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Wed, Aug 12, 2009, by Goozik

Money Making

Making money by posting and sharing your opinions is perhaps one of the easiest ways to make money in your free time online. It’s a great way to make money when you are knowledgeable or need knowledge. Contributing on forums is something most do anyways, so you should make money doing it.

When you are considering ways to make money online, posting on forums should be one of the first things you sign up and do because there is few things easier then posting a few sentences and contributing to a discussion of interest. It’s also a great place to ask a question, you will get paid for asking a question, the people will respond with as much knowledge as possible, because often the longer the post, the more you earn. So it’s a win-win situation.

It’s not the fastest earner as you will make a penny or two per post, but it ad’s up. Making a couple posts each day on a couple forums ad’s up really quick.

Another great benefit from paid to post forums is exposure, make sure you fill out a profile with links to your blog, Twitter accounts and personal websites. You may also be able to utilize a signature that will show up on each and everyone of your posts that promotes your links. If you contribute on the forum, you are more likely to get people viewing your links, and because it’s viewed by people that are interested in the topic and/or what you have to say, it’s often very good quality traffic.

Related to exposure is the use of forums for “Branding”. When you are using a blog or website to try and promote your sites, affiliate links, or even just get paid for advertisements on your blog, the reputation and trust you gather from posting quality content on forums translates into targeted traffic to your blog that are already aware of you and thus increases your overall presence through branding.
Tip: Use the same User Name and Avatar picture on all Forums and your blog/website to increase your “Branding” presence online. The more places people can recognize your name and picture, the better.

One more really good thing about paid to post forums is the fact that many of them have a wide variety of topics and discussions about making money online. This gives you a chance to read up on other ways of making money online.

Recommend ways to increase your maximum earnings and value from paid to post forums:

  • Fill out your profile fully with your IM details, Twitter link, Blog/Website link, and Avatar picture.
  • Post a Quality introduction, Including where you are form, what you like to talk about, any areas of expertise (provide why are an expert), Give a few favorites so some people will bond with you because of like interests (like sports, pets, music etc).
  • Read the stickies at the top of each section before posting in that section, often there are rules about posting such things as referral links.
  • Never spam, it will make you lose your valuable credibility. It will often get no responses and if done enough will result in a ban.
  • When someone responds to a topic you started, make sure to respond to what they said, especially when they ask a question.
  • Never post less then two sentences, often these will not earn you any money. Some forums have higher requirements, so again make sure to read the stickies at the top of each section.
  • Use spellchecker, taking the few extra seconds to make sure everything is properly spelled goes a long way to building credibility and getting good discussions going.
  • Never ask yes or no questions, these types of topics are not good for earnings or the forum.
  • Always post in English. If it’s a second language, say so in your introduction, signature and profile. People are willing to overlook grammar and spelling more if they know it’s not your native tongue.

Tip: They may be pay per post, but if you think of it them as a paid for discussion, rather then pay per post you will get far better value out of them, both in knowledge and money. A solid mix of Quality and Quaninty is the best way to go.

Recommend paid to post forums Posted in order of my personal favorites:
(click name to join)

1) MyLot

By far the largest out there with over 180,00 members! Been around for many years.
This is the absolute must for those that want to make money from posting about ANY topic. Thousands of interest groups here ensure you can find active discussions about anything. A bit different then a forum, this is a discussion board. Taking a day to get used to the different look is MORE then worth it. Great and helpful people from all around the world allows you to get quick answers and meet exciting people.
Make sure to read this New Users Guide I wrote. It’ll answer a lot of questions you will have after 5mins on the site.

2) Cash Talk

Smaller forum that is all about making money online, with 50 cent minimum payout and allowing of signatures to contain referral links after 30 posts this site makes it a nice addition to the line up of places to post.
FAQ:CT cash is the currency here, 100,000 CT = 50 cents.

3) Global Earn Talk (AKA- GET)

A bit smaller then most. But with $1 Minimum payout and information provided about how much you will earn for each topic started and reply given this is a favorite forum for many.

4) MoraChat

The second largest behind MyLot and the largest traditional forum, this one has a huge section of topics to talk about. Friendly and active admins regularly contribute to discussions. The only downside is the $9 minimum payout.

5) Make Money Kingdom

As the name suggests this one is all about money talk, earning, saving, and investing are all covered. They also have a small section about webhosting and bloging. Only first 20 posts per day are counted for earnings along with the fact that $10 is minimum payout puts this at the bottom of the list. It’s still a solid forum though.
FAQ: Gold coins are the currency here, 1,000 GC’s = $10.

Few more notes about Paid to Post forums:

  • They all allow international members.
  • All pay to PayPal, some offer other ways as well.
  • The knowledge and friendships gained will outweigh the direct earnings when used properly.
  • Always be polite, no one likes whiners or people that pick fights.
  • Make sure to read the rules before posting so you do not violate the sites terms and get banned.

Final tip to make the forums easier on yourself, after signing up to them create a folder on your bookmarks for PTP forums. Then put the links there. Create a seperator inside the forum (right click inside the folder and select new seperator) Put all the links below the seperator. When you post a topic on a forum, move the link above the seperator. So when go online the next day, it’s easier to remember which one(s) to check first and reply to anyone that replied to your topic.

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