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Executive Summary

In the rapidly evolving fintech industry, a new entrant specializing in novel compliance and security solutions had to make a splash. After a strategic rebranding and planned website launch, they needed a focused approach to SEO and long term inbound traffic growth. Working with us, they managed to avoid the common pitfalls of site migrations and even improve their digital footprint. While most migrations and rebrands tend to damage inbound traffic growth, we were able to significantly scale their traffic by consolidating their content strategy and improving their SEO targeting.

Challenges & Issues

In addition to only having a month to prep out a post launch strategy and develop a migration project, we were also faced with a hodgepodge of older marketing strategies from a string of previous CMOs. From their end, they faced the dual challenge of maintaining a strong compliance and security posture within the industry while also trying to enhance their overall traffic. In an industry where trust and credibility are paramount, any change to their site had to be weighted against ROI and potential damage to their reputation. All of this had to also be accomplished within a tight quarterly reporting target.


The company embarked on a carefully planned site migration with an eye towards long-term success. Key to this strategy was a robust SEO framework that addressed all basic issues and set the foundation for future growth. The process involved a comprehensive pre-launch plan and audit. This ensured that the new site structure was optimized for both user experience and search engine visibility. For keyword optimization, we focused on bottom-of-the-funnel keywords that directly aligned with their target audience's needs, while eliminating irrelevant keywords and URLs to improve quality traffic. Finally we helped develop a plan to add more pages and deepen their blogging efforts. This produced immediate results while also beginning the work of positioning themselves as thought leaders in compliance and security.


Post launch the site posted some of the historically best traffic stats for organic traffic it ever has. Despite the reputation for site migrations to damage site performance, we were able to mitigate any negative impact and if anything, utilize the move as an opportunity to improve site performance. It’s also worth noting we grew total organic traffic year over year and quarter over quarter despite it being the commonly slow Q4 and while every other site channel suffered. Through meticulous planning, strategic site migration, and SEO optimization, they achieved record-breaking results in organic traffic and user engagement. These accomplishments not only reflect the company's commitment to excellence but also solidify its position as a leader in the security & compliance space.






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