What are The Most Searched Words?

Fri, Sep 3, 2010, by rowanman28

Search Engines

If you are looking for the most searched words in the world as a whole, you may have trouble, because it is hard to tell what makes a search engine a search engine, but Google has some good sites to help.

If you are looking to find out what the most searched words in the world are, you may not be able to find exactly what you are looking for, because there are many different search engines, and they don’t all keep good records.

Even Google does not have a list of the most searched words of all time. What they do have is a few sites that give you some insight into what words are being searched for the most.

Google Trends is a good site to get tips on the Hot Trends of the last day, and you can also compare keywords to each other.

Google Insights for search is a great site that lets you compare different searches based on location, timeframe, etc. This is the most likely site to tell you what the most searched words are, but you will never find out what the most searched words of all time are, on all search engines. Is impossible.

I have been writing these articles about the most searched words, and the most googled words, because people want to know, and I can tell them what is known about the most searched words on Google anyway, which is that they are mostly porn words, and that’s why Google doesn’t want to publish the list, just have people look it up for themselves.

Some of the other most searched words are big sites like Facebook, You Tube, My Space etc. Personally, I don’t think that knowing what the most searched words are, unless you are comparing relevant keywords to each other, because you will never get into a Google search on Facebook, unless you are really big on Facebook.

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