Why I Hate Bing

Wed, Mar 3, 2010, by Sophie Scripter

Search Engines

Why Bing bothers me and why you needn’t bother with the search engine Bing.

Okay, maybe hate is a strong word. But I’ve been let down. I saw what is among one of the best TV marketing campaigns of 2009 for Bing, so I expected the product to be amazing. I was sadly mistaken.


First, let me tell you how my Bing experience works.


I type “Chinese restaurant” into the search engine. It gives me a bunch of local restaurants… local if I were living in Kansas City. I do not. I do not know what made the site think I lived in Kansas City. I don’t even live in Missouri.


Fortunately there’s a link to change my location. After I do Bing now lists several Chinese restaurants in my city along with a little map image to show me where they’re located. Not too bad. Except that Yahoo does the exact same thing. And guess what, Google does the same thing (except the local listing and map is further down the page).


Okay, so what else does Bing promise? A search for the things you’re looking for, not weird random things. Bing’s ads claim the search engine is the “Cure for Search Overload Syndrome”.


Watch this commercial and then I’ll explain the basis of my Bing intolerance.




Take the example, Breakfast. A lady in the ad is talking about wanting to find a new place for breakfast, while her friend (playing the part of the other search engines) starts spouting out non-food related items, like the Breakfast Club movie.


So, what actually happens when I type “breakfast” in Bing?


  1. Jimmy Dean website where you can get sausage recipes.
  2. JCPenney website ad – specifically promoting FURNITURE!
  3. Schwan’s website
  4. Wikipedia’s page on breakfast
  5. a few more sites where you can find breakfast recipes
  6. a list of local Bed & Breakfast places
  7. a few more recipe sites
  8. a music site that happens to have breakfast in its title

A Yahoo search for “breakfast” gives me nearly the exact same results, minus the JCPenneys and music suggestions. Google’s search was the best. It only gave me food-related results… AND it gave me a rather long list of local restaurants that serve breakfast.


I’ve surveyed a few friends who’ve also tried Bing once. But only once. They were also underwhelmed and went back to their Google habit.


Lesson to be learned: Don’t promise what you can’t deliver. You can make great marketing to get viewers to your site. But it only takes one bad experience for us to never return.

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  1. spectacular Says:

    I dont know what to say, but Bing looks way cool.

  2. ujwal28 Says:

    I have no idea

  3. Cutealice Says:

    Intresting post

  4. johnnydod Says:

    I no nothing about bing so I Googled it

  5. diamondpoet Says:

    I love bing and I love that advertisment, I am sorry your experience is not good. I find everything that I need on bing, especially to go with my article, Bing is full of information that is why they created this site and it is helpful.

  6. Wiggles18 Says:

    I also hate bing, I hate it! Especially when it interferes with other actions. When I mistype a domain name, I get redirected to bing. Also, did anyone else notice that bing came around, then the google redirect viruses mysteriously emerged. Coincidence?I think not!Bing is evil!

  7. bwow Says:

    Bing image search rocks! And the ability to hover over a search item and get more detail about the site before you click on it is very useful. I can\’t believe you would just type \”breakfast,\” and not \”breakfast city\” at least. Sounds like you have poor search skills to begin with.

  8. Nikki Says:

    Really? You made your conclusion from a single search? Geez, that’s as bad as someone switching operating systems after a two-minute test drive. And you surveyed some friends? Super scientific research you’re doing here, bud.

    I’m not necessarily switching to Bing either, but if you’re gonna say you hate something or bash it and you don’t have real facts or any unique information, at least make it a funny rant. I want the 30 seconds it took to read this back.

  9. Rich Says:

    I hate Bing because they trick me into using their search. I can’t tell you how many times I have opened my browser to type an address into the address bar, then the cursor focus’ to the Bing search bar halfway thru my typing, and i end up searching Bing for half a URL, like – ersity.edu – . I am very unhappy that I am showing up in their system as hits and as a user when I have no intention of using their service at all. Don’t believe their hype, their numbers and results are artificially inflated by their clever programming techniques.

  10. lucy Says:


  11. Master Rattley Says:

    I’m in information technology, and as a pro i can tell you all now, Bing is rubbish.

  12. PAT Says:



  13. cp Says:

    I hate Bing because when I go to certain websites it kicks me off….which TICKS me off. HOW DO YOU GET RID OF BING ON YOUR COMPUTER!!!!?????

  14. Duane Says:

    I hate bing because of how it is integrated with the MSN.com site. I have a hotmail account and whenever I logoff, it now takes me to the MSN.com home page.

    This is not too bad. There seems to be interesting news articles, but this is where the fun stops.

    If I click on something I find interesting, more often than not, instead of taking me directly to an article that is referenced, it takes me instead to the bing search page. This is not what I want! Annoying! Also, it has all these annoying teaser links like ‘So and So earned a special reward last year, check it out _here_” where _here_ is a link not to the information in question but to, guess? You guessed it, a bing search page again.

    It is bad enough that instead of saying the ’special thing’ instead of the cryptic _here_ link (it will actually use the word ‘here’ in the article), the link doesn’t even take you to the information. You have to take another step by selecting one of the bing search results which most often do not even take you to the information in question.

    Bing violates several rules of a good user interface design. It is obvious that they redirect to their bing sight not because it is a good user experience, but because they want to generate more hits to their own site to fool advertisers into thinking that more people use it. It is annoying as h*ll.

    I was kind enough to take a few minutes of my own time to send Microsoft my comments about how bing could be improved, but knowing Microsoft’s history, I am sure my comments will be duly ignored.

  15. Kenney Says:

    I get on MSN.com and I click on one of their featured stories. It sends me to a page that has some of the content that I am searching for but instead of saying that, for instance, “Ice Cube had an afro in the 80’s,” it says, “Ice Cube, in the 80’s, sported this trendy hairstyle” which is a link for you to search “afro’s” or “trendy hairstyles of the 80’s”! They are literally forcing you to use bing as a search engine so that they can run up their search count! I refuse to use Bing for this reason. I just want to read the article about what I clicked on, not have to click on several thousand links to complete the story! Duane you hit is on the money!

    P.S. I have no idea why Ice Cube and afro popped into my head immediatly when I was trying to think of an example. I haven’t heard an ice cube song in forever, LOL! YAY YAAAAY!!

  16. winkin Says:

    I agree with Wiggles. Why are spywares showing up which force Bing as home page? I removed one recently that disabled the protection (yeah so much for that “protection”) I have set within Internet explorer.. Bing must have something to do with that. Only they will benefit from it.

  17. Winkin Says:

    I agree with Wiggles. Why are spywares showing up which force Bing as home page? I removed one recently that disabled the protection (yeah so much for that \”protection\”) I have set within Internet explorer.. Bing must have something to do with that. Only they will benefit from it.

  18. Winkin Says:

    I agree with Wiggles. Why are spy wares showing up which force Bing as home page? I removed one recently that disabled the protection (yeah so much for that protection) I have set within Internet explorer.. Bing must have something to do with that. Only they will benefit from it.

  19. T3kh34d Says:

    Just FYI Microsoft is know for putting trolls on web blogs and having them post PRO Microsoft responses, such as the ones here.

    Having said that Bing is crap.. I’m an IT pro and I’ve used Bing once.. and that was enough for me to know. Bing doesn’t support boolean searches which I use extensively. So instead of being able to search for a very specific thing I get stuck with generic responses to my very specific search constraints.

  20. Soundbite Says:

    Just got my new Dell computer today. Couldn’t change the Internet Explorer search engine from Bing. Got so annoyed that I downloaded Chrome for myself and downloaded Firefox for my habit-creature husband. Then I tried to uninstall Explorer, but it wasn’t listed in the programs.

    So I GOOGLED (!!!) “how to uninstall explorer”, and learned that it is hidden under “windows updates”. So I found it and uninstalled it, but it reinstalled itself along with Bing and MSN with its great big Dell ad when I rebooted. I have wasted enough time on this, so I am just going to delete the icon from my start menu, desktop and task-bar.

    I did not have the forced-Bing problem with the Toshiba I bought last month. Unfortunately however, the Toshiba was DOA.

  21. luna Says:

    I hate Bing too. Bing is a dressed up Altavista. This search engine is paid adds, makes a decision for you since it is paid by advertisers. It looks pretty but not as useful as google.

  22. Trey Layes Says:

    Bing sucks, deal with it.

    It returns irrelevant results and is always trying to pander to its advertisers (more so than Google).

  23. itputstheloitionontheskin Says:

    I hate bing.love Google, yahoo is OK but not great. bing is an abomination of search engines it is climbing in our windows and snatching our people up trying to rape them so hide your mac hide your PC and hide your linex too cause bings raping everybody out here

  24. Ari Says:

    Ugh, I hate Bing. It’s just another rip off from Google.

  25. seasoned browser Says:

    hell yeah, f*** bing! im glad sombody else sees the over advertised google wanna bee that microsoft put out. i am generous in comparing it to google it is in no way anywhere near that level. yahoo is more helpful.

  26. faisal Says:

    i hate BING , i hate how they try and force down your throat when you surf MSN.

    i am actually giving up MSN just to aviod them forcing me to surf Bing

    they also track your location, and instead of making it easy for you to remove the tracker, they make hard.

    Typical Microsoft trying to dominate the world.

  27. sage Says:

    bing is evil its stupid the desion engine wtf it just makes every thing harder

  28. Waste of Space Says:

    I hate Bing too. So I click on a link on things that were recently searched in MSN and instead of taking me to that specific thing that I want to read about it brings up a list of things that are NOT the specific thing I wanted to read about. Oh sure, it lists some things that are simliar, but not the specific thing the link stated. What a stupid stupid search engine. If I ever see a Bing toolbar on any of my employees PC’s at work, I immediately uninstall it. So far Google is the best. Bing is so user-UN-friendly it’s just a waste of time.

  29. Katie Morton Says:

    I agree it is a piece of c**p, which I never installed in the first place, itr was foisted on me and what’s more I can’t uninstall the bloody thing. Every time I do, it comes back like a boomerang.

    I do lots of internet research and most times Bing cannot find any results, but if I search the same phrase using Google I get thousands of results.

    If anybody knows how to permanently remove Bing, please let me know before it drives me insane!

  30. Search correction sucks Says:

    Bing search correction is really stupid… Searching using the phrase “I am searching with bing” returns “Including results for i am search with bing.” This happens to me all the time, and requires me to give Bing 2 hits by clicking “Do you want results for I am searching with bing?” if I forget to add a +. Google here I come.

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