Five Tips to Create Successful Blog Posts for Beginners

Tue, Sep 18, 2012, by T Deno


The best ways to get your blog noticed.

Starting a blog is a simple task. Getting people to read it? This is typically the most difficult part of the blogging experience. If you are just out to share your opinions and have some fun, you may be content with your mother and a handful of friends reading the blog. But if you want to turn your blogging into a worthwhile (and possibly paying) venture, you will want to build a network of readers who not only check out your blog, but keep coming back for each new post. How can you do this? By providing quality content to your readers.

1. The Blog Post

Once you have set up your blog and provided the customary introductory post, you need to start thinking about what your next blog post will be. Of course you know that it needs to proivde something for your niche audience. If you are a mommy blogger, it may have something to do with diapers. If you are a political blogger, well… no matter what side of the aisle you may be on, you have a lot of different topics to talk about on a daily basis.

A blog post is not an email to a close friend. It is not a bland account of your daily routine. Each blog post you write to your readers should have a purpose to either inform, entertain or provide a call to action. If your post does not do any of those, it may be time to think about what you really want to achieve with your blog. And even if you have great content, most people online are looking for a way to get information in the quickest way possible. That means you need to keep it short. If possible, try to keep your posts 300-500 words long.

2. The Title

You would think the title would come first, but often writers do not find the best fitting title until after the post has been written. Your title should be used to attract attention to the post, but remember that it should also be honest. While you may have a great title to capture the interest of the reader, such as ‘Free Puppies!’ if you are not following through with the promise, your crying wolf in a big way, and you will not gain any dedicated readers that way.

3. SEO

If you haven’t heard of SEO (search engine optimization) before, you will definitely need to learn more about it in order to drive traffic to your blog. SEO techniques provide you with a number of keywords that best represent the topic of your content. These keywords are used strategically throughout your blog posts and other text on your blog. The keywords can also be used in any ads you use to promote yourself. SEO is a constantly-changing online tool, so make sure you know how much to use your keywords and when to recognize that your blog is getting marked as spam for having too many keywords all in one place. It’s a delicate balance, but still a good tool to use.

4.Bullet Points, Links and Other Fun Things

As discussed earlier, people who look for things online are often impatient and expect to find what they need as quickly as possible. In order to give your readers the main points in each post, try using a combination of bullet points, links, photos and other media that either supplements the content or provides a different way to present the same content. For example, if you write a travel blog, don’t go on for 800 words trying to describe the beauty of a pristine lake below a massive mountain range. Illustrate your post with pictures so that you can focus less on the description and more on the experience you want to talk about.

5. Interaction

The last tip for blog beginners is to remember to interact with your readers. If you are not getting any comments on your posts, make sure to provide a call to action or a thought-provoking question at the end of your posts. When you do receive comments, make sure to acknowledge them, unless they are obviously spam—those you can (and should) delete.

With any type of interaction, make sure that it is intelligent and kind. Differing opinions can cause a wave of emotion, but as long as you respect each other, conversations in the comments section can be enlightening.

Blogging is certainly not for everyone, but with technology in our faces each and every day, it can be a great way to interact with those you know, and many more who you don’t know. Try these techniques and you will be well on your way to getting what you need from your blog.

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