Yahoo vs. MSN vs. AOL Messenger

Sun, Aug 30, 2009, by Angel McKnight

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How do you decide what type of messenger to use? And what are the benefits and disadvantages of each of them? Here are some of the benefits and disadvantages for these three messengers.

How do you decide what type of messenger to use?  And what are the benefits and disadvantages of each of them?

Yahoo Messenger

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When you download yahoo messenger, you get a wide arrangement of benefits with it.  IMing becomes fun again with awesome backgrounds, cool smileys, and the amazing things you can do with your font.  You will see a picture of the person you are IMing located next to their name, along with different options for that contact, such as sending a message to their mobile phone.  You can also call your contacts using this messenger.

You can be available to all of your contacts, or choose to be invisible to them all or just one of them.  You can also leave messages to your friends when they are offline.  

With yahoo messenger, you receive up to the minute reports on your yahoo email account.  Every time an email is sent to you, a box will appear at the bottom of your screen, telling you the name of the person emailing and the title of the email.  When you initially log on, it will also tell you how many messages you have in your inbox.  The box also appears when a friend logs on or messages you.


I’m not going to say that every single person has the same gripes with yahoo messenger that I do.  But I am going to tell you what I have against this particular messenger.  It is always messing up.  Freezing, disconnecting, or leaving out messages that I send.  It is very frustrating at times, but not so much that I’ve given up on it completely.  

MSN Messenger

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MSN, or Window’s Live, is something new for me.  I have enjoyed it very much.  It’s different than yahoo, but still just as organized with pictures and data.  It also has the fun side to it that make IMing enjoyable.  Smileys, backgrounds, and places to write in a little saying for the day.  It’s a great program.  

You can sign into this messenger using your email address from hotmail, msn, or Windows Live(this is the same username that you have for Xbox Live for the 360).  Because of this, when you initially log on, a box will appear and tell you how many new messages you have in your inbox.  The box also appears when a friend logs on or when that friend first messages you.  It does not appear for every message, though.


As I am new to this messenger, the only disadvantage that I can tell you about is that it is slow to download and slow to log in.  

AOL Messenger


To me, AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) equals professionalism.  I don’t know why, but it oozes professional quality.  

There isn’t a lot of crazy fun stuff, but there are things that are very nice.  You can change the color of your background and the smileys are very fun as they pop all over the screen.  You can enjoy music with AIM tunes.  

With AIM, you are able to create your own away messages that will display each time you change your status to away.  This allows you to tell your friends exactly what you are doing and why you can’t talk to them at the moment.


AIM doesn’t have all the fun, cool stuff on it that the other messengers have, but is a great program.

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  1. ken bultman Says:

    Interesting review of these sites. I’m still trying to get the explorer to work for me. lol.

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