play the games and yea you can get addicted but i can’t spend money on it so it’s no real issure there for me. it’s also good to be able to compete against your friends against whos has a better farm i find. mafia wars is a differnet look at gaming because it is more like a text based game instead of a virtual game where you can actually interact with most i don’t really know why i posted this but hey who cares life’s out there lets just enjoy every aspect and choosse the aspects we like better.

  8. BTOdell Says:

    fair comment :) Thanks for sharing :D

  9. Ariel Wings. Says:

    hmmm v interesting. i started playing farmville just becoz one of my “close friend” started to play.that time he had a big kids use to say..mommy dont worry oneday u will be more rich and have a bigger farm than it encouraged me to play. to have success was my objective. next after a few weeks i noticed my husband playing…now..he was competing with me..he said so.till now he havent leveled with me. next i saw him playing a fishworld game. ahaaa1 it was my time to compete..but through the past months..and till tonight i have realized yes….i was really wasting my time. but it was really fun to do so. my kids and i enjoyed alot. we never spend real money on it. its time consuming..but it was fun to do so. must be very very careful.

  10. bob587 Says:

    sorry bout the spelling mistakes

  11. violettttrrree Says:

    ya.. its really useless and addictive.. i found farmville very stuoid and boring at first.. but now im just playing to compete with friends

  12. BTOdell Says:

    just dont get get addicted :)

  13. Aubrey Says:

    “Facebook Games are very boring, lame and time consuming for no productive reason.”

    That is a terribly objective statement. It is the author’s interpretation, and all interpretations are inherently valid. Here’s mine:

    Facebook games, as with any games one might play (World of Warcraft, Oblivion, Chess, Sorry, Cranium, The Sims, Pong) should not be played out of boredom. This is the most exciting time we could have ever hoped to be alive, so whatever you do, don’t be bored!

    That being said, you will get out of a game what you put into it. If you are, for example, playing a facebook game as a way of bonding with your family or friends, then it is not time wasted! Remember, no matter what the above author wants to think (and wants you to think), you get to decide whether your time has been wasted.

  14. BTOdell Says:

    thanks for sharing, i took some of your advise.

  15. arse Says:

    If you hate these game so much why do you spend time on writing this article
    Also you defenitly havent played them all because some are actually quite good

  16. Conscientious Farmer Says:

    You don’t give any real reasons as why not to play Facebook games. You just rant on why you don’t like Farmville and Mafia Wars. I think you should re-title this article “Read why I Don’t Like Mafia Wars and Farmville.”

    It would be more accurate.

    Also, why is it bad to spend money on a facebook game? I don’t, but for people who want their farms to look better and would like to support the creators of the game, why shouldn’t they? Farmville and Mafia Wars weren’t created by two teenage boys with a little free time, they were designed and written by people who do that FOR A LIVING. What’s wrong with paying for something you want?

  17. Paperkoekmario Says:

    I think it’s a good thing that games like FarmVille are based on real-life time. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got better things to do than stare at a screen all day, so I like that I only have to spend like 15 minutes a day on it. If you want to play a game for a longer period of time, then go buy a Nintendo or something.

    It’s true that there is no real objective in the game, nothing you can actually achieve, but does that really matter? If people enjoy playing it, then who are you to say they can’t? Besides, games are made to be fun, not to achieve something.

    I wouldn’t say there’s anything wrong with the graphics from FarmVille. If they would have made it look very realistic like an actual videogame, it probably wouldn’t even work smoothly on Facebook. And also, the animals look really cute. Especially the cows.
    Moreover, I don’t see why you’re making a problem of the fact that there’s no interaction between the users. Why would they need to interact? When did it become necessary for a game to allow users to interact with other users? I play FarmVille for myself, because I enjoy playing it. I don’t play it for or because of other people. If I want to interact with people, I prefer to do that in person, not in front of a screen.

    In addition, nobody is forcing you to pay real money to buy FarmCash. It’s not like you ‘need’ FarmCash to achieve something in FarmVille. The things you can get with FarmCash aren’t that amazing, so it doesn’t feel like you’re missing out on a great deal of stuff.

    Ultimately, I don’t think you have the right to tell people not to play Facebook games. Everyone plays them for different reasons and on different levels. If you’re more of a City Stroller, that’s alright, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to judge farmers.

  18. BTOdell Says:

    Conscientious Farmer —>
    If these people that make these games for a living, why can’t they make a game that are fun to play. Most of these games are good for interacting with your family and friends. But why cant the game developers make the game have a good environment so people can enjoy being online with their family and friends.

  19. BTOdell Says:

    Why does every think that I’m saying people CAN’T play these games???? I’m just saying that I didn’t like the game and I listed some reasons why so you guys could see them. Don’t think that I’m telling you not to play them. As I said, I’m just telling you why I dont like them.

    Also, If the requires you to check back on your “crops” every couple hours to several days, that’s what kind of games are easy to get addicted too. Actually, “I think” that as soon as you start playing these games, you are immediately addicted.

    And SOME people agree with me and my opinions, why don’t you read all the comments…

  20. Paperkoekmario Says:

    Ohhh, so when you wrote “Don’t play these games!” (second reason, last sentence), you DIDN’T actually mean to tell me not to play them? Well, I’m sorry, I suppose I didn’t understand that right away. [/sarcasm] -__-

    Spending a mere 15 minutes a day doesn’t seem like an addiction to me. If that were the case, most people would be severly addicted to internet, TV and whatnot.
    I’d also like to know WHY you think that you are immediately addicted once you start playing these games.
    Merely pointing out that you think so doesn’t really prove your point, you know. Just saying..

    For your information, I have read all comments. I just do not agree with them, or you. That’s why I commented. Also, I fail to see why it matters to our little discussion that ’some people agree with you and your opinions’. This isn’t really about them, is it?

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