How to Get Free Xbox Live Microsoft Points. No Downloads, No Passwords!

Mon, Jan 18, 2010, by 1la2la

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This method takes an average of 4-7 hours to complete (depending on how many months of membership and how many MS Points you want). It requires no money.

Step 1. Make an account at   using referral links like mine’s gives you priority when the prizes are being shipped. Rewards1 has promised to not give out any contact information without your permission. Make sure that the email you fill in is your actual email because they email you the codes. They will NEVER send you spam.
Step 2. Make a new email account. Rewards1 is a GTP site. This means that they have you do surveys for different companies in exchange for points. These companies have NOT made any promises to not spam you.

Step 3. Do surveys! This is the tedious. Go over to the “Free surveys” tab and do surveys that have 4 or more stars. Do NOT give the surveyors your real address or email. You can use your local Walmart’s contacting information. They already get tons of spam everyday so you using their address wouldn’t make a huge difference. Make sure to leave your survey window open for five minutes after doing to survey to ensure that you actually do get credited. Do NOT do surveys that require you to download things, even if they do have 4 stars. 
Step 4. Once you have reached 8.75 points, go over to the “Code Rewards” part of the site and select Xbox Live or Microsoft Points. It will take 1-3 days on average for Rewards1 to email you the code. If the code they send you is invalid then send in a support ticket and they WILL respond. They have very friendly customer service.
Testimonials for Rewards1’s legitimacy can be found on their forum page: 
Have fun with your free membership! Remember to “like” this article if it actually worked for you and comment if you have any questions. Again, the link is
Xbox Live Gold 12 months: 44 Points
Xbox Live Gold 3 months: 20 Points
Microsoft Points, 4000: 43 Points
Microsoft Points, 1600: 20 Points
1 Point= 1 U.S. Dollar

This site also supports EU Microsoft Points. 

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  1. jackpot23 Says:

    There is a site that gives you the codes via email and much better than rewards1

  2. 1la2la Says:

    ^Your website also gives more viruses than rewards1 :) )

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