Yahoo! Messenger 11.5 – Review and Download

Sat, Dec 3, 2011, by simplicio2pac

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Yahoo! Messenger 11.5 is the latest version of the well known chat tool.Find here what improvements it brings and you can also download it and try it.

Yahoo! Messenger 11.5 review

Yahoo! Messenger is the most popular application of instant messages. Today it reaches the version 11.5 and it brings some improvements made to make the hours spent in front of the monitor more pleasant.

The most important improvement is the tab navigation: Tabbed IMs. Up to version 11.5, the conversations were carried in separate windows and it was annoying when you were talking to several people. Now, all conversations are grouped into tabs in one window like it happens when you open tabs in an internet browser.

Yahoo! Messenger tabs

If you want to return to the classic format, with individual windows, you can go to Settings to the section “Messages” and uncheck “Open new message window in a tab”.

Once we got used to the tabbed windows-based interface we see a third novelty: the automatic creation of a group or recent contacts. This appears first in the Yahoo! Messenger and it normally contains the last person with whom we talked.

We can also notice a minor but very visible improvement: the emoticons appear in the text box in real time, before we send the message, an important tool for those that are not sure they put the correct “face” in. This section received a “face-lift” too, meaning it offers us more information about what those emoticons mean. They also add some new signs.

Yahoo Messenger emoticons

Regarding the conversation area, now you can add desktop screenshots that you can quickly send to your chat partner simply by pressing the button ”Send a snapshot of your screen”, but after you make a manual selection of the area you want to send.

Yahoo! Messenger “Send a snapshot of your screen”

Yahoo! also improved the archiving of the conversations (Conversation history). We have a better categorization, conversation are divided into various sections like: Instant Messaging, SMS, conference calls, voice, video, etc.

For a pleasant experience with the new Yahoo! Messenger 11.5, the developers improved the anti-spam module, so if you receive multiple requests from strange IDs you can ignore them instantly with a simple click.

The game amateurs have reasons to be happy: the new Yahoo! Messenger has now over 70 games, among the popular being Backyard Monsters, Township and ourWorld.

The last part of this review is about the File Transfer. Now you can send files much faster although the information passes through the Yahoo! servers.

Yahoo Messenger 11.5 download

You can download and experience Yahoo! Messenger 11.5 here:

Yahoo! Messenger 11.5 Download

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