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Let Dedicated Web Hosting Take Your Website to New Heights

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If you are thinking of or already have a website and you are thinking of upgrading your hosting package to the top tier, then dedicated web hosting could be the answer. While many websites are well maintained and easy to operate and navigate on a low-cost shared hosting account, some websites require more security and flexibility for growth.

For these instances there is a high quality variety of website hosting that is perfectly suited for this task known as dedicated hosting. You can even take things a step further by getting a managed hosting account with on a dedicated server. This will drastically reduce the time and effort you put into your website while still creating a high quality website experience for your sites visitors.

While these managed dedicated hosting services offer you an easier to maintain website, this convenience does come at a price. With managed services there is an IT pro caring for the daily maintenance needs and requirements of your website. This is what drives the cost of these hosting packages to more than double or in some cases triples the amount you will pay for dedicated server hosting without the management services.

How Does Dedicated Hosting Work Exactly

With all web hosting varieties there are a few similarities. For instance, all hosting is done with a mainframe or web server at its core. It is here-in that all of the websites we visit every single day are stored and saved for our enjoyment. The size and type of computer used is dependent on the amount of data there will be stored on the websites database.

With all web hosting, dedicated included, these servers are maintained by the web hosts IT department to insure that you are never plagued with down time. There are however a few things about dedicated hosting that differ from others.

With a dedicated server, your websites will be the only websites hosted on said server. With shared and VPS(virtual private server) hosting your website would be relegated to sharing the resources and tools to afforded to us with all of the other websites hosted on our server with us. This is in essence like having your own personal space or dwelling in comparison living in a condo or an apartment. While all web hosts work day and night to keep your personal info secure the safety and security of a dedicated hosting package is the added security that will give you and your websites visitors more confidence in their business transactions with us.

Be On The Look Out For Three Important Things About Your Web Host

Server Space

You want to be sure that you are getting an appropriate amount of disk space to insure that your website is dynamic and captivating for your visitors. This will also allow for the creation of unlimited secure emails for your growing customer base as your business and website grow in popularity. Not to mention that your website itself will be given ample space to grow with your service and product lines as well.


We all know how much we hate visiting slow moving and generally uncooperative websites. These “twitchy” or “lagging” websites are suffering from a shortage of the bandwidth necessary to properly run the websites in question. With a dedicated hosting account, you will be given unlimited bandwidth in most cases. Unlimited bandwidth is more than ample bandwidth for seamless and flawless website operation and countless emails.

Customer Support

It is an imperative that your web host can offer you top notch customer support, 24/7 without fail. With most of the web hosts that offer dedicated hosting solutions; this should never be an issue. But to be sure you can easily test the support capabilities out by phoning them and asking them questions about your website and how they might help you to meet your websites requirements. A quality web host will have a customer support department that should be more than capable of helping you through the entire process of creating and launching your website.