Iterated "Single Move" Game Simulation

Round: 0

Prisoner 1 Years: 0


Prisoner 1 in Prisoner Dilemma

Prisoner 2 Years: 0


How to play this Iterated Single Move Prisoner's Dilemma Game Simulation:


-Always Confess - Confess in Every Round
-Always Remain Silent - Never Cooperate With Investigators
-Tit For Tat - Always Copy Opponents Last Choice
-Pavlovian - Share If Last Choice Was Good For You
-Grudge Holder - Share Until Opponent Confesses, Then Never Again
-Optimistic Peace Maker - Share, unless opponent confesses, then stay silent if they do for two rounds
-Pessimistic Peace Maker - Confess, unless competitor stays silent for two rounds.
-Random - Random Every Round

Outcome List

  • Outcome of choices will get added here.

  Prisoner2 Prisoner2
Prisoner1 Confess Remain Silent
Confess 5/5 0/20
Remain Silent 20/0 1/1