Stolen Laptop Recorded Evidence Leading to an Arrest

Fri, Jun 3, 2011, by EXako


Thieves : Beware.

To all thieves out there: Beware! You never know when you are being videotaped! There are programs that can be viewed no matter where you are and can pinpoint your exact location. 

On March 21st, Joshua Kaufman’s apartment in Oakland, California, was burglarized.  His MacBook laptop was stolen among other items. It was his theft-tracking software that videotaped the burglar every time he turned on the computer that helped nab him with the help of networking! This was possible by viewing the man who stole his MacBook using theft-tracking software called Hidden, which uses the laptop’s webcam and other tools to surreptitiously capture photos and screen shots of the computer in use.

“I was amazed and impressed that it (the software) was working. I never really tested it out, so I didn’t know if it was going to work or not,” Kaufman said. At the same time, he said, “I was thinking, ‘This sucks. Someone has my computer and is viewing my stuff, and there’s nothing I can do about it.’ “

After realizing that Oakland Police were too busy to pursue the case, Kaufman created a Tumblr blog, This Guy Has My MacBook, and posted some of the photos there, and on his Twitter account.  Isn’t nice to have friends all over?  From there the media picked up the story and all of the sudden the Oakland police found time to pursue the evidence. 

The same night, Muthanna Aldebashi, 27, a limo driver of Oakland was arrested. He told investigators the computer was a gift from a relative.  He was being held Thursday evening on $20,000 bail in the Alameda County Jail and is being held for receiving known stolen property.  Kaufman believes the key piece of evidence was Aldebashi’s Gmail address, which pointed to his employer, a limo company in nearby Berkeley, California.  Kaufman and his laptop were reunited alas!  “I don’t think he burglarized my house. I think he bought it off the street from someone who needed some fast cash,” he said.

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