Google Updates Page Rank of Websites

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oogle rates websites and ranks them according to the number of quality links to them. Every year Google updates the page rank of websites. Google rank sites from zero to 10. This year Google updated page rank of websites in June 2011. Have you noticed the change in the page rank of your website? Please read more…..

What is page rank?: It’s a kind of rating of websites. The page rank of a website is calculated according to the number of links to it. To be precise, page rank of a website depends on the number of quality back links to it. Still, can’t get it?  Ok, let me explain it with an example. Let us assume I have a website that contains many useful articles for the readers. Many bloggers would love to link to my website. They may link to my website from their front pages, or from their blog posts. My website may get links from quality websites as well as poor quality websites.  A website that has useful original content and good traffic is a quality website.

Why it’s called page rank? This algorithm is named after Larry Page who first introduced this link analysis in the world wide web. Google ranks the websites according to their link popularity with a scale 0 to 10. If your website’s page rank is 0, it means it has poor link popularity with Google. In other words it does not have enough quality links to it. If a website has a page rank 10, it means that it’s a popular site with tons of quality links to it. Facebook has a page rank of 10.

Quality links or quantity links?: It’s true that we need a lot of links to our site to get higher page rank. But Google does not value links from poor quality sites and web pages. Your site’s page rank will be higher if it has quality links to it. The following illustration will give you a clear picture of Google’s page rank algorithm.

You can see that site C has a higher page rank  (it looks bigger) than E though the site E has more links to it. E has links from sites of lower page rank but site C has links from site B of higher page rank. That’s why site C is ranked higher than site E.

You can check your website’s page rank:

Google updated page rank of websites in June 2011 as I said earlier, previous Google page rank updates were in January 2011 and April 2010.

Good news for Triond: There is a drop in page rank for many websites due to the recent introduction of Google’s new algorithm. Google rates low of sites that contain poor quality and content against its policies. Thank God, Triond has not lost its page rank and managed to hold on the same page rank 5 as last year.

What is the use of page rank? You may wonder why should Google rate websites.If you are an advertiser, you would like to advertise your products in a higher quality website that gets huge quality traffic, isn’t it? If some one  wants to buy your website, they would like to check the page rank and Alexa rank of your website. You can also be sure that the information you find on higher page rank websites is more reliable.

How to increase your page rank?: Do you have a website? Have you checked your current Google page rank? If you want to increase your page rank, you need to create quality content consistently. You will get quality backlinks naturally over time. Eventually your site will move up the rankings naturally.

Summary: Google recenly updated age rank of websites. Most of the poor quality sites lost their rankings and all the quality sites moved up their page rank. Quality backlinks will help your site to improve its page rank. Thanks for reading.