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Wed, May 27, 2009, by Addict


Significance and advantages of personal Blogging – Here is a brief article about the importance of personal blogs. The article is meant mainly for beginners. This article would be very helpful to correct the common mistakes that bloggers commit while posting their articles.

This is not a common HowTo article about online money making techniques. But a shortcut that you can adopt to make things more easier. There are a variety of methods by which you can monetize your blog and earn a steady monthly income from it. Keeping this in mind, a lot of beginners are posting a variety of topics. Most commonly seen topics are ‘Adsense‘, Make money Online, Earn from your blog, Online money making techniques, etc. 

First of all, the important thing you have to note down is that there are more than tens of thousands of blogs carrying the same  items since decades. So, writing the same topic again and again will not help  you to reach in a successful state of blogging. Instead, it will make you more disappointed and hopeless. Here are some of the most interesting and easy methods that you can follow to make your dream come true – The dream of every blogger – To Earn money from his/her blog.

  1. If you wish to write posts related to online money making techniques, never try to write commonly seen articles by referring some other blogs or sites. In fact, you can refer successful blogs or sites of others, where you can follow the method they have adopted , and not the content. For every blog, Quality and Focused Content is the biggest factor up on which your blog is evaluated. So even when you are writing  posts about common topics, try to present them in a distinguished manner. For eg, selecting the right template, including attractive captions, etc may help you in this concern. In short, you must provide what the users love to get from your blog, or you should try to understand what the end users are searching for.  So, the best way is writing your personal blogs. Unlike commercial blogs, personal blogs are more touching as it may be one’s  ongoing diary including his/her personal experience.
  2. Your Personal blog must provide confidence and hope to the visitors so that you can turn them into regular and loyal readers or subscribers with in a very short span of time. For that, you must share your own ideas as well as your experience. For example, whenever you are describing about some money making sites, also describe about its cons. It will provide the reader a better understanding about the same.
  3. Let me ask you one question. If you don’t have even a single Adsense ad got placed in your blog (OR your blog has not yet approved by Google Adsense), and you have written numerous posts about ‘Adsense Tips and Tricks‘  , Will the readers  love reading your posts? They sometimes even ignore reading your posts. But what will happen in the case of a blog which is already approved by Google Adsense? Who will receive more unique hits? So, what you have to understand is writing your blog like a commercial one but without  having any necessary proofs, will really upset the readers. In short, try to write your  personal experience including some main aspects such as the ways you adopted, the mistakes you committed, the sources you referred, etc. This can really increase the number of readers and consequently your page rank.
  4. Unlike other blogs, the personal blogs make the readers believe that the blog is completely true and it is meant solely for them. Creating this feeling on the reader’s mind is not at all a simple task. But if you follow those things I mentioned above in the best possible way, then you are on the way to success.

Note : While writing personal blogs, you must be well aware about the political and other hidden dangers  in them. They might create unpredictable or unexpected consequences in politically  sensitive areas. So, never commit that mistake.

If you are well determined and passionate in making money online in a legitimate and honest way, you will surely succeed.

Create your personal blog now and make it as a commercial one soon….

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  1. Jim Green Says:

    Excellent article and good advice. I recently wrote something similar, though not as much in depth as yours.

  2. Thoufeeq Says:

    Thanks for your comment. Glad to know that the information was useful to you.

  3. Tintu km Says:

    Definite and very much relevant in terms of it.

  4. Kristine Says:

    I liked the article. Actually, I don’t know how to start my blog?
    I’d like it to be the source of information for every students in our country.
    I just don’t know whether to make it a personal one or just a commercial type.
    I’ve noticed that personal blogs tend to make their audience more secure than
    commercial blogs that don’t have “feelings”.

  5. Zaheen Says:

    Yes you are true commercial blog need some proof to the readers who read that blog.
    Without placing adsense on the blog,one cannot write about adsense tricks,tips etc.

    Nice information.

  6. Safwan Says:

    I came here from google to find out that when we place google adsense on a blog does it become a commercial blog, or what is a commercial blog? but i still have not found the answer.

  7. Yvonne M Ortiz Says:

    very good article thanks

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