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Sun, Jul 26, 2009, by Armywriter

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Want to make money writing online? Here is an extensive list that provides a general review of each site listed.

(Understand that the views and reviews of each site listed are not the official views from the listed site. Author does not claim to be an expert of any site listed nor does he claim to have extensive knowledge of the inner workings of each site. He is merely providing a brief overlook of the sites listed below and is in no way trying to get anyone to sign up under him. He also encourages readers to leave comments at the end of the article to provide further knowledge of the sites listed in this article to help other viewers. And no, I did not get my information from Wikipedia. I researched myself.)

Associated Content: www.associatedcontent.com

This website is very popular online with a very large network of writers. They offer several different ways to publish content and make money through publishing that content. You can grant them sole rights and they will pay you for that particular piece as well as pay you revenue generated by views. Upfront payments, however, are generally no more than $2-$5 though they claim that they will pay up to twenty. They will not, however, pay for news items, fictional pieces (e.g. poetry, short stories) or reviews. If you do write these types of items you can still earn revenue. AC has a set payment policy of $1.50 for every 1,000 views.

Advice: This site has been around for a while and is user friendly. Great for beginners or just those looking to republish old articles to gain a little extra money.

Triond: www.triond.com

Triond is an innovative website that offers a great variety of tools to help its writers succeed. All articles earn on performance base only, however, the writer will earn 50% of the earning for the generated revenue. All articles must be completely original and Triond will not hesitate to decline any content that is suspicious of plagiarism.

Advice: Probably one of the best sites for new writers to break in. Triond offers a variety of websites for authors to be published on and they will also publish pictures and videos as well. They also have discussion forums and helpful resources to encourage writers to succeed.

Helium: www.helium.com

Helium has a unique structure and writing system. Unlike most sites they pick the titles and writers have the choice to write on their titles or not. Writing for Helium can be fun as you can participate in debates, contests and even compete in markets that pay up to $200.

Advice: While Helium offers a variety of ways to write earned revenues from articles or debates are low. The market place is extremely competitive and will often require some major expertise. Also the writer has no way of deleting their content once it is written. Join Helium if you dare as there are far better and more lucrative sites on this list.

Constant Content: www.constantcontent.com

This site could be compared to that of an art exhibit. Online of course. There you can set your price for your works, whether articles or pictures, charge what you want and wait until someone buys it. There are many options in this area so if this site seems interesting I recommend further investigating.

Advice: This site may or may not be for you. You don’t get paid until your account reaches $50 and the site keeps part of the sale price. I would recommend writers that have older pieces give this a try just to see if it is something they would like to pursue.

Ehow: www.ehow.com

Ehow is a site that specializes, and limits to, how to articles. There is definitely money to be made at this site as they are not afraid to pay decently per view. There are, however, some restrictions when writing the articles. They have a strict format for which the articles must be structured, a step by step process if you will.

Advice: Give it a try with a few how to articles that you have either written in the past or new ones. There is really nothing to lose here and they begin paying after your account reaches $10.

Examiner: www.examiner.com

The Examiner is an expansive site that specializes in news reporting from amateur writers. The writer will be given a strict field in which to operate from such as sports or online writing advice. They are looking for writers across America to report on local events and places and provide reviews on products related to that area.

Advice: This would be better if they would tell upfront what you would be making. If you are interested in writing articles about the area you live in then this website may be worth a try.

About: www.about.com

Of all the writing sites online this is the king. They have a great compensation plan and most guides make about a thousand dollars per month. However, it is not easy to get hired. If you do get selected you will go through some training classes and a test period to see if you will be worthy of working for them. It is not easy to get on with about.com but very worthwhile if you can.

Advice: If you think that you are good enough to write for them I would suggest trying. Their articles receive a high amount of views and are generally short and to the point. Although I do not know what their payment scheme is I do know that they are a proven site that will be around for a long time. They are owned by the New York Times.

Scribd: www.scribd.com

Scribd is a company that allows a writer to display their works online. You can publish any kind of creative content such as letters, poems, books, novels and articles.

Advice: If someone reads your stuff and likes it they can pay you. That to me doesn’t make sense because if they can read it for free why would they pay. Use if you dare.

(Information regarding any forms of payment via scribd.com is very limited. If you have valuable information regarding this site please share via comment.)

Daily Article: www.dailyarticle.com

This site simply allows you to write articles for sell. This means that you write an article, put in on the site and if a website wants to buy it from you (you determine the sell price) they can. All articles must be 100% original.

Advice: This is a fairly young website as it was founded in the fall of 2007. There are many writers who use this site and if you are a good writer it could be of some profit. If you do want to try it, write a good article (that means mind your punctuation, spelling and grammar as well as citing your sources and verifying your information) and put it up for sale. Do not upload garbage because no one will buy it.

Amazon Turk: www.amazonturk.com

This site is basically to advertise for Amazon.com. There is really no viable content to be spread here and definitely no real money to be made. You basically write reviews on products or experiences with products and get paid a few cents or on a point system. The point system will help buy you things from Amazon.

Advice: This is not for writers who are seeking a creative or journalistic career. This is more for those who enjoy talking about video games, music, etc…

Text Broker: www.textbroker.com

From what I can tell this website is very promising for article writers. They have a simple payment method based on a rating scheme. Editors that work for Textbroker assign a rating to you based on the quality of your content. The better your rating, the better your payment. Companies buy your articles so there is no chance of earning revenue here, however, you will earn money fast.

Advice: If you are a good writer, and good writer only, you have a decent shot at making a few extra hundred (or even more depending on how hard you work) by working for this site. The key here is to be able to write well and that cannot be stressed enough. You will not get paid until your account reaches over $10.

Software Judge: www.softwarejudge.com

This site is a provider of reviews for software and only software. They have a straight to the point policy; if your review is not good they will not publish it, period. To make money on this site you must be able to write GOOD reviews and must have knowledge about the software you are attempting to review. Maximum pay per review is $50 and minimum is $1.

Advice: If you have knowledge about software this is the site for you. However, they are adamant about writing in good English and proper punctuation. They will review all work and deny anything they don’t like. And they ask that you do not attempt to waste their time with “crappy work”.

Shvoong: www.shvoong.com

This site is for reviews or summaries on books, articles, newspapers, academic article or a website. There is a chance for some decent exposure here or maybe just a little extra income from previously published reviews. (E.g. if you published a review on Triond or AC)

Advice: Couldn’t hurt but don’t expect a huge payout as this is a pay per click site that shares only 10% of generated revenue with its writers. Payouts begin after the writers account has reached $10.

Niche Blast   http://www.nicheblast.com/

This site has other sites that request articles to be written by you, the author. All articles are reviewed and can be declined due to poor writing. Articles must be over 350 words and, again, well written. The more articles you write for Nicheblast, the more money you will make.

Advice: Do not expect a quick buck here because it won’t happen. This site will require your time. Some articles may not be published, even though they are accepted, for 3-6 months. Their system of payment starts at 35% payout and goes up to 60%, but that depends on the number of articles accepted.

Letter Rep:   http://www.letterrep.com/

This site pays for the obvious: writing letters of any kind. You do not get paid until someone buys your letter. Letters are for many different purposes such as business, love, informal, etc… Claimed payout is $10 per purchased letter that you write. They also have a letter request link to where you can find out what is being requested.

Advice: If this is where you believe you can excel, this is probably for you. But consider that the max you can earn is $10 per letter and that is a onetime payment. If you write well and fast, have good English skills, then go ahead.

Xomba:   http://www.xomba.com/

Here you get a 50/50 share of revenue generated by your content, whether that is an article or a blog posting. Must have a Google adsense account to get paid. You can write about anything you like and blurb or blog about anything you like.

Advice: This is a good opportunity for writers who are really just looking to network or have poor grammatical skills and are looking to get published.

Trend Hunter: www.trendhunter.com

This is a place for those who enjoy writing about the arts. Don’t stop there though, you can write about anything trendy such as haircuts, clothes, furniture, decorating ideas, dogs, and basically anything else you can convince someone is a trend.

Advice: They split generated revenues with the writer 50/50. This looks like a decent spot for someone to write about radical trends, innovative ideas and, well, basically anything else.

Life Tips: www.lifetips.com

If you write here you are called a Guru. By being a Guru you will provide tips in a specific area that are informative and useful. You will have to create 101 tips and those tips will generate you some revenue while also making a book on your tips. Your book will cost $9.99 and you get $2.00 for every book bought.

Advice: Good luck on creating 101 tips in a specific area. If you succeed you may just be able to make some serious money. You have to apply for this opportunity.

Academia Research: http://www.academia-research.com/

This site is all about writing essays, term papers, thesis and dissertations. If you are a really good writer and are good at researching, this may be a place to make some extra money. The site runs off of orders which are placed by those looking to buy what you write.

Advice: Site pays anywhere from $6-$20 per page. If you can write well in the categories above then try this site out. I recommend signing up (if this interests you and you feel you are qualified) and just checking out what orders need to be filled in areas that you can expediently write about. However, realize that no matter what you write it doesn’t mean that someone will buy it.

Demand Studios: http://www.demandstudios.com/

Demandstudios does not provide any upfront payment system and is very vague about what the financial opportunities are. There are also many mixed reviews about writing through the site. Some swear by it while others swear it is garbage.

Advice: I honestly do not know what to say about this because of all the research I have done on the site I cannot find one thing that makes me want to apply. Please leave a comment if you know something that I don’t.

Ground Report: www.groundreport.com

Groundreport.com is just another pay per click site where anything goes. This may or may not be a place for you. Your work published here does not have to be original content as long as it is your content. This means if you published it on AC or somewhere else, as long as you still retain the rights, you can republish here.

Advice: They do not supply knowledge of their pay system. So you won’t know what percentage you will get of the generated revenue. Use with caution or ask someone with experience.

Review Stream: http://www.reviewstream.com/

Reviewstream is nothing but reviews. They pay $2.00 per review that meets their standard. If not it will earn roughly $.40. This may make the author mad but hey, it’s their system. Also, payouts do not begin until the account has reached a minimum of $50.00. An additional bonus though is that you earn $.10 for every vote your review gets.

Advice: Some say it is lucrative, some say it’s a scam. I’m not an expert on the site nor will I pretend to be. Try it out and see if they actually pay but be aware that they can terminate your account at anytime. (This means if you earned $49.99 and they kill your account, guess who doesn’t get paid.)

Suite 101: http://www.suite101.com/

This site requires an application and two examples of your writing. You work with editors on writing tasks. Basically, it’s like working for a news paper online. Provide them with your expertise and some examples and see how it goes.

Advice: I have always heard good things about the site. Writing for them could be lucrative or just be an additional bonus on a resume for a better gig. The bonus for writing for them is the generated revenue.

Bukisa:  www.bukisa.com

This is another pay per click site that doesn’t offer upfront payments. They have a referral option that seems more like a pyramid scheme. You earn money (small amounts) off of those you refer and also those who you refer in turn refer. (Make sense?) Don’t think I am trashing them though. They have a set rate in which you can earn off of you generated views that beats the heck out of AC. ($4.00 per every 1,000 views)

Advice: For those who are novice writers and those looking to make a few extra dollars from already published content.

Hub Pages: www.hubpages.com

Hubpages can be lucrative due to the variety of ways you can advertise. Each article or piece of content goes onto a page called a hub. Once it is written you can advertise via Google Adsense, Amazon or Ebay among other options.

Advice: Why not try it? If you are looking to pursue writing online, publishing through Hubpages could only help spread your name.

Squidoo: www.squidoo.com

This site is a lot like hubpages except its individual pages are called lenses instead of hubs.

Advice: The really cool thing about Squidoo is that they give a lot of money away to charity and allow you to do the same. Otherwise they are really a lot like hubpages.

Bright Hub: www.brighthub.com

They offer $10 per accepted article plus revenue sharing based on articles popularity. Basically this is a good deal but you can only write within specific fields. Still, if you are a good writer and knowledgeable in a few areas, you could potentially make a few hundred a day by staying with it regularly. All articles, however, must be completely original and not be reproduced. You, the writer, also earn a whopping 80% of the earned revenue.

Advice: Go for it as there is nothing here to lose. If you are not a good writer you should probably either get better or look for money elsewhere.

Here are 5 other sites that offer to pay writers for content. (No reviews for the following.)

Pakt: www.pakt.com

Day Tipper: http://www.daytipper.com/

Zestbit: http://www.zestbit.com/

How Hub: http://www.howhub.com/

Gather: www.gather.com

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  1. Anastasia Meredith Oh Says:

    Great Article, I willl have to try some of these out. I already have a helium and a AC too, helium sucks, cos you have to do so much instead of just a passive stream of a income, wouldn’t recommend it at all. ACs good though, i put all my triond articles onto it.

  2. Anastasia Meredith Oh Says:

    Great Article, I willl have to try some of these out. I already have a helium and a AC too, helium sucks, cos you have to do so much instead of just a passive stream of a income, wouldn\’t recommend it at all. ACs good though, i put all my triond articles onto it.

  3. Guy Hogan Says:


    Even though this is an overview as you say this still provides enough information to give a writer an idea of sites that, I for one, the writer has never heard of. Of course, I’ve hear of the more popular sites but not many of the others.

    So, yes, thank you for an informative article.


  4. Tryynity Says:

    Thank you for this wonderful and informative article, I have it bookmarked :) for future reference. I had no idea there were so many of these site out there. Woohoo!!

  5. primej Says:

    thx for the information i saved it as favorites for future refernce

  6. webseowriters Says:

    sure hubpages is the best choice

  7. Gloria Says:

    Sweetie this is great!

  8. lillian emmanuel Says:

    this is great
    helium is not that bad
    they are just strict

  9. BeatsMe Says:

    Wow. Extensive list of websites to write for. I suggest though, to thoroughly check the sites before joining especially if you are trying to earn online. Enjoyed reading it.

  10. Ben Pearce Says:

    Brilliant article! I have just bookmarked it for future reference…

  11. Joe Grohol Says:

    Helium is not all that good…sure the money is good but the way they do things is not good. I would not recommend this site to anyone. You have to wait until you reach $25 to get any money, you have to rate, you have to have at least 1 writing star to get any money. Not recommended for those who wish to make quick money.

  12. Louie Jerome Says:

    If you are not US check that they will still pay you. Some won’t. Ehow let me join and write for them but wouldn’t pay as I’m not US (they should have made that clear before accepting my work) and although Associated Content don’t pay non-US writers upfront payments, they will pay for reads.

  13. Cimone Says:

    Great research and list Amywriter. I recently signed on to write for DemandStudios and wanted to share my experiences for the past 2 weeks.

    #1 They give you titles to write on in a specific format. The formats re subtitles, length, style are very strict. If you don’t adhere to the designated format or write poorly, you risk your article being rejected.

    #2 Flat $5-15 for paid assignments 200-500 words; unknown for revenue share format.

    #3 Writers are scored by editors. Some of the editors seem to be more on the ball, knowledgeable and reasonable than others.

    #4 Articles can be sent back for rewrites, but to me being paid $5 doesn’t warrant investing a second more of my time in a rewrite!

    #5 DemandStudios apparently owns Ehow, and most of the content written by freelances will be posted on that site.

  14. KaffeeDiva Says:

    This is a really good article, and I like the clarity of the information presented.

    Have been writing for eHow for nearly two years and though I haven’t made a mint, the money is steady and I have had no problems getting paid. It took a minute for me to understand that I would have to write hundreds of articles to make the equivalent of a “real” paycheck, but once I did, the money keeps on coming — month after month, whether I add to my list of articles or not.

  15. Agnes Chin Says:

    Very well written article that provides very clear information on each websites which is exactly what I have been looking for. As a Non US writer I have got limited websites to write for. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Leeza Says:

    Demand pays $15 per article (some are only 7.50) they pay twice weekly into your paypal account.

    It is not worth it though unless you need some quick money. The article titles are impossible to write about and there is a lot of research. Then, the editor can send it back for a rewrite and you’ve got to start all over again. For $15. It is absolutely not worth it.

  17. Lachlandv Says:

    This is a interesting article I will have to look into some of them more


  18. cca Says:

    Hi, this is a very well done article. I\’ve googled websites that pay for a while now but your article is, so far, the best I\’ve red (and i\’ve red more the 30).
    Thank you for all your work

  19. Borlok VA Says:

    Thank you for the information. There are a few here that I will need to look into. It never hurts to add to one’s arsenal of income-generating sites.

  20. E Says:

    As for your Associated Content summary: I have received upfront payments as much as $9 (I average about $6 per) for topics of my choosing. As a featured writer, you get more, plus you get opportunities to write for specific needs. I.E. I currently have 3 $10 articles to write within my topic (health &fitness), plus I have 4 additional articles that pay $25 each on topics I pitched and were accepted. And then there’s the residual. I get enough with the per views to pay my credit card bill without worrying about having to continually add content. While that doesn’t make me rich, it at least pays one bill plus the the assignments received as mentioned. In a given month I can cover my cc bill, utility bill, etc. Sometimes that bit is enough…..

  21. Matt Says:

    Great article, as a novice to this world I am trying to find as many ways as possible to monetize my sites and supplement my income so article writing could be a realistic option for me.

    Many thanks for sharing this information with everyone.

  22. Maria Mills Says:

    Thank God
    For Informative People Such as Yourself, that can give us the assistance we need to get ahead in these crazy economic times. You are so right about these sites, because I’ve tried a couple of them and that’s just how they operate.


  23. John Carter Says:

    Demand Content is well named, I’ve never seen such a bunch of demanding varmints in my life. It is apparent that whoever writes up their assignments is like the late, great King of France who knew what he knew when he was born as he did when he died.

    In other words they never knew nothing and never learned nothing. For $15.00 they can make assignments that could cost thousands of dollars to research. Obviously these are “fishing expeditions” where they are trying to catch a sucker to write content for them. Whoever writes up their assignments has no clue about what they asking for, and could care less.

    It is a good site to avoid!

  24. Holly Richter Says:

    Thanks for the wonderful, informative article!
    I have started writing for the Examiner.com last July. I gravitated to that site first as I was concerned with owning my articles, as Examiner allows you to. BUT, that’s where the fun ends. The reporting tool does not exactly report much and is extremely confusing. Writers receive a base $1 incentive for each article written within the writers choice of subject. Mine = http://www.examiner.com/horticulture-in-chicago/holly-richter
    The rest is clicks. The problem truly is of lack of trust between writers and Examiner.com, who refuses to explain the pay-scale and is often wrong or not working within the reports page. They do however, swear up/down that the behind-the-scenes-counter is working… Really? (as the latest publication tool does NOT allow any outside counters) Anyway, to help potential writers, I will say this: I have written 35 articles in 3 months ($35 incentive pay), and have earned about $9 in clicks. Pretty much pays for a dinner out at Dennys….

  25. SarahLMaguire Says:

    This was very useful and informative! I hadn’t heard of a lot of these sites and I will definitely follow up on a few of them as well as have an idea of those I maybe shouldn’t bother with.
    It would be helpful though to include a mention of whether they are US Citizens only or not. I believe that is the case with AC and Demand Studios at least. It would save time and disappointment to know if I was eligible to write for a site or not.

  26. la creme Says:

    Thanks for the list, I’ll try a few.

  27. Cover Letter Says:

    Looks promising, am going to give this a try. Thanks.

  28. melphens Says:

    For me, my no.1 bet to earn online is neobux
    neobux is still the best legit ptc on the web.. 4 to 6 clicks /day
    with a nice forum and a friendly community to ask for help.
    Please join under me guys! much appreciate it, thanks


  29. Synesius Says:

    Probably the best article I’ve read on the topic. Very well researched, unbiased and easy to follow. Thanks for sharing!

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    very informative and definitely a big help for a first timer like me who is trying to break into the writing online to earn money scene.thank you

  31. arvind Says:

    Another website I have seen which is paying for writing entertaining articles but its for writers in India. http://www.passionwriters.com

  32. john Says:

    very useful list, i am not a good writer to make some good bucks from them, thanks a lot.

  33. Catherine Says:

    I worked for Demand Studios for awhile and it was terrific while I wrote for them. They paid on time on the days promised – Tuesdays and Fridays. The going rate is $15 per article although if you are an experienced writer you could easily make $25 or more. The $15 rate is for an article that is approximately 400 words so although it’s not mind blowing, it’s pretty good as far as online companies go. There are some smaller articles such as a 50 word tip that pays $3 and a short article of around 150 – 200 words that pays $7.50. Overall, I would say that it can be a quality company. However, they have recently experienced some issues. They started cutting writers with no previous warning that they were doing so. One day you could have your queue filled with 10 orders that you plant to write for the week and then all of a sudden you receive and email telling you that you do not meet their quality expectations and that your writer permissions are being blocked. I can see a company doing this if the writer really isn’t up to par. The problem that I have is that, I wrote several articles for them. Out of 80 articles, I was only asked to rewrite 1. The rest of my articles were rated 5 out of 5 by the copy editors and I was told that they were “excellent”, “professional”, and “well written”. Imagine my surprise when I’m all of a sudden being told that the quality of my writing is not up to par with their expectations. Yet they fail to provide a reason why and you cannot resubmit an application. It seems like it is a bulk email that they sent out since all writers dropped from Demand received the same email. So rather than at least having the decency to tell you why you can no longer write for them, they fire at will. Although it can be a good paying opportunity, I honestly would not recommend this website to anyone. The copy editors are all on a power trip. They do not send you rewrite requests because you do a bad job. In fact, their rewrites are generally because THEY do not like your wording which seems more like an opinion rather than a real reason to ask for a rewrite. If there are issues with spelling or punctuation, that makes sense. But it’s a completely different story when it is because they are opinionated about what you have written. Also, you only get one chance to rewrite and if the copy editor is vague, you have no way of getting a hold of them to find out why. That means if you don’t do it right and resubmit, the article is automatically rejected which means precious time that you worked to make money is lost. Trust me, there are better opportunities out there on the web right now. All you have to do is search for them.

  34. Cover Letters Says:

    Very supportive and interesting information to read. Gr8 article read after a long time.

  35. Jessemaria Says:

    You are absolutely correct about Demand Studios. There are many many writing companies that are much better than Demand. I write for six major content mills and the only one I ever had a negative experience with was Demand. They are, in a word, horrible.

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