Not Earning a Lot with Triond? Here’s Why

Fri, Dec 7, 2007, by Taki

Money Making

Here are some useful ways in which you can dramatically improve your Triond income.

You just heard about
Triond, you just uploaded two articles; your stream of consciousness kept you up writing for hours. It’s awfully late at night; you decide to call it a day.

The next day you receive an email saying that you’re article got published. You give yourself a nice pat on the back, after all the hard work and effort your exquisite pieces of writing are now available for the world to see. Feeling a little daredevil-ish you then decide to do a little self promotion (wink wink); you click on the “I Like It” button on your own page, quickly scroll down to the comment form… fake a name and post “nice article man, keep up the good work.”

Hour after hour you log in and out to check the status of your articles, you notice an increase in the page hits but the income is tips to 0.02 after 40 people visit your page. The fact that you can now save up for that upcoming 3G iPhone causes you to overlook the ruthless truth; what you made is next to nothing… and slowly your dreams of internet millions begins to fade away; nothing left but one lingering thought: really Triond! What are you playing at?

Tell me your secret

Pssss… Come here! I’m going to tell you a secret! If the above paragraph fits your daily routine on Triond perfectly, it is probably why you aren’t making a killing out of this program. You are considered part of the 95 % that do not make a lot of money off Triond’s service and thus cost them relatively less money. So, if you made it this far. Here are some useful ways in which you can dramatically improve your Triond income. Enjoy!

  • You should only write about subjects you like… right? Wrong! Having a large range of topics will increase your hits. Try to be general in your writing, in order to appeal to a broader audience. (Do not use impossible technical terms, your article should be readable)
  • “Got the articles?” “Yeh, you got the money”, if you’re expecting to make $500 a month by writing three articles. I implore you to think again. The key to Triond success is to write as many articles as you can per day. Do not check every 10 minutes on your revenue, use that time to write write and write.
  • You should worry about quality not quantity, right? Wrong. You will eventually end up writing college standard essays that will generate very small income.
  • Include images and related video ( will get your article published much faster, will also appeal to readers more)
  • Digg
    Stumble Upon… (And other bookmaking services) there is nothing wrong with digging your own work! If your article gets 10 diggs, chances are it will get indexed by
    and other search engines
  • Facebook
    it, I find the most effective way is to start a note and tag everyone you know. (this never fails) because people think that the note is about them and so they click it. Taking advantage of human curiosity is itself only human (Jacobs Leace) a little deceiving but it gets the job done… More page views  more money.
  • As the great John Chow said, someday will never come…. Don’t delay writing about an idea you just had for another day. For it could’ve been your best piece ever!


So folks, I’m afraid my job here is done! These methods should get you off to a good start, don’t expect money to be flowing in by the thousands by the first day, week or even year. The key to successful online money making is trial and error, patience, and reputation. Just remember, if you fail to succeed the first time, Thank God you’re not sky diving.

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  1. juicy Says:

    this is an awesome article. I just started less than a week ago and i’m obsessed with publishing anything and everything I can think of. the wheels are constantly spinning in my head, thinking of things I can write about. One of my articles got 150 hits in the first day. I only got 65cents for it (sigh). I will try your tips. Thanks for this article.

  2. cornmonkey Says:

    hey this is good. but the quantity not quality thing is a little off though, quantity is good, but no one will like it or read it if its a heaping load of crap…

  3. Taki Says:

    Hi cornmoney, I get you (I wasn’t very clear on that). I am in no way implying that people should write an overwhelming plethora of useless articles. But getting rejected by Triond is not always a bad thing. You simply raise the bar higher for yourself, in a long run you’re grammar will improve. Thus more articles will get accepted and less will get declined.

  4. Gail Nobles Says:

    Both quantity and quality is needed when writing articles. And you are right cornmonkey, no one will read it if it’s crap.

    Juicy I have had at least 200 hits on one article in a day. I only got something like 36 cents. You have had 150 hits in one day and got more than me. It’s possible that the subject of your article is more valuable than mine or something. But still, your 65 cents and my 36 cents is not a lot of money with all of those hits we got.

    If you are a very serious writer, and you know your work is great, Triond is not the place for you. Some of these articles that I have read at Triond could be worth more than what Triond is paying. But, Triond is okay for those that like to just share their work on the internet and get something for it. Something is better than nothing.

  5. wiseguy Says:

    If you want many readers, you need to have quality content. This is a very small secret. Sure, persistence and promotion are always important. But the key is quality – giving value to your readers.

  6. try this site!!! Says:

    this survey site pays from 5$ to 75$ for each survey u complete and they only take about 5-10 minutes to complete!! here is a link to the site:

  7. sameen1 Says:

    ive done most of things said above and ive only earnt 5$ in like more than a week =(

  8. Rownm001 Says:

    Amazing! Nice work

  9. Albert Wan Says:

    great! I will try it. Thanks for sharing.

  10. johnny Says:

    pretty much what we all knew deep down, but didn’t want to face. But it’s easier if someone else says it for us, thanks.

  11. el cid Says:

    approximately how many hits will it take to generate $5 per month?

  12. Jacqui51 Says:

    Very informative article. I’m new to writing and Triond and will keep your tips in mind. Thank you. Jacqui51 :o )

  13. Lesley Says:

    Good article thanks and the tips offered are really useful. Sounds like a very varied experience from article writers/piblishers with Triond, but my thinking is this is another vehicle to build you reputation, not just the one to rely on. I think it’s great businesses like Triond set up as they help the ’smaller’ entrepreneurs in us!

  14. Chris Says:

    Ultimately I suspect Triond only benefits very few people. Most won’t see any real money from writing to Triond or Helium. Serious writers should check out sites like where the Guide structure (that’s what they call their writers) means you get a basic $700 p.month – if you get accepted. Other sites like pay small amounts per article and bonus payments for page views – and they don’t mind if you publish on other sites.

  15. kevin Says:

    wow ty. i know what to do know.

  16. Rana Sinha Says:

    Thanks for the good tips.
    I’m new to Triond, and will definitely follow the advice given.

    All the best!

  17. Julian Says:

    Hi, thanks, very informative. I’m with Helium and was not impressed with the 16c gone into my account after one month and 12 high quality articles (most at number one or thereabouts). As the saying goes, I won’t give up my day job.

  18. Paul Corvus Says:

    Thanks, the first paragraph explained me to a T. I’m not expecting to make a fortune, but hopefully I’ll gain some experience and maybe a little cash and recognition through Triond.

    I like the “facebook note” tip – you’re right, if people are tagged in a note, they’ll click :)

  19. frankimoon Says:

    thanks for this article. it’s clearly not a matter of money but just increasing your reputation and readership. there is something extremely satisfying about having your writing out there and receiving comments on your content. But I am afraid money wise it’s just a waste of time. And to be honest I am not the kind of writer that could write more than one article/poem per day! If I did it in the rush or overdo things I would simply produce something less though-provoking and of less quality: so what would be the point? to gain some few cents more? As far as I know you can submit to Triond and still free or re-submitting afterwards your stuff to magazines or other better paid publishers, so I guess this is the way to go if you want to get some sort of income out of it. Thanks again for all your nice suggestions, FX

  20. eleah Says:

    thanks for the help

  21. Viola King Says:

    Thank you! Finally an article saying something other than “publish often and soon you’ll make a lot of money!” like what Triond says. This is a really helpful article!

  22. Hmmm Says:

    I wish this article told me more. I started Triond a month ago and I have made about $50. I had a huge article that was quite by accident.
    Not sure the bookmarking does much of anything either. Some of the writers are in a clique of sorts here and just view each other’s work.
    I am not delighted with much of the content I have read on Triond and I find myself “dumbing” down my articles to appeal to the masses.
    Other articles are really a bunch of pics with no content.
    I think I was hoping you would tell me something I didn’t know.
    Thanks anyway.

  23. Azhar Says:

    Smart. :)

  24. Chicago hip hop Says:

    I found that the truth is I used to write like 5 articles and send them to Triond, I found only one published after two days and rest got declined sometimes because “Incomplete” which is impossible because I clearly complete it, than I send them again but they give me same response. I also got delcined because too many people wrote the similar thing, which is also impossible because I looked over and nobody wrote an article like that, it’s like they use mechines to publish peoples content but not people.

  25. George W. Bush Says:

    Quality doesnt matter at all since you get paid for clicks not for reads.. The ppl are gonna know ur article is crap after clicking it…

  26. confused Says:

    i join triond like a week ago and i was really intrested i started my articles and got around 6 published but i dont get much veiws i need help the diig and other places dont seem to do much untill now my biggest veiws in a days is 10!!!
    need help fast.

  27. Elvis Says:

    Not sure the bookmarking does much of anything. I have made about 75 dollars in three months time with over one hundred pieces. I think Triond promotes some things independently of everyone else. There is something shady going on at Triond especially in light of the recent wage adjustment errors.
    I won’t be publishing on Triond for a long time.
    I am too good for such a cheesy site that promotes crap.

  28. Alex Says:

    This article is reallllllllllllly good.Keep it up man.
    It helped me sooo..muuuch.

  29. Liane Schmidt Says:

    Very good article!



    -Liane Schmidt.

  30. Mariah Says:

    Yup, that’s pretty amazing. I liked your last line.

  31. John Hopkins Says:

    Great article. You nailed me in the face. Well not entirely but all well. Thanks for posting.

  32. Lena Brown Says:

    You are still getting hits to this article after almost a year, so Triond is doing what it promises and that is residual income. This is a very informative article. Thanks so much and continued hits my friend!!

  33. Joni Keith Says:

    Thanks for your honesty. Like a slap in the face is sometmes needed, this did it for me.

    Your article was well written and informative. Much appreciated.

  34. Clairepeek Says:

    This is kind of funny articles… Indeed, nothing new for me on there, except maybe the part about the quality of what one should write. It was effective though, I could see myself change my standards of writing as well as my routines.It felt like a giant slap in my face… Obviously, very much needed…
    Job well done Taki!
    Thanks ^_^

  35. hisp Says:

    thx man very intersting

  36. Dieter Hentz Says:

    very funny

  37. DVL Says:

    Cheers, Good Advice :D

  38. han Says:

    nice article, even i never tested triond yet. but thank you.

  39. Sadz Says:

    Bruv tat was sic tips. thanx alot.

  40. Burning Ice Says:

    I wish I were as prolific and as profound a writer a you are. More power!

  41. Dale Trat Says:

    i like the part about self promoting (wink wink!) and i understand high quality papers worth little or nothing (look at this one with total earning at 10 cents! any ways your paper was very helpful and i enjoyed reading it. i am going to take a random stab in the dark and say you are in that top 5% of publishers

  42. Sharona Says:

    The article is informative. I intend to use some of the information myself as I am new with triond. Hoping to become as efficent as you are in my writing.

  43. Lawrence Says:

    associated content pays me about $3 for every 400 word article i write. plus $1.50 for every 1,000 views. =]

  44. drewjthomas Says:



    but, no thank you!



    poetry is for fun no one expects to live off with earnings from a few poems its just ones own ego satisfaction and sharing of knowledge i think good reading anyway

  46. Sam Down Says:

    Good article – very informative! Not sure about the point of view re quality – but that’s for everyone to be decided… the rest is really helpful! Thanks!

  47. Sakuragi Says:

    Thanks so much for the tips!

  48. IreniaPehuajo Says:

    Great! Really…I´m new here, so this article helps me a lot.
    I LIKED it very much.

  49. Shugo541 Says:

    lol nice artical im gunna try it…
    By any chance did u get alot for this one :p

  50. Gary F Kett Says:

    hey cool article very helpfull but still not sure how to do the facebook one will someone please help me i joined triond a few weeks ago and i am now up to 18 cent its depressing. so how do i go about making a note and taging everyone i know on facebook really confused please help thanks you guys!!!!!!

  51. alinoz Says:

    Now that be an article which tells it like it is. I gather from reading all about the site that it is a means of getting ‘published’. Okay, so there is some pocket money in it, but that should not be the overriding factor.

    If this is a first venture into writng – and let’s face it – putting that article to print is as unnerving as going up to the microphone for a virgin public speaking assignment. Folks, it’s gotta be done, if you want to succeed as a writer, you must share your words.

    Just check the works of Allison Jae – she’s prolific. now, i’ve only seen this site for a couple of hours, but I already know of her. She’s a writer and she writes – the rest will follow. It may not be a motzer (Aussie slang for a cartload of money) from Trions, but if your work is good enough, someone else will pick it up for more bucks.

    Write on – forget the cents, this site is a place to showcase your work. so the monetary incentives a small; other sites do not offer anything other than to publish your work.

    Great article – five stars from me.

  52. Colleen Ranney Says:

    haha yes thank God! Great advice

  53. Gail Nobles Says:

    It’s a lot of hard work and sweat for a little bit of pay. It’s not like a steady income. However, my earnings have increased and is a lot more than what it was. We always settle for less. But some of our articles really may be worth more than what we are paid. You may get 40 hits on an article in one day and get 3 cents. That doesn’t seem right.

  54. Citizen Says:

    a very good article i must say.

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    Just go to and you can double your earnings.

  56. Lloyd Says:

    Nice article, very informative and insightful; I love triond, I love writing about stuff that interests me and I love seeing my article, hey we’re writers.
    Thanks again.

  57. joeley Says:

    A great read, and helps a lot thanks

  58. tom jack Says:

    good article
    t help me alot

    i wrote many but earn little

    now i know why

    thank you

  59. sunnydone Says:

    Nice article mate…lets the people know what they really need to do.

  60. whoisme Says:

    Meh, I think Triond pays too little. Even sites like pay a lot more. Not impressed. :/

  61. whoisme Says:

    Meh, I think Triond pays too little. Even sites like pay a lot more. Not impressed. :/

  62. whoisme Says:

    Meh, I think Triond pays too little. Even sites like pay a lot more. Not impressed. :/

  63. kamlesh786 Says:

    nice article,now i know why i m not eeaning much thanks

  64. brokepoet94 Says:

    awesome man!thx 4 de article!(i dont actually write like that in my poetry) ;)

  65. Taki Says:

    nice article man, keep up the good work.

  66. zeena b Says:

    thats helps a lot but i followed the steps that you said to do and atill i have like 1p please can you tell me why

  67. magwealth Says:

    I have done all that this article is talking about and haven’t earned a dollar yet. Am I missing something?

  68. Victoria Says:

    Well just by your title you probablt used the steps in this article and now your going to make a lot of money. Well I think another way to get more views is to put something confrontational in the title. It worked with Twilight debates.


  69. Victoria Says:

    This was reviewed by Victoria Wright the writers critic.

    You recieved 5 stars!

  70. brotee mukhopadhyay Says:

    Nothing new.
    The only plus point is that the write up is really good.
    I like to know if the length of the content has a role in impressing upon the readers.

  71. intheknow Says:

    Arghhhh – it’s like you’ve been peeking over my shoulder. You described my novice experience with Triond to the ABSOLUTE! Thanks for this info. Well, ta ta for now… I gotta write, write, write… right??!!

  72. Kwiss Says:

    /00very good i am write the english Storu but no monny for me it is come. Why???

  73. Fresh Writing Says:

    Hm…this is an interesting article. Hah- those that expect to earn hundreds off of Triond within days are leading a false life of expectations. You will NEVER pull it off unless you become the equivalent of TheStickman and Allison Jae combined, and even then you won’t be owning Triond with the comfort of your palm.

    Excellent article- Kwiss, you need to write more in the angle of science – try it out. I used to try poetry like mad, but like you, I received VERY low revenue. Science has historically attracted more unique viewers, and so hence you get more money…

    Hope that helps- once again, nice article, Taki. You’ve addressed some good points here.


    -Fresh Writing

  74. deatstar Says:

    great advice ill start on it right now
    cheers mate!

  75. kejarsetoran Says:

    good article. thaks

  76. Alys Byerly Says:

    Very helpful and nicely written! Thanks!

  77. samsung99 Says:

    You should worry about quality not quantity, right? Wrong. You will eventually end up writing college standard essays that will generate very small income.

    This is very true…

  78. Lily River Says:

    I agree with Corn Monkey. Hey, yall should hit me up and tell me what I am doing wrong!

  79. julz rulz101 Says:

    how much money do you make off this article?!?!?!?!
    YOURE A FREAK(and a legend)

    everyone go to this one plz:

    pretty plz

  80. Ben Says:

    I like reading crap sometimes

  81. Joshua Says:

    This helped me so much!!! Thanks

  82. Jamie Myles Says:

    Thanksa for the great tips. I’m going to put them to use.

  83. mdartist Says:

    Thanks so much for this article! Any advice and information is very appreciated. Its very obvious that this article is a great one. Congratulations!

  84. StumbleUponWriter Says:

    I certainly agree with the ideas and tips you have given. I believe in Triond and most importantly, it gives me the truest medium to be creative and be able to write on just about anything I want.

  85. Vibhor Sharma Kaushal Says:

    I made 15 cents…..after a few articles and a video……
    But i think when my earning is 100 cents i might be 60 years old !!

    This ain’t working……… :-(

  86. TToni9 Says:

    This is the exact article that was flowing through my brain that I never found the chance to write—-moving—–you are thorough and have a keen insight into what makes Triond great. Thanks for being down to earth.TToni9@Twitter and everywhere…

  87. Nikita K Says:

    Good article. I have learnt a few skilled over the past few years and this one just enhances it. Must admit though, when I wrote my first article on Triond, it fits the first paragraph perfectly, especially the fake name and ‘I like it’ pressing thing. I’m curious to know how much you earned on this article alone. :) You’ve got some flair!

  88. MrZen Says:

    Great article! I can’t believe this got so many comments already without even being on SU. I have added it to SU by the way.

  89. callum269 Says:

    i really like this article, im new to all this stuff, and im typing a meaning to like at the moment :) hope it gets lots of hits :)

  90. lynda howard Says:

    This is great advice.

  91. macbaby Says:

    this may be a good way to go about things

  92. Buma Says:

    probably you are using that strategy rite now, explains the 458 likes and LOADS of comments, great guide, good job!

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  95. ckharthik Says:

    thanks a lot man, keep up the good work

  96. Storm Jackson Says:

    Amazing!! I bet your making a ’small’ fortune on this article alone since it has top rankings in Google! Congratulations on your Triond success!!

  97. Storm Jackson Says:

    Amazing!! You must be making a ’small’ fortune on this article alone! You’ve got top rankings in Google. Congratulations on your Triond success.

  98. wolffe Says:

    Nicely written article for people who are starting out. I don’t know about the quantity over quality bit though. I think a good article will appear and disappear depending on the trend and knowledge presented by the writer themselves. Thanks for sharing and tips to think about.

  99. lufc71 Says:

    Taki Says:
    December 8th, 2007 at 10:47 am
    ….in a long run you’re grammar will improve…

    er…Taki, that should be in \’the\’ long run, and most importantly, it\’s \’your grammer\’ not you\’re. :)

  100. lufc71 Says:

    and another thing…I have no idea why those back-slashes have been inserted in that post above! I did not type them and they did not appear as I was typing. :)

  101. S Says:

    thumbs up lufc71 :)

  102. J.L. Eck Says:

    If you read and write you may learn more, but you may not earn more;)

  103. sophiemarie Says:

    I came here from google as well, you must have some nice keywords, good job !
    Your : Just remember, if you fail to succeed the first time, Thank God you’re not sky diving. made me smile and click the I like it button ;)

  104. Petalm Says:

    Your rank on the first page of google helps. I do nearly everything you suggest but am still new at this. The graph on Trionds that show where your hits come from shows that most of mine come from Stumble. I publish first on Triond and then the same article with a few changes on Bukisa and Associated content, so I earn from three directions.

  105. AJ Garcia Says:

    Hi! Thanks for the tips. I got here through Google. Wow! You must be earning a lot. Goodluck and Congratulations!

  106. BluSphere Says:

    Thank you very much for the tips!
    You made me remember that you shouldn’t write an article which is too long. Actually Triond is about quantity. Thanks!

    Anders W Hegelund

  107. Barneslow Says:

    this is one of the best articles I have seen on this site!

  108. Adam Qualmann Says:

    Yes, It is a good thing I am not sky diving. I dont think my shoot would open, or it would be filled with pots and pans like in the cartoons and each one would hit me twice on the way down before I land.

    Thanks for the tips. I am going to see how to tag all my friends on facebook and see what happens with that. Thanks

  109. Linvio Says:

    I could feel your passion of writing in this article… your tips and ideas and well-explained… sometimes, I am guilty with what you’ve said, especially on ” viewing incoming every 10minutes” well I don’t view my dashboard that often, but I do take more time in viewing them than making a post… thanks

  110. dipz091412 Says:

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  111. comedym4sta Says:

    i just have to say taki is fail “you’re grammar will improve.” ,translation

    “you are grammar will improve”

  112. aleah Says:

    haha the posts are quite funny here ;)

    i’m new at triond too, but i havent given up my old blog.


  113. Calsoman Says:


  114. ashes arrav Says:

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  115. kirstymarie Says:

    comedym4sta – that made me laugh (;

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  131. jabariabramson Says:

    “You should worry about quality not quantity, right? Wrong. You will eventually end up writing college standard essays that will generate very small income.”

    Wow, really? Quality > *

    Just check anything thing that says “Made in USA”.

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