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Tue, Sep 21, 2010, by JP Russell

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What would you think if I told you there is a free lottery you can play everyday, and eventually win hundreds of dollars? To good to be true? Read my story and then decide!

It was a brisk day in October, I had just finishing writing an article about the AVG Anti-Virus product, when all of a sudden I noticed a dramatic increase in traffic from google coming to the page I had created.  Upon further analysis, it seemed that a google search for “Free Anti Virus” was bringing me up as the #1 position in a google search.

If you’ve never been number one in a google search, let me tell you, it’s enough to shutdown your webserver if it’s not managed carefully.  At one point I had as many as 500 unique hits in an hour.

So just for fun, I put a little Google Adsense into the article, and then things got really interesting!  I started making 100 times the amount of money then I had every seen before, and the weirdest part was that the AVG software itself was advertising on my own site.  The product I was basically promoting already for free!

The traffic continued for about a month when finally someone at google said “That’s enough” and I dropped down to like Page 15 in the search results, and my money well quickly ran dry. It was awesome while it lasted though

That’s when it hit me. writing articles on my blog, is basically the same as playing a game in the lottery. Each article I write, as it gets indexed into google has some probability of being on the front page of google search results for a highly searched keyword. So, to some extend it may have more to do with quantity then quality.

Now, you can find lots of articles and signup for plenty of “products” that claim to get you into that top page, but at the end of the day it take patience, determination and a whole lot of luck, and if you have the time on your hands, and a lot of things to write about.

Here are some interesting other trends I have noted from my google traffic statistics

1) Regions that visited me before will revisit again.

If I get traffic from Australia, I continue to get more traffic from Australia for a while. Google seems to “test” out a site by sending it to a given country and seeing how often it gets picked out from the list. These are not returning visitors they are new visitors who just happen to be doing the same search in the same country roughly around the same time (within 2-3 days)

2) Pagerank is meaningless.

Google basically comes right out and tells you this already.  Time and time again my sites get google juice and have little or zero “PR”, and my high PR pages get about the same amount of traffic as the low PR ones.

3) There is no google sandbox

Some people believe that their search results can get sand boxed or put in the supplemental listings and never be seen by mainstream google users.  I get lots of traffic from all over the world, google search results are somehow customized to a region. So although I may rank higher on or, it does not seem to have any adverse effect on my ability to get or retain traffic. In fact, as far as I can tell most of the Internet traffic seems to come from those areas during the day anyway (while others are sleeping).

4) Google search results are browser specific.

I have repeated this experiment multiple times, so I know it’s true but I don’t know why.  A search for computer’s will return different rankings depending upon what browser you are using.  Officially google will tell you it’s just that pages get ranked differently on a regular basis, but they are definitely trying to customize your search experience based on assumptions they are making about you based on your browser preference.

5) Google sites are indexed faster when they have google adsense in them.

Again, google will deny this, but every time I tested this, my pages with google ad-sense get hit by Google Bot before my other pages get hit.  Could be just a coincidence, but I don’t think so.

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