Premium vs.. Free Blog Templates: Which are Better?

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When preparing to set up a new blog on WordPress, you’re going to be faced with a decision when it comes to choosing your theme. You’ll find that there are dozens of websites out there offering both free and premium WordPress theme templates. With so many free options out there, why should you bother paying for one? There are pros and cons to both scenarios, but you may just find that spending a few dollars is worth the investment.

What’s the Real Difference?

While you can find plenty of great designs in both categories, the main differences between free and premium WordPress themes and blog templates lie in functionality. Free themes can be very simplistic or elegant, but the way they function in your dashboard will be very limited. You won’t have many options for customization and there won’t be many built-in modification settings, even to change the color scheme. If you know a lot about coding, this may not be an issue for you. If you don’t, you’ll end up having to pay someone to make alterations for you.

Premium, or paid, themes tend to be a lot easier to use. Their built with advanced features so that you can easily customize the color scheme, look, and style of the site you’re working on. Even if you have very little experience with WordPress, you’ll find these sites relatively easy to configure.

Other Considerations

There are, of course, a few other considerations other than design. The quality of the theme is important as well. A low-quality theme given out for free may include bugs, may not come with customer support, and may even have malicious code written into them.

Don’t believe#mce_temp_url# me? I myself downloaded a theme with strange coding once. I emailed some files to the guy who used to help me with alterations – because, of course, I was one of those people who had no idea how to alter a free theme with no configurations in the dashboard. He immediately emailed me to say that there were some “invisible” links to gambling and porn sites written into the code and that he couldn’t delete them. So much for all the time I wasted. I ended up having to start from scratch again anyway.

The options your premium themes give you within the theme are very important. As the system evolves, designers are now incorporating easy-to-use advertisement blocks, social media settings, and content areas. You can do a lot more with a few theme clicks now, alleviating the need to write code or overuse the widget areas.

Security is another serious concern. Many sites offering premium themes offer update to their themes to keep them compatible with WordPress updates. Premium themes, even if they don’t offer updates, will at least offer customer support if you have an issue.

My personal take? Pay a few bucks for premium blog templates. There are definitely some great free themes out there, but if you don’t know what you’re looking for, they may not be easy to find in the virtual haystack on the web today.