20 Popular Sites That Pay You to Write Articles

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This article shows you 20 of the best websites that pay you to write. You can actually make money by writing articles, blogs or reviews. Writing is open to anyone, not only to professional writers. This is perfect for stay at home moms who want some ideas on how to earn extra money. This is not a get rich scheme. It takes work, perseverance and patience.

Writing articles online is one of the ways you can earn money from home.  There is nothing to invest on, except a computer and internet connection which you probably already have.  These are the 2 things you will need:  your time and effort.  If you like writing, then that will be a big plus because you will write and earn at the same time.  Of course, just like anything, if you want to make something succeed you have to make it succeed.  Writing offers an opportunity for you to earn residual income.  It means you write once and gain ongoing royalties for it.

In the online world today, anyone can write and you do not need to be a professional writer to join the writing community.  You can voice your opinions, share your recipes, publish your poems, teach other people to do things, etc.  Best of all you can write about topics that you enjoy and actually like talking about.  You can write about pets, photography, music, finance, games, travelling, computers, gardening, or any topic that you like.  And it is not only limited to text articles.  You can submit your short home videos, and even photos taken from your digital camera.  It’s an publishing world open and free for you to participate in!

There are many sites that pay you to write articles for them.  These are some of the best publishing websites.

You can also earn money from blogging.  Some of the sites below offer earning opportunity for you to write blogs and reviews.  I have created this article to help you save time searching on the internet.  I hope this helps.

Associated Content

What is Associated Content?  It is one of the most popular sites to write articles for.  Associated Content allows writers to submit articles on any topic.  They accept text, video, audio and images. 

You can earn money from Associated Content through Upfront Payments and Performance Payments.  The upfront payments range from $1 – $20 for certain types of content (not all contents get upfront payment).  Upfront payment means the payment offer you get before your article is published.  Then when your contents are published you can earn money through performance payments, which has a PPM rate of $1.50.  PPM means the pay per thousand views.  

Only US citizens and legal residents are eligible to receive the upfront payments.
The more views your articles receive, the higher your clout level becomes.  The higher your clout level is, the more performance payment you get. 

Associated Content is a great way to earn extra money.  You can submit tutorials, poems or creative writing, movie, music or television show reviews, video game reviews (with some exceptions), website reviews, recipes, etc. 

One more good thing about Associated Content is that they allow you to submit previously published articles.  Although this will not be eligible for upfront payment, you will still get the chance to earn money through performance payments.

It is free to join Associated Content. 

Non US residents can join Associated Content, but only US residents can qualify for the upfront payments.


Triond is a great publishing site.  You can submit text, video, audio and even your pictures. 
You earn money when people click to view your articles.  Triond splits its revenue 50/50 with its writers.  Triond is a good way to earn extra money.  If you work hard and publish good articles, then you will see your earnings grow. For more detailed information please refer to this article: 20 Triond Tips to Succeed.
It is free to join Triond. It is open to residents outside the US.
I write articles for Triond and find it a positive experience.  It is very enjoyable to write, meet friends in the Triond community and earn some extra money at the same time.  Please visit this article for more information. What is Triond?


Hubpages allows anyone, even non-techies, to produce hubs.  Hubs are just like web pages.  You can write a hub about a topic of your choice.  With Hubpages’ easy to use tools, you can load up your hubs with content, pictures, link or videos. 

Hubpages does not pay for the views on your articles.  Instead, you get paid directly by Google, Amazon, eBay, or from your affiliates. 

It is free to join Hubpages, and it’s open to non US residents.


Helium is one of the most popular sites that pay for articles. It is also free to sign up for Helium.  How do you earn from Helium? You can earn cash from Helium though upfront payments, revenue shares and writing contests.  The higher the ranking of your articles, the more money you can earn.  And to maximize your earning potential, you have to write as many good quality articles as you can.


On eHow you can write articles and instructions on how to do just about anything.  EHow is a very popular website with millions of viewers.  It is the largest how to community on the web.  It is free to join eHow.  It is a great place to share your knowledge with other people and get paid at the same time.  EHow pays via Paypal.  Your article’s earning potential is based on several things, such as the number of times it’s been viewed and its category.  The more useful your how-to article is to the readers, the more earning potential there is.


Bukisa is open to non-US residents.  It is very easy to write for Bukisa.  You can write about topics of your choice.  The more views you get on your articles the more you earn.  Bukisa also has a one-of-a-kind referral program wherein you earn money from your friends’ articles and your friends’ friends’ articles.  It is a good way to earn some residual income.  For more information please refer to this article: What is Bukisa?  When used in conjunction with Triond this can provide an opportunity to increase your residual income.  Please visit this article for more details:  How to earn money from Triond and Bukisa.


What is Squidoo?  Squidoo is similar to Hubpages wherein you are able to create articles in the form of webpages.  These webpages are called “lens”.  It is also free to join Squidoo.  This is another place where you can publish articles and earn royalties from them.  Squidoo offers a simple way for you to share and spread information on topics that you love.  It is a way to make extra money.

Suite 101

Suite 101 is a very popular online magazine.  It is a private company based in Vancouver, BC Canada.  Suite 101 has millions of readers and is also one of the most popular websites.  To apply as a contributing writer for Suite 101, you have to send a resume and samples of your work.  Their management will review your resume and sample within 48 hours.  If you want to be a writer of Suite 101, read the articles to familiarize yourself with the Suite 101 writing style. Suite 101 articles are written in  the third person, meaning no “I” and “You”.  There are many writers who make good money with Suite 101.

Constant Content

Constant content is an online consignment shop for your articles and pictures.  When your content is sold you get paid.


Xomba is a free community where you can write, share your ideas and get paid.  The articles that you write for Xomba get placed into the search engines.  You can write two types of posts for Xomba: Xombytes and Xomblurbs.  Xombytes are articles 150 words or more.  These can be movie reviews, how-to articles, etc.  Xomblurbs are interesting links that you share with the rest of the Xomba community.  You share these links by writing a brief and descriptive paragraph.  Xomblurbs mean social bookmarking.  How do you earn money from Xomba?  Xomba shares its Google Adsense revenues 50/50 with its users.  You also get to retain all rights to your articles.


Families.com pays $4.00 per blog entry ($3.00 during the 90 day training period).  They give annual raises up to $5.50.  Writers for Families.com are called bloggers.  What kind of articles can you write for Families.com?  A post could be a tip, an idea, a top 10 list, a story, demos, photos, reviews, etc.  The article should be informative and/or entertaining to the readers.  Writers who wish to become Families.com writers should send an application via email.  This is the link to more information on how to become a blogger at Families.com: http://about.families.com/become-a-blogger.


If you are looking for freelance writing jobs then you may want to check this out.  Today.com allows you to manage a freely hosted sub-domain name and write about anything you like.  Their top bloggers make hundreds of dollars every month.  Today.com pays monthly via Paypal.


What is Pakt.com?  It is a site where you can earn money by submitting tutorials.  You get paid a fixed percentage of ad dollars that your Pakt tutorials generate.


On this site you get paid to blog about the topics you love!  You can write about websites, products, services, etc. and earn money from voicing your opinions.


This site offers free weblog hosting with subdomains.  It also offers 90% revenue share.  You can start blogging for free.  You can also post your videos, podcasts, photos, media files, etc.  They provide step by step tutorials. 


About.com Guides are freelancers who work online and set their own schedules.  Potential Guides go through a two-part online training program.  This link will give you more information on how to apply as a Guide. http://beaguide.about.com/applynow.htm


With 451press you can write about your passion, work from anywhere, get free web hosting for your personal site, and more.  You write about your interests and they take care of the technical side of things.  You can focus on your writing and they will handle the advertising part.  You get paid 40% of the advertising that your blog generates.


Make money by reviewing and promoting products.  As a blogger you get to control what you review.  It is free to join.


This is a site where advertisers and bloggers find each other. Earn cash by writing honest reviews about their advertisers’ products and services. Sponsoredreviews has hundreds of advertisers willing to pay people to review their sites. If you are a blogger looking for extra ways to earn money, then you may want to check out this site.


Every person is an expert on something. You can write tips on topics such as cooking, gardening, relationships, travel, beauty, etc.  Share your tips with other people and earn some extra money.

So there you go, 20 websites that pay you to write.  Visit the sites to decide which ones you’re most comfortable with.  If you like writing, then I encourage you to try writing online.  There’s an opportunity to earn money through online writing.  I wish you all the best!

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