How to Make Money Fast Online for The Holidays

Thu, Nov 17, 2011, by Jasmine Carpenter


If you want to know how to make money fast online for the holidays, then stop what you’re doing right now. Grab a pen and a piece paper and start writing about anything that interests you. Keep writing until you have at least four or five well written articles. Make certain that each article contains approximately 400 – 500 words. Here’s how you can start making money by attracting visitors to your online articles.

Be sure to use the wordprocessor on your computer if you think this method of writing articles is less time consuming for you. While you’re writing your articles don’t worry about mis-spelled words and grammatical errors. You can use the spelling and grammar tool to edit all of your articles at the same time before you submit them online.

Keep in mind that articles about Thanksgiving and Christmas are hot topics, during the holiday season. People enjoy reading articles that are entertaining, humorous, sentimental, gives good advice and instructions on how to complete difficult tasks. Writing articles about the holiday season can help you to make money almost instantly!

Read online information that shows you how to make money and drive tons of traffic to your online articles. One way that you can start making money fast online for the holidays is by submitting your articles to revenue sharing websites. What’s nice about revenue sharing websites is that they enable you to make money from revenue shares when visitors reads your online articles. Websites such as,, and will pay you a percentage of their revenue shares for your articles. So, it’s always a good idea to write articles about interesting topics that are trending at the moment and considered hot topics.

Don’t forget to use high-ranking keywords while you’re writing your articles, because search engines loves them. Keep in mind, your goal is to make money fast online for the holidays and you will need to perform several tasks to reach a large audience of readers to get your articles noticed. Be sure to email your personal friends and family encouraging them to read your articles and leave links in your messages, so that they can easily find your online articles. Also, use social networking websites and make friends. Inform them about the articles that you have written. This is another method that you can use, and how to make money fast online for the holidays from your revenue shares.

Most importantly, don’t forget to submit the URL address of all your online articles to major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! – Search engines can help drive an enormous amount of traffic to your articles and you can make money fast online from your visitors. Within a few short weeks, you will start receiving even more visitors, which means you will have more spending money for the holidays.

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