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Wed, Oct 20, 2010, by Alaina Ellington

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Having trouble winning Swagbucks using

I have been using the website Swagbucks for over two years now and benefitting all of those two years. Swagbucks is a search engine site that utilizes Google search. They customized a search engine that awards random searches with Swagbucks. Swagbucks are a type of internet currency for the site.

Swagbucks offers a Swagstore filled with all sorts of different prizes. You can cash out your swagbucks for things like Amazon gift cards, Paypal, Music Downloads, Televisions, and all sorts of other things. They have things like electronics, clothing, and even holiday supplies.

They have recently integrated a social networking system through the use of the site. Swagbucks also integrated a SwagTV section of the site where you can earn Swagbucks simply by watching short videos.

So, now that you know what Swagbucks is, how can you put the site to use?

The Toolbar

Swagbucks offers a free downloadable toolbar. Once downloaded it is a toolbar with a search engine built into it, along with different buttons which will take you to places like the Swagblog and the Swagbucks Twitter page.

The toolbar makes earning swagbucks on a regular basis very simple. When you are ready to go to an internet website, instead of typing in the web address in your browser type in the name of the site into the search engine area of your toolbar and press enter.  You will then see a results page that will look like a page if you had used the Google search engine to search for something. You may also see a picture that declares you a winner. Pay attention to the picture of the amount of swagbucks you have won, most of the time the swagbucks are automatically added to your account.  There are other times when you have to type a confirmation code into the picture to be sure that you are human, then the swagbucks will be added to your account.

The other benefit of having the toolbar installed is the extra swagbucks you earn just by opening your browser. It usually happens the first time you open your browser every 24 hours.

You can also recieve mail via the toolbar. There is a built in mailbox that is specifically for swagcodes or messages from the swagbucks staff.

Swag Codes

Swagbucks also has hunts for swagcodes. They have a blog, Facebook account, Swidget, and Twitter account. When they have hidden a code somewhere on the site you will find out by checking those places. If there is a code they will give you hints as to where you can find it. Once you have found a code simply go to the swagbucks homepage, log in, and enter your code.


Swagbucks recently integrated a video watching section of the site where you will be randomly awarded for viewing short videos.

No Obligation Offers/Surveys

There is a survey section of the site with real surveys such as feedback on customer service, or how happy are you with the Swagbucks site. After completing the surveys you will be awarded swagbucks.

If you have not joined Swagbucks yet please do! If you would like to join my team at Swagbucks feel free to click here.

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