The Raw Way to Get More Triond Views

Tue, Jun 9, 2009, by Giancarlo


How to earn more money by getting more views in your Triond articles.


Triond: the site in which you make your articles for money. The more views you get, the more earnings you get. There is no real trick on how to make more money. However, in this article, I would like to help you understand in which areas you should put more effort to to get more views.

Most people in the internet just log in to see what they want to see. Therefore, do not worry much about the following:

  1. Likes- Most people just do not understand “likes”. They log in the internet, find what they want to find, and then they log out. The vast majority of people will not want to comment unless there is something they really want to express. So, do not worry if you do not get too much “likes”.
  2. Fancy explanations- Give your readers the answer and a simple explanation. There is no need to spend half an hour explaining the process. Just keep it simple.
  3. Social Networking Advertising- If you post your article in places such as facebook, the resulting views will be minimal. Advertising is good, but in social networking sites, not so good because only your friend may want to see it.

Now, there are some parts in which you have to focus. These are them:

  1. Title- You will not take so much time in making a good title. But remember, most of your viewers are probably coming  from a search in Google. And if your article topic is thrown around too much, you want to make sure that your article stands out in the Google search.
  2. Advertising- Advertising is good on non-social networking sites such as Yahoo Answers and some Forums. Be sure to trace back your answers to your article in Yahoo Answers. And also, many  Forums offer in nicknames a signature in which you can put your site.

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  1. Joie Schmidt Says:

    Very nice article. Another great way is to add links to your new articles from your previously published work. It recycles your articles and keeps them in constant circulation!

    You ARE making all your dreams come true!



    -Liane Schmidt.

  2. James DeVere Says:

    There seems to be no magic to it. Just a patience and good luck. Thanks . j

  3. Felipe Says:

    Simple y Directo. AL grano y beneficia a mucha gente. Para nada pazguato.

  4. stooge38 Says:

    A good way also to get more views, is to read and post a comment that is good for the article. Like for this one i would post something like: hmmm… I’ve never tried advertising on a networking site, Myabe it’ll work!

    you would never say something like Nice article. Try reading mine

  5. stooge38 Says:

    That way when someones see’s that you comment on the article and actually put some thought to it, they might click on your name and look at a couple of your articles. Doing this on a massive scale helps, but dont spam every article you see with:


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