Tips to Get Approved in Infolinks

Fri, Jan 25, 2013, by Rahmat Syam


Infolinks is a PPC site which place a text-link-ads in your site. You can earn a lot of dollars from this site. But, it’s difficult to get our site approved by Infolinks. So, I will tell you some secret tips how to get approved easily by Infolinks.

Hello guys, this time I want to share some tips how to get your account approved by Yeah, sometime there are some people find a difficulties to get their website approved in Infolinks. But, in this time I will share the tips so you can get approved in Infolinks. 

  • Make sure that your Website/Blog use a language which supported by Infolinks. To know what language is supported by infolinks, you can check here: As I know, some languages which supported by Infolinks are,  English, Spain, Franch, and Germany.
  • Make sure that your Website/Blog page is complete. I mean your website/Blog has pages like: About page, Contact page, Privacy Policy page. It is important to have all of that pages in your Website/Blog.
  • Make sure that your website already have enough and quality content. Your website/Blog must have quality contents and not co-y-paste content.
  • Make sure your Website/Blog is follow the rule of Infolinks. How to know the rule? You can check here:

Okay, that’s all of my tips for you guys. I hope it can help you to get approved in Infolinks and earn a lot of Dollars there. For more article, you can visit my Blog:

If you have another tips in Infolinks, please share with us by write it in the comment box and also your comment. Thank you guys :D  

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  1. johnmariow Says:

    Thanks for the tips about infolinks!

  2. Jase Connor Says:

    Really useful tips, thanks

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